Episode 9 - NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR | Stories by Ima Udott

"What do you think you are doing?" Diana asked. A stupid question to ask when she had already sensed she was in danger.

Solo's house was close to a bush, a very isolated area where people rarely entered.

He chose to stay there with six of his men because of the illegal businesses he was into.

He was a man people feared so much, because they knew what he was into.

His fence was very high, such that anything could be done inside his compound without anyone outside knowing about it.

On several occasions, he had kidnapped young girls there and raped without being caught.

He and his men were always lucky to rob houses and offices without being caught.

So, when Bobo, one of his men locked the giant gate, he smiled because he knew nobody could save Diana from his hand.

"What do I think I'm doing? I want to play with you.
Oya take off all your clothes, let's play." He said, grinning in a way that annoyed Diana.

"Solo, you know I did not mean to slap you, I'm sorry.
You can take the money, I don't want it again, just open the gate let me go, please." Diana begged.

"You will only go if you do what I said. Take off your clothes." He repeated.

"Solo, please. I'm very sorry, please let me go. I will give you any amount of money that you want, please don't rape me."

"Really? But you wanted me and my men to rape one innocent girl that did not do anything wrong to you, but you don't want me to rape you.
Haven't you heard the saying that goes 'Do unto others what you want others to do unto you?' That's what I want to do na.
I want to do unto you what you wanted me to do unto that babe.
For the last time, take off your clothes, else I'll call my men to do it. Oh, all of them are even here sef." He said, pointing to five giantic looking guys, who had come outside to see what was going on with their boss.

Diana knew Solo wasn't joking. She wanted to bring out her phone, but Solo grabbed her purse from her and gave her a sounding slap.

He didn't bother taking her inside, he tore her clothes until she was stark naked in front of his men and pushed her down.

Diana cried, begged and struggled, but got punches and blows in response, which weakened her completely.

Solo climbed on top of her, sucked her breast wickedly  and intentionally bit her breast so that she screamed in pain.

He raped her mercilessly and released inside her.
He ordered his five other men who were eagerly waiting like hungry lions to do same, and they all raped her till  she could not move again.

Finally, he called Bobo, his huge gate man whose d**k was so big, just as he was.

Bobo had been waiting for this moment because this woman had once insulted him when she came to look for his boss and this was his time to pay her back.

Bobo climbed on top of her and grinned.
When he inserted his d**k into her and started rocking her up and down, Diana could not hold it again, she gave a last painful cry and gave up the ghost.

"Boss, she no dey move again o, e be like say she don kpai o."
Bobo said.

"She has gotten what she wanted. Bring that big sac bag and carry her inside." Solo ordered.

Bobo brought the bag and she was carried inside.

Later that evening, when they thought the area was safe, they took her into a very thick forest and buried her.
Coming out, they were surrounded by police men.

Solo never knew Kelvin, Dele's friend had been monitoring Diana's movement.
Since the day Kelvin saw Diana talking to Solo, he had started followed her.

Today, he had seen her enter Solo's compound that evening.

He had hid himself and watched, but didn't see her come out. Sensing that something was going on, he called the police.

Solo and his men were arrested, and Diana's body was dug up and taken to the police station.

Kelvin called Dele to come to the police station immediately, and he did, after he had consoled Jessica and got her number.

In the presence of Dele, Solo confessed everything that Diana had done till her death.

Dele was speechless.
He could not believe Diana was that heartless to plan killing Benita, her one time best friend who never hurt her in anyway.

He had no choice but to take her body to the mortuary.

Solo and his men faced death penalty after the court had concluded their case.

"Bennie, I know and admit that I am a flirt, but I've been praying to God for a woman that will change me forever. Can you be that woman?" Desmond asked, staring into her eyes.

Benita was about to reply him when his phone rang.

Surprisingly, it was Shalewa.
"Why is she calling me!" He said angrily.

"Who?" Benita asked.

"That witch. Shalewa." He replied.

"Pick. At least hear her out." Benita said.

"You really have a good heart." Desmond said before picking the call.

"Shalewa, what is it?" He asked rudely.
He paused and turned to Benita. "She said she wants to see you, me and Tosin urgently."

"Tell her we are coming." Benita said.
"Alright. I hope you haven't planned any other wicked thing o cos it will backfire! We are coming." He said and ended the call and Tosin got back at the same time.

When they got to Shalewa's house, they couldn't enter because of how stinky it was.

Desmond had to hold his nose before he was able to stay.

"Benita, you have never offended me in anyway, I was only jealous because you were everyone's favourite in the office.
I did everything possible to get noticed,  but my efforts were in vain because you were always the best.

What got me more angry and made me develop hatred for you was the promotion you got. I was actually trying everything so as to get promoted, coupled with the fact that I had worked in LEGIT FM many years before you came, so I became jealous when you were promoted and I wasn't."

Shalewa went ahead and explained how she got the charm and tried paralyzing Benita and ended by crying and begging her for forgiveness.

"Enh, what if you had succeeded in killing her, would you be begging her by now? Karma has caught up with you, wicked witch. 

This is a big lesson to everyone out there, planning evil against innocent souls, you shall reap whatever you sow." Desmond said.

"Desmond calm down, it's fine."  Benita said and turned to Shalewa.

"Heaven knows I had nothing against you.
I was even surprised when you hated me and I was always asking myself what I had done wrong to you, but I realized I didn't do anything.
Thanks to Tosin who was always advising me not to react.
I have forgiven you, and I pray God forgives you as well because I don't have anything against you."

"Thank you very much Benita. Tosin and Desmond, please forgive me for my ill manners, I'm very sorry." Shalewa begged.

"I have nothing against you o, you are forgiven." Tosin said, pitying her.

"You are forgiven." Desmond said through his nose.

"God bless you guys, at least if I die, my soul will rest in peace.
This indeed is a lesson to those out there, envying others who have made it in life, instead of focusing on themselves and correcting themselves to be better people.
Learn from my story and if you have my kind of lifestyle, change before you end up like me." Shalewa said, crying bitterly.

"You will be fine. I will call my mom to come and pray for you, cos I believe that God is a merciful God, He will show you compassion and heal you since you've realized your mistakes." Tosin said before they left.

The next day, Tosin came with her mother and Benita to Shalewa's house, only to be told by her landlord that she died the previous night and he took her to the mortuary since she didn't have any relative.

Benita shed some tears before they left.
"At least, she will rest in peace."
Tosin said when they got to the house.

She was too beautiful, he couldn't hold himself again, he  pulled her gently to himself and...

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