"Why am I even doing this sef, he has a girlfriend." She told herself.

She carried her small purse and walked outside. She got to her car and drove out.

When she approached Alfred's house, her heart started beating very fast.

Sonia found herself rehearsing what she was going to tell Alfred when she gets to his place.

"Okay, I'll just tell him bestie, I've been in love with you and I didn't realize it until now, no..no..that's too long a story." Sonia soliloquized.

She gave a deep breath and tried again. "Fredee, I'm in love with you but I didn't realize it until you brought your girlfriend to my house...yeah, I think this is better." She told herself.

She finally got to Alfred's house and it was as if she was visiting him for the first time. Sonia felt as if she was going to see a different man entirely, not her childhood friend.

She counted each step she took till she got to his door.

She found it difficult ringing the bell.
When finally she was able to sum up the courage, she rang his bell and waited.

Her stomach started making a funny noise. Her hands and feet were shaking.

"Okay, maybe he isn't around. I'll just go." She told herself and was about walking back to her car when the door flung open.

"Bestie, wow!" Alfred said, surprised.
"Yeah, I...uhm..." Sonia stuttered.
"Please come inside." Alfred said.

Alfred was very happy, but he had to get a grip of himself. He didn't want to spoil the whole plan, so he acted very cool.

When they got inside, Sonia's heart beat even faster. Alfred noticed her hands were shaking when he held her. He knew why, so he smiled within himself.

He noticed that she was on makeup, unlike her. He as well noticed that unlike her who never wore anything too tight because she hated feeling uncomfortable in a dress, she wore a very tight and short gown which shot out her butt and ass that night. S

She was indeed very beautiful and Alfred failed to comport himself in the part of helplessly staring at her.

She was magnificent, he felt like taking her in his arms and kissing those pink lips till they turn red. He felt like doing everything to her, but he wanted to hear her profess her love for him.

Mere looking at her, the strong feelings he had had for her came back with full force. What kind of lady was this? He thought.

"Uhm... how about your girlfriend?" Sonia asked him.

Alfred didn't answer her, he just smiled and entered the kitchen, then came back with a wine and two glasses.

"You mean my fiancee? She travelled." He said, sitting beside her. He opened the drink and poured into the glasses.

"What!? She's now your fiancee? You...you proposed to her without telling me?" The tears in her eyes were eagerly waiting to drop, but she blinked them back. This was too much for her, Alfred knew, but he had to do this.

"It just happened. I was going to tell you tomorrow. I'm sorry, bestie." He said, studying her reaction.

"I wish I admitted it Alfred, I really wish I did." She was now in tears.

"Admitted what?" He asked. Alfred felt like cleaning her tears, he hated to see her cry, but he held himself. He wanted to hear her say it.

"Fredee...I am in love with you." Sonia said. She paused, fiddled with her fingers and continued.

"I've never felt with anyone the way I felt with you, ever since you kissed me. I wasn't so sure of it, but when you came to my place with your fiancee, I was really sure of what I felt for you. I was very jealous and I wasn't myself ever since then.
I caused everything.
I should have realized myself when you told me you loved me. I should have listened to my heart and not my intuition.
Now, it's too late, you've even proposed to her. I can't stop you from marrying her. I wish you both the best." She said.

The more she tried stopping the tears, the more they came out like water.

Alfred's heart melted. He held her face up and stared fiercely into her eyes.
Sonia couldn't stare back, she just wanted to leave. She wanted to go far away from him, yet she didn't want to leave him, she wanted him so much that when she finally looked into his eyes, she saw a different Alfred.

He was too handsome. His lips were very attractive. And his killer eyes were gazing at her.

Alfred wanted her heart to connect to his. He wanted her to feel his heart beating for her.

Sonia didn't know what was controlling her, all she knew was that she was loosing control of herself and of course, letting her heart to take over.

Her eyes locked up with his and she pulled herself closer to him.

Her shaky hands took hold of his shirt and before she knew what she was doing, her lips found their way to his.

Alfred wanted this so badly. He pulled her even closer until he felt her soft breasts and her heart beating very fast. He had missed these soft lips.

Alfred realized that tears were sliding down from Sonia's eyes while she was kissing him, so he gently tore his mouth from hers and lifted her face, cleaning the tears with his hands.

"Why are you crying?" He asked.
"Because I've loose you to someone else. I'm sorry I kissed you, I should go." Sonia said.

She walked to the door, but then, Alfred called her and she turned, only to find him on his knees with a ring in his hand.

"Sonia, I have been in love with you, even from our childhood. I don't know what I'd do without you because I'm sure I won't be able to survive without you. Sonia, don't just be my best friend, please marry me and be my wife." Alfred said.

Sonia walked back to him in surprise.
"No Alfred, don't do this. You are in a relationship with Udeme.. you are engaged to her and..."

"No baby girl, he is not engaged to me, he is madly in love with you." Udeme said, coming out of the kitchen where she was hiding.

"Yes o, the way Alfred love you enh, even me wey been dey hide since for the room door dey feel the heat of the love. You are the only woman that Alfred loves, the rest na story." Tega said, coming out of the guest room.

"Sonia, if you don't want to give my guy heart problem, biko accept him, his heart is yearning for you."Emeka said, coming out of the room as well.

"Yeah, Sonia, I really felt bad for Alfred when my fiancee, Udeme came back telling me he was loosing his mind at the office because of you, so I couldn't help letting her go act like his girlfriend so you could realize yourself and go back to Alfred.
Please say yes to him, he's gone through a lot already because of you." Charles said. He came out of the same direction as Emeka and Tega.

Sonia thought she had seen it all, but then, her mother came out of the kitchen with a glass of wine, drinking and humming a song. It reminded Sonia of the day she paid her a surprise visit.

"Adanne, my only daughter, my joy, my pride, my everything. I had always secretly wished that you and Alfred ended up together as husband and wife, because my spirit loved him since he was a little boy.
He is so in love with you that he drove down to Gbagada and told me about it. He told me you didn't want him and right in front of me, he cried. That was when I realized that his love for you is genuine. He told me of his plan to pretend dating Udeme to see if you'd be jealous and I wholeheartedly agreed with the idea and of course, it worked.
He had waited for you for so long so you could realize yourself and now that you have, please accept him so that his mind will be at peace. And moreover, I want to carry my grandchildren before I die." Ngozi said, smiling.

Sonia was speechless. She walked up to Alfred and held him up.

"Yes I will. I will marry you, Alfred." She said and he inserted the ring into her finger.

Alfred, not minding the eyes that were watching him, hauled Sonia closer and kissed her passionately.
Her soft moan got him crazy, he wanted to finish this up in the room.

"Alfred take it easy nii, we still dey here o." Tega said.
They stopped kissing and everyone laughed.

There was an engagement party that evening. It was the best day for Sonia and Alfred.

Sonia was very happy when Tega came to her and showed her a very beautiful ring on her finger.

"Emeka proposed to me yesterday, but I didn't want to tell you, I wanted to surprise you today." Tega said, joyfully.

"Wow! I'm so happy for you baby, my jaw is paining me because of too much laughter." Sonia said and they both laughed.

Udeme came and joined them.
"Thanks so much, Udeme." Sonia said shyly.

"Come here joor." Udeme said, and entangled her in a hug.

"Okay ladies and gentlemen, please come together, mummy needs to advise you before she leaves." Ngozi said. They all came and sat down.

"I don't have much to say. I'm actually a woman who loves good things and I'm very happy with what I'm seeing because it is indeed a good thing.
Charles and Udeme, I'm happy to have you here, please I don't want to hear any news of breakup because I already have a special asoebi for your wedding.
Emeka, you see Tega? She is my personal person o, my gist partner. I hope you know she's very dear to my heart, so, if you mess with her, you are messing with my heart.
Alfred and Sonia, you know I had imagined this happening a long time ago, so please don't disappoint me.
I trust and love you all so much.
Biko all of you should do and get married, I want to carry your children before I join my husband. God bless you all, my children." Ngozi said.
"A-m-e-n!" They all said in unison.


Alfred and Sonia's wedding came up two months after that of Emeka and Tega.
By then, Udeme was heavily pregnant with her first child.

Of course, Charles had gotten married to her few weeks after Alfred and Sonia's engagement party.

Alfred's father was very happy, reuniting with his good old neighbor, Ngozi and seeing his son getting married to his childhood best friend, Sonia.

He gave them a brand new car as a wedding gift and sponsored their honeymoon.

"This is a perfect definition of happiness!" Sonia said when they got to their hotel room, after the wedding.

"Oh yeah, especially when you realize that you've finally ended up with the same guy you were beating up back then because he was throwing your dinosaur." Alfred said and Sonia laughed loudly.

"And you liked shakara back then enh... you just walked away with your shoulders high, I had to literarily beg and almost cried for you to come back and play with me." Sonia said.

"Yeah, that was because you were in love with me even as a child, but you didn't know." Alfred said.

"So weren't you?" She asked, taking off her gown.
As an answer, Alfred put off the light, walked toward her and from behind, took off her bra and caressed her breasts, kissing her neck.

Sonia turned and faced him, this time, not scared of losing him to any other woman, he was hers she was his.

It felt so good and natural, kissing him.
Alfred had always wanted to do this and he was very happy this day had come.
Within a twinkling of an eye, they were both naked.

Alfred didn't rush, he had her all to himself. He filled his mouth with her soft breast and she moaned in pleasure.

She was so beautiful, staring at him with her soft eyes and begging him to make love to her.

Alfred loved it and gave it to her, just the way she wanted it. He smooched, sucked, teased and finally made love to her passionately.

Sonia felt him inside of her and held him tightly till they both reached their orgasm.

It was the sweetest night ever. The kind of night everyone would pray to experience, especially if they are with the right people.

"I just realized that I made the sweetest love to my bestie, so Emeka was right after all, shifting of pant is involved in our bestiship." Alfred said.
Sonia laughed and said

"But you didn't just shift the pant, you removed it. Can we go another round, bestie?"


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