Dele looked stupid, standing in front of Benita. He opened his mouth to talk, but his throat betrayed him so no word came out.
"Dele what on Earth do you want and how did you know where I live?" Benita asked.

"Hmm....I... Benita, I have been trying to communicate with you, but you blocked every means I tried using to communicate with you.

I have been living in guilt since I got married to Diana. I've been looking for an opportunity to ask for your forgiveness, that's why I looked for you till I found you.

You actually never did anything wrong to me, in fact, I would have been the luckiest man in the world if I had married you, because you have a golden heart.

I got to find out that Diana used charm on me. She made me sleep with her and marry her under her spell.

When I realized myself, decided to run to you and ask for your forgiveness." He went on his knees, almost in tears "Benita, please forgive me."
"Dele please don't do this, stand up. I have forgiven you and I'm moving on very well." Benita said.
"Thank you very much, you don't know what this means to me."
"It's alright. Diana called me, telling me to stop sending her threatening messages, when I haven't even seen her since after the wedding."
"I don't understand. You mean she just called you and told you this?"
"Yeah" Benita replied, folding her arms around her breasts.
"I don't even understand Diana again. Ever since I married her, she changed to a different person entirely.

I'm even doubting if I'm the father of the child in her womb because I don't have a single trust for her.

Imagine my own wife beating and arresting my mother because she shouted at her, trying to correct her for her inability to cook something better.

Diana cooks salty food every day, and if I complain, she would nag and nag and nag till I leave the house. For days now, I've been eating outside my own house and she's very comfortable with it.

About her calling you, leave that to me, I know how to handle that.
Can I stop to check on you this weekend?"
"Sure." Benita said.
"Thank you so much. God bless you."
Dele said before leaving.

"Hello madam.... yes I have...He was even with her...I saw him kneel down, I think he wants her back.... okay, I'll text you her address... madam trust me na, I no dey fail... keep my money, I'm coming for it...bye."

"Some people jealous me..."
Shalewa sang as she walked into the studio. Tosin and Benita looked at each other and giggled.
"They dunno!" Tosin said and laughed out.
"What's with the laughter?" Shalewa asked, squeezing her face.
"Come o, did you hear your name echoing in the laughter or something?" Tosin asked.
"Anyways, I don't have your time, very soon, you will hear of my marriage to my darling Desmond. I'm sure you don't even know him. He's very rich, he owns a company, he even lives in one of the biggest mansions in Ikeja. Our wedding will be one in town.

I don't have time to waste with useless people like you, mtcheew!" Shalewa said and walked out with her nose high up.

"Wait, is this the same Desmond that I know?" Tosin asked Benita.
"My sister, that girl na satan elder sister. She sabi lie! The Desmond wey dey live for my compound no get company o, and the mansion, omo, that babe weak me.

So if I didn't know him, that's how she would have intimidated me with lies." Benita said and they both laughed.

"Enh! Toz, Do you still remember what you said about Desmond being a flirt? It's true. Just as you said, that guy changes girls like pants. Today, Amaka will come, tomorrow Ebimo, next, Emem and then," she paused and they both said, "And then Shalewa, hahaha."

"Babe, about Dele, you have to be very careful with him o. Yes, he has apologized, but to be honest with you, I'm not comfortable with him around you, coupled with what his wife said.

It could be that he has messed up with another woman and the woman is threatening his wife, and his wife on the other hand is thinking that you are the one turning her husband against her.

 If Diana had the mind to snatch Dele from you, then she also has the mind to kill you if the opportunity presents itself, so be very very careful." Tosin said.

"Toz, you like plenty talk o. I don't think Diana meant what she said, she just wanted to make me feel bad, and moreover, I told Dele and he said he was going to confront her about the call." Benita said.

"You did what? You shouldn't have told him. What if he was even pretending to turn a new leaf but is up to something?  What if it's a set up? Please be very careful, don't let him into your house when you are alone, please see things the way I'm seeing because your life matters a lot, okay?"  Tosin was obviously very worried.

"Alright. Don't worry yourself, I am always fine.
I was supposed to interview Barrister Simon this afternoon, I don't know what is keeping him. I'll be back, let me get my file."  Benita said and left.

"Where are you coming from by this time?" Diana asked, blocking Dele's way as he was about entering the room.

"I'm not ready for you ranting this night, just shift before I push you and that calabash of trouble you are carrying in your stomach!"  Dele said.
Diana was obviously not ready to give up, so she pushed further.

"You think I don't know that you went back to beg Benita to marry you abi? I know she's the one you've been spending almost all your time with, lately. I will..."
"You will do nothing! You think it was in those days when I used to be under your spell? No! I heard you called her and told her all manner of shit, you think she's like you, no! Benita would never threaten you for any reason.
So, don't even plan anything funny if you want to give birth in peace." Dele said.
"You are even supporting her, no wahala, we shall see.
Anyways, your food is on the table"
"You mean your salt?  Lot's wife, I'm not ready to have kidney problem, so eat your salt alone."  Dele said, walking into the room.
"Useless man! If you think it's easy to cook while pregnant, come and cook it yourself."  She said.

"A woman that has the mind to arrest her own mother-in-law who came to help her should be able to cook even on the day of her labour, rubbish!" Dele said from the room.
"It is your entire generation that you are calling rubbish,  stupid man."

Benita couldn't take it anymore. Yes, she knew quite well that Desmond was watching a football match, but the noise from his television was too much. She needed to read for tomorrow's presentation, but the noise wouldn't let her concentrate.

She had entered her room and locked the door, but it didn't help.
 Desmond's friends didn't even help it, they kept shouting 'goal' as if their lives depended on the match.

When the noise became unbearable for Benita, she opened her door and marched straight to Desmond's door and knocked impatiently.
She waited for some seconds and was about knocking again when the door flung open.

Desmond wore a tight boxer with no top, showcasing his fine masculine body structure with his two huge broad shoulders.

In as much as Benita wanted to avoid looking at his body, her eyes were very stubborn, they were working on their own accord.

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