The court gallery was filled up with people who came to watch the case.

"Where could Tope be? She knows we are supposed to be together today, but up till now, she isn't here and the case is about to begin." Sharon whispered to Kemi who was sitting behind her in the court.

Her father and mother, with her other family members sat behind her as well.
Before she left the house, her father had told her not to panic that he had everything under control.

Her mother, knowing the kind of daughter Sharon was, kept asking her if she was responsible for Sandra's disappearance, but she denied. So, the queen was skeptical about Sharon.

She was scared of losing her only daughter, so she pleaded her not to involve the court, but should release Sandra if she was responsible for her disappearance.

Out of anger, Sharon had shouted at her mother, even her father was angry with his wife for indirectly labelling their daughter a kidnapper. So, the poor woman had to keep quiet and follow them to the court to avoid misunderstanding.

"You know Tope na, right from our secondary school days, she was always coming late to school, so, calm down, she will be here." Kemi said, patting Sharon's back.

"She should better be here before the Chief Judge comes.

On the left side, Kelvin, Adora and Tony were seated. Adora looked pale.

She had still not recover from her sickness, yet she was not ready to give up. She had sworn to seek justice for Sandra.

Kelvin held her right hand, assuring her that everything was going to be alright soon.

The lawyers had positioned themselves in the jury box.

Few minutes later, the Chief Judge, an aged looking man, walked in, looking very smart in his court gown and wig and sat majestically on his bench.

The court was quiet all of a sudden, such that if a pin is dropped on the floor, everybody would hear it.

The Chief Judge asked the Clerk for the file which contained Sandra's case and he quickly brought it.

Few minutes after the Judge had gone through the file, the case started.
Barrister Semfon, Kelvin's lawyer who started by asking Sharon to go to the dock, after a brief oath taking, asked her to tell the court who she was and what she did for a living.

"Who is Mr Kelvin Philip to you?" Semfon asked.

"Kelvin is the guy that I liked." Sharon answered boldly.

"What was your reason for maltreating Miss Sandra Femi?"

"I never maltreated her. As a matter of fact, Sandra was my favorite house maid."

"So, why did you lock her outside and made her sleep at the veranda on the 7th of February, when Mr Kelvin told you she's beautiful and attractive?" Semfon asked.

"I.... that's a lie. I never made her sleep outside, whoever told you that is a liar." Sharon was gradually losing her confidence.

"On the 18th of February, after you came back from Abuja that afternoon and found Sandra going out with Kelvin, where did you go to?"

"I went to see my friend, Kemi. I needed to discuss something very important with her, and before you ask me what I discussed, it was about the meeting I went to, at Abuja."

"If it was just about the meeting, how come you told Kemi that you wanted to kill Sandra and she suggested you should blind her and dump her in a far away village and you even agreed and swore not only to blind her eyes, but also to chop off her tongue and paralyze her? Or was that part of the meeting at Abuja?" Barrister Semfon asked, sarcastically and everyone laughed.

"Objection my Lord! I put it to you that my client is accused of something she didn't do, without a proof and this could attract severe punishment." Adebimpe, Sharon's lawyer shouted from her box.

"Do you have a clear evidence of what you just said?" The Chief Judge asked Semfon.

"Yes my Lord." She answered.
"Then show it to the court." The judge said.

Semfon brought out her phone and scrolled through, only to realize that the video and record of Sharon was no longer there.

Even Kelvin and Tony checked their phones, but realized they didn't have them again. So, there was no evidence against Sharon.

Frustrated, Semfon asked Sharon to go. Sharon smiled and sighed in relief when she got back to her seat.

Barrister Adebimpe invited Ngozi to the stand and asked her to tell the court who she was.

"I believe you have served my client as her maid for five years now?"

"Yes ma." Ngozi said.

"Has she ever ill treated or maltreated any of you before?" Adebimpe asked.

"No ma. Princess Sharon is a very kindhearted person. She has never treated any of us badly. It was even Sandra who was always stubborn. 
Sandra would go out to meet with bad boys whenever madam is not around. She was always calling madam bad bad names. No matter how good madam was, Sandra never appreciated it." Ngozi said.

"The day that Sandra went out with Mr Kelvin, and your madam saw it, how did she react?" Adebimpe asked.

"My madam is a very free minded woman. She was only angry that Sandra went out without her permission. She even prayed that she should come back safely because of all of us, it was Sandra that she liked the most. After that, said she was going to meet Kemi, her friend."

"You may go." Adebimpe said.
She invited Bobo to the stand and Bobo didn't say anything different from what Ngozi said.

"My Lord, with no doubt, it is crystal clear that my client, Miss Sharon Babatunde is innocent and not guilty as charged.
First, there is no single evidence from her prosecutor that she is behind the disappearance of the said Miss Sandra Femi. 
Secondly, two people who have stayed with my client for more than three years have verified that she is a good woman and is not capable of committing a crime as illigal as kidnapping." Adebimpe said.

Automatically, Sharon knew she had won the case.

The Chief Justice announced that they would be back, after a short break.

"How the fuck did the video disappear?" Kelvin asked when they were outside the court.

"That was our only evidence, what are we going to do now, because it's obvious Sharon has won the case." Tony said.

"I know that witch is behind the disappearance of that video. But I believe that in one way or the other, justice will prevail." Adora said sadly.

"It's okay. I promise to do my best to show that Sharon is guilty as charged." 
Barrister Semfon said.

"Please do, God will bless you." Adora said.

After the short break, everyone went back inside the court.

The Chief Justice was about to announce the results of the case, when Sandra, Tope, Eto and Mercy walked into the court, majestically.

Everybody was shocked to see Sandra, especially Sharon.

Sharon's mouth turned sour all of a sudden and she felt nauseated.

Kelvin's joy knew no bound. He would have jumped up, if not for the fact that they were in the court. 

So, he composed himself, hugged his mother and Tony and said a thankful prayer to God while waiting to hear what happened.

The court became silent after the Clerk called them to order.

"I knew Sharon to be a proud friend" Tope began "But I didn't know she was also a demon in form of human. Sharon was my friend. I had witness in so many occasions how she maltreated her house maids, especially Sandra. I talked to her to stop, but she refused because Kemi and her father were always in support of her bad deeds.
Sharon hated Sandra the most, when she found out that Kelvin had fallen for her. I didn't blame her though, because she had interest in Kelvin.
On the 18th of February, I didn't know that Sharon was back from Abuja, she never told me. I decided to go check on her maids, as I  normally do whenever she wasn't around. When I got there, I saw Mercy, one of her maids and she told me that Sharon actually came back. She also told me that Sharon caught Sandra going out with Kelvin, so she angrily went to Kemi's house.
I knew that Sharon was going to plan something against Sandra, so I went to Kemi's house and eavesdropped on them without their knowledge.
When Kemi called out Eto's number for Sharon and told her that he could help her kidnap Sandra, chop off her tongue, blind, paralyze and dump her in the forest, I quickly typed Eto's number as she was calling it for Sharon and saved it.
Immediately, I called Eto and we met. I told him what Sharon was about to ask him to do and begged him not to do it. He demanded for money though, but when I showed him the picture of Sandra, he refused getting the money from me and told me he was going to protect her with everything in him. When I asked him why, he told me that he was at the market one day when he saw Sandra giving out money to a beggar. He was moved by her actions when he later found out that Sandra was a maid, who never had anything but was willing to help others.
So, he played along when Sharon called him and told him to kidnap Sandra.
After Eto kidnapped Sandra at the hair dressing saloon, he brought her to my house. I made her up in such a way that she looked blind and paralyzed. Of course, the red liquid that I poured into her mouth made it look like her tongue was truly chopped off.
We took her to a bush close to my house and took some pictures of her. Eto then sent the pictures to Sharon who transferred one hundred and twenty thousand naira for him.
After then, I took Sharon to  my sister's house to stay till everything was calm. When I found out that Mercy had a fight with Sharon for ill treating her and was later arrested by Sharon's father, I went and bailed her and her family. So, Mercy stayed with Sandra in my sister's house until we heard of the case, that's how we got here." Tope concluded.

Everybody in the court was shocked.

"You deserve to die!" A woman said to Sharon from the back.

"Like father like daughter!" Another person shouted.

"What a wicked woman!" Said another.

"Order!" The clerk shouted and the court was quiet immediately.

"Miss Sharon and Kemi, please come forward." The Chief Judge said and Sharon and Kemi shakily went to the dock.

"Miss Sharon, you are sentenced to ten years imprisonment for assult and attempted murdering of Miss Sandra Femi. 
Miss Kemi, you are sentenced to five years imprisonment for suggesting and supporting illegal crime of attempted murdering of Miss Sandra." The Chief Judge announced.

Immediately, Sharon and Kemi were handcuffed and led out by the police.
The news was everywhere, both on radio, television and newspapers.

King Babatunde left in shame. His wife cried her eyes out, but nobody could console her.

Kelvin hugged Sandra as if his life depended on her. He thanked Tope over and over again for a job well done. He also thanked Eto and promised to reward him for his help. 

Eto just smiled, because though he was a dangerous guy, but there are some people that are just too good for him to hurt and Sandra was lucky to be one of them.

"You need not reward me, I didn't save her, her kindness did. If she had passed like every other person without helping that mendicant in the market, she wouldn't have captured my attention and I wouldn't have helped her. So, it's good to be good to people." Eto said before he left.

Adora threw a party to celebrate Sandra's return.

Tope was  very happy to see that finally, Sandra could freely smile without anyone shouting at her or ordering her to stop.

Though she missed her two friends, Sharon and Kemi, but she was satisfied that justice had prevailed. She immediately made Sandra and Mercy her new friends.

She kept vomiting all day. When she tested her self and found out she was pregnant, she broke down and wept.

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