Dele felt as if a heavy load has been lifted off his shoulder after Diana's burial.
He didn't know whether to feel happy or sad.

He felt sorry for her because Diana died such a terrible death without changing, so he didn't need to be told where she'd spend her eternal life.

When people sent condolence messages, wishing her a peaceful rest, he wondered if she was really resting in peace and sadly shook his head because he knew it was a normal thing people say to  dead persons, even if they were witches and wizards while alive. "What a wasted life!" He exclaimed.

He needed to appreciate Kelvin for helping him in Diana's case.
Since coming Sunday was Kelvin's birthday party, he was going to get him something very special, because he was more than a friend, he was a brother from another mother.

While still brooding, his phone rang. It was Kelvin.

"Egbon, how far na?" Kelvin's voice came through.

"My brother, I dey o." He replied.
"I know say Diana still dey your mind, but let it go. Let go of the past, let's talk about my birthday. I hope you haven't forgotten?"

"Ha, why I go forget your birthday, I dey mad?"

"Good. I have invited Desmond,  that my good friend that is still hiding his true identity.
I wonder when he will let people know that he is a prince, the only son of King Olu, the Millionaire King.

I hope he will find a sincere woman who would love him for who he is, not for his money because that is his fear.
He is scared that if he reveals his identity, he may end up marrying the wrong person. I wish him luck in his search shaa.

Come over na let's have some fun" Kelvin said.

"Alright. Can I invite Benita?" Dele asked.
"Haba, that one na question? Invite her jhoor! Are you planning to get her back?"

"No, I just wish her to be my good friend. I'm not worth of her."

"It's alright. Come over, there is enough drink here o." Kelvin said before ending the call.

Ever since Benita moved back to her house, she had noticed that Desmond hadn't brought any lady to his house again, even Mummy Kemi had noticed it too.

"Nita, have you seen the changes in Desmond?" Mummy Kemi asked her one evening when they were talking.

"I have, but I don't know if he has really changed o." Benita said.

"I feel he has. Desmond that was always coming back with different ladies, now I have not seen him with any woman for some months now.
He talks about you every time. I think he is in love with you because it is you who changed him." Mummy Kemi said.

"Mummy please don't start." Benita said.

"I'm serious. There is no day that Desmond would not talk about you."

"Hmm, mummy, let me check my food before it gets burnt." Benita said and left.

"You two will look good together o. You are beautiful and he is very handsome, so think about it." Mummy Kemi shouted after her, smiling.

Benita didn't want any kind of heartbreak again, so when Desmond asked her to date him, she had turned him down.

She was still not convinced that he had changed. Who knows what he does outside, she thought.

After she turned him down, Desmond had been very emotional and sad.
No woman has ever turned him down before, he had told himself, the more reason he should not give up trying to get her.

He promised himself that if Benita accepts him, he'd marry her instantly and make her his own forever because women like Benita were very rare to find.

He had been with women, but he realized he had never felt with any of them the way he felt with Benita.

She had possessed his mind and thoughts and even his dreams. What kind of woman was she? Desmond wondered.

"Babe, what are you wearing to Kelvin's birthday party?" Tosin asked Benita when she stopped by to see her.

"My dear, I have no idea o. You, what are you wearing?"

"What I'm wearing doesn't matter, after all you are the one that was invited." Tosin said.

"If I'm invited, you are invited. You are not just an ordinary sister to me, you are my twin sister, so where I go, you go. Even if I have the opportunity to leave this country, I will take you with me because you have shown me the true definition of friendship." Benita said.

"Awwwn, I'm blushing. Smoke is coming out of my head, get me water please." 

Tosin said and they both laughed.

"Enh, how about Desmond na? You've avoided talking about him." Tosin said.

"I have nothing to talk about him. I just want to be on my own. I've explained everything to him, I don't want any more heartbreak."

"But I feel he is a better person now. He has changed. Why don't you give him a chance?"

"I can't."

"Benita, I've noticed the way you act towards him. You care about him, but you don't know. You are in love with him, it is written all over your face."

"Tosin can you please change the topic?"

"Fine! Let's go shopping. You need to look good for the birthday party."

Kelvin's had chosen to celebrate his birthday in BROOKS HOTEL, one of the biggest hotels in town.

People had already flooded the place that evening.

Kelvin was praying silently for God to reveal a woman he'd spend the rest of his life with, on his birthday. That was his birthday wish.

He looked very handsome in his smart suit that evening, and went about, greeting people and welcoming them to his party.

He greeted Benita who looked very beautiful in her blue short gown that exposed her magnificent curves.
When he got to Tosin, he couldn't get his eyes off her.

Tosin was very beautiful.

"You look so beautiful" He said to Tosin, and then turned to Benita

"May I borrow her from you, please?" Kelvin asked Benita

"Sure." Benita said, smiling.

Kelvin took Tosin back to his seat and they stated chatting.

Tosin never believed in love at first sight, but she was certain it was happening to her.

She fell in love with Kelvin right there, same with Kelvin.

Dele came over to meet Benita. Benita was not surprised that he came with Jessica because she had seen them together before.

He introduced Jessica to Benita as his fiancee and Benita was sincerely happy for him.

When it was time to dance, Benita realized she was alone.

Kelvin was with Tosin and Dele with Jessica, so she just sat alone, sipping her drink.

"Care for a dance?" A voice asked.

Benita looked up to find Desmond, looking extremely handsome.
Benita tried everything possible to comport herself, because the guy before her was very charming, she could betray herself.

"Sure." She stood up and gave him her hand.

They moved to the dance floor.
The atmosphere was just so romantic, and Desmond didn't help her at all, he  rested his gaze at her.

"Why don't you want to look at me?" He whispered into her ear.

"I'm not comfortable." She said.

"Why, you don't want to betray yourself and kiss me?" He whispered again, charmingly.

"That's not true." She replied.

"If it's not true, then look into my eyes and prove me wrong."

Benita looked up and found two eager eyes staring at her. No, she couldn't do this. Was he using charm on her? She thought.

"I need to get fresh air, I'm not comfortable here." She said and left.

Benita went outside and sat down close to the swimming pool to get fresh air. She just wanted to be alone.

She was staring at the quiet water and wondered when the party would finish because it was already getting late.

While she was still there, she saw Desmond talking to a lady outside the hall.
Benita became very jealous and then realized she was madly in love with this guy.

"He couldn't even come after me, but he claims he loves me." She told herself, feeling angry.

When she turned back, she saw Desmond coming toward her.

"You said you have changed, what were you doing with her?" She heard herself ask

"Are you jealous?" He asked.

"No, why should I be?"

"Because you are in love with me, so am I, but you just don't want to admit it."

"I am not." She said firmly.

"If you are not, then resist me."

Benita was about to reply when Desmond held her closer and lowered his lips to hers.

Benita couldn't resist him, she wanted him, all of him.
Her hands found themselves around his neck and she took over the kiss.

Desmond tore his mouth off and looked into her eyes, passion written all over his face.

"Benita, I have never wanted any woman the way I want you in my life. Benita please marry me and make my life complete."

"Desmond, I will marry you. I realized I have been deceiving myself, I want you, only you."

"You have me all to yourself baby" Desmond said and they kissed again, this time slowly and passionately.

After a long kissing, they went back to the hall.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please may I have your attention?"
Desmond announced, causing everyone to turn and stare at him.

He knelt down, brought out a very beautiful and glittering ring and officially proposed to Benita who was speechless.

Benita accepted his proposal and they kissed once again to the admiration of everyone.

"I knew she was in love with this her next door neighbor." Tosin said and Kelvin laughed.


Benita had been hearing of people's weddings and honeymoon, but now, she had experienced it.

Their wedding was an outstanding one. It was full of surprises.
The first surprise was when Desmond finally revealed his true identity as a Prince.
The second was the gifts from his parents.
His mother gave her a brand new car, while his father gave them a new mansion and a private jet to travel to Miami for their honeymoon.

Still in Miami, in their big hotel room, Benita was chatting with Tosin on WhatsApp when Tosin told her happily  that Kelvin had proposed to her.
Benita was very excited to hear the news.

Desmond came into the room and met her smiling.

"What's the good news?" He asked, pulling her to himself.

"Kelvin just proposed to Tosin."
She said, smiling.

"Awwwn, I'm so happy for them, I call this year wedding year because Dele is getting married to Jessica soon," Desmond said.

"That's so sweet to hear. There's nothing as sweet as marrying someone you love." Benita said.

"You that was tormenting me. Only God knows what I passed through to win you. Come here."

Desmond said and kissed her.

He gently laid her on the bed,  took off the short sexy gown she had on and she took off his.

Desmond kissed her on the neck, on her stomach, then gently sucked her breast, causing her to moan in pleasure.

When he realized she was wet, he gently slid in and rocked her till she was practically moaning his name.

Desmond loved to hear her soft moan. He smiled, kissed her ear and whispered
"I will never leave you, my next-door neighbour."


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