After Sonia finally opened up and admitted to Tega that she was in love with Alfred, Tega advised her to express herself to him.

"What's the need when he is already in a relationship with Udeme?" Sonia asked.
"I'm not telling you to go and snatch him away from Udeme, I'm only advising you to tell him how you feel, at least let him know that you are in love with him." Tega said.

"I...I can't do that. I've caused enough confusion. I can't even face him anymore." Sonia said.

"It's okay, at least, I've advised you as a friend. Meanwhile, your best friend's friend, Emeka is asking me out. I'm just scared because he is too handsome. He's just the kind of guy that I asked God for, the day I came to your church. I made sure I took my time and described the kind of man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, to God and when I met Emeka, he fitted into that description, I'm scared." Tega said.
Sonia laughed. 

"Are you serious? Emeka is a very good guy. His only problem is flirting. He never asks girls out, he only sleeps with them and moves to other ones. But if he fits into your description and then he asked you out, I think you should give him a chance. You are a strong and stubborn lady, you could change him. He has always told  Alfred and I that he liked Warri girls because they're very smart and funny, like you, and that if he should get married, he'd marry from there. So, I think you have found your husband." Sonia said.

"Okay o. Then I will visit him this evening, because he invited me for dinner." Tega said.

"Awwwn, you deserve to be happy joor, you are a wonderful lady. Make sure you wear something attractive o." Sonia said.

"Trust me na, I no dey everly carry last." Tega said and they both laughed.

That evening, Tega paid Emeka a visit in his magnificent house. She looked very beautiful, Emeka was speechless when he opened the door for her.

At first, Tega acted very cool and calm, but as time went on, she loosen up and showed her true character. 

She made Emeka laugh so hard that he told himself he was going to marry her straight up.

She was just the kind of lady he wanted. She was funny, crazy and intelligent.
Tega experienced true love for the first time in her life. 

She felt very natural, being with him and deep inside of her, she was thanking God that Sonia's pastor brought up that prayer point of asking God for the type of partner one wants to spend the rest of his or her life with. 

That Sunday, even after praying, she had gone to meet the pastor, personally to seal her prayers, and he did. Now,  she has gotten the answer to her prayers.

After enough fun, Tega was about leaving when he held her back. He was really in love with her.
It was sudden, but Emeka wasn't bothered. 

He hauled her closer and gently kissed her till she was practically moaning. Then, the door flung open, it was Alfred and Udeme.

The two lovers had to pause and Tega didn't like the interruption because she was madly enjoying the kiss.

"Na wa o, you no fit even knock first before you open." Emeka said playfully.

"Sorry for interrupting your..." Alfred said and deliberately coughed and they all laughed.

Tega hugged Udeme and they all went and sat down.

"I love what I'm seeing. So finally, my friend has fallen in love." Alfred said and Emeka smiled.

"I swear, she's the one I've been looking for. I'm not letting her go, kpata kpata." Emeka said and Tega smiled.

"That's good to hear. Congratulations Tega, I've always liked you." Udeme said and Tega blushed.

"Tega, I'm glad you are here. I feel I should let you know this." Alfred said.

"What's that?" Tega asked.

"Udeme and I are not in any relationship, she's actually my secretary in the office. She is even engaged to Emeka's elder brother, Charles.
I was emotionally down because of Sonia. 
I never concentrated because I've always been thinking about her. So Emeka, after discussing with Charles and he accepted, came up with the idea that Udeme and I should pretend to be lovers, just to see if Sonia was going to be jealous. 
I told Sonia's mom about the plan and she told me to go ahead.
I wanted Sonia to admit that she was in love with me because just as Emeka advised, I didn't want to force her into loving me. 
Ever since I was a boy, I had always thought of marrying Sonia." Alfred said.

Tega was surprised and happy at the same time.

She was happy that she treated Udeme very kindly the day Alfred brought her, now they're going to be perfect sisters-in-law. No wonder her spirit loved Udeme the moment she saw her, she said within herself.

"I'm speechless. You made it so real o. So what now?" Tega asked.

"I deliberately refused visiting her, in as much as I missed her so much. I knew if I kept visiting her, I might spoil the plan and profess my love to her.
So, I stopped visiting her because I wanted her to feel my absence. I wanted her to want me the same way I'm yearning for her right now. I want her to be very sure of what she's feeling for me, that's why I gave her that space." Alfred said.

"Chai, see what love can do. This love is strong o. And she's there crying her eyes out." Tega said.

"Are you serious? Why, what's wrong with her?" Alfred said, concerned.

"She has realized herself. Sonia is in love with you and she admitted it. She cries everyday that you've forgotten about her because of Udeme."

Alfred was almost in tears. He hated to see Sonia cry.

"She admitted it? I'm the happiest guy on Earth." He said.

"Okay, guys, I think I'm done acting my own part. Alfred, go get your girl before she kills herself.
Emeka, I hope you know I'm already loving Tega, so don't break her heart o else I will scatter yours.
I have to go, my fiance is waiting for me in the house." Udeme said before she left.

"I love that lady, in fact she's my crush!" 

Tega said, staring after Udeme. Alfred and Emeka smiled.

Sonia resolved within herself that anytime she sees Alfred, she was going to admit to him that she was in love with him. 

After which she would go far away from him so she could forget about him and move on since he was obviously happy in his relationship.

Tega came around that evening to check on her. She met Sonia still lost in thoughts.

"For how long are you going to keep doing this to yourself?" Tega asked.

"Almost two weeks now, my best friend hasn't called to know how I'm doing, is it fair?" Sonia asked.

"If he hasn't come to check on you, you could actually go see him, that's why you are besties." Tega said.

"Okay,  I think I'm ready. I will visit him and I will tell him how I feel." Sonia said.

"That's the spirit." Tega said.

Sonia dressed in a very sexy short gown that exposed her long straight legs.
Unlike her who never had time for makeup, she  found herself applying some make up on her face and wasting time in the mirror, looking at herself and applying more lipsticks.

"Why am I even doing this sef, he has a girlfriend." She told herself.

She carried her small purse and walked outside. She got to her car and drove out.

When she approached Alfred's house, her heart started beating very fast.

Stay tuned for episode ten (final episode).

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