Episode 9 - THE JOURNEY OF GINA | Stories by Ima Udott

After the party, Gina, with the help of Mrs. Felisha and Amanda packed her luggage that night, because she and Hon. Femi would be out of the country as early as possible the next day. 

"Sister Gina, I  will miss you," Amanda said sadly,  fondling Gina's cloth 
"There would be no one to tell me bedtime stories anymore! No one to play with me anymore. Sister Gina, the house will be so boring without you" Amanda said, almost crying.

"I'll miss you too sweetie. Don't worry, I'll be calling you everyday okay?" Gina said, hugging Amanda,  almost in tears too.

"Gina dear, I want you to be a very good girl as you've always been, take your job very seriously, don't let anything distract you. Above all, trust and believe in God, because He's the only one that has been fighting and still fighting your battles, so don't fail to acknowledge Him every day of your life. I will miss you so much" Mrs. Felisha said, also hugging Gina.

"I will miss you too aunty. I'll do as you've said. May God bless you for being such a wonderful neighbour, mother,  and helper to me when everyone turned their back on me. Aunty I can't thank you enough, you've done so much for me" Gina concluded, with tears running down her cheeks.

Amanda spent the night in Gina's room while Mrs Felisha went upstairs to meet her husband.

"I thought no one would remember me since all attentions were on Gina" Hon. Femi said jokingly when Felisha entered the room. 

"Hahaha. No nah, how can I forget my lovely husband?" Mrs Felisha said, walking into the arms of her husband and he kissed her passionately and led her gently to the bed.

On Monday morning, as early as five, Gina and Hon. Femi was escorted by Felisha and Amanda to the airport. Few minutes later, they took off.

Amanda and her mother went back home. Amanda couldn't help crying. She was already missing Gina. 

"Amanda it's okay, Gina is going to achieve her dreams, she's not going to be there forever. She'll come back when the time comes okay?" Felisha said, teasing Amanda.

"Okay mum" Amanda answered 

"So go and get prepared, let me drop you in school. I need to be in the office as early as possible, I have a very important meeting to attend" Felisha said, rushing to the bathroom to shower.

On Saturday evening, Felisha's phone rang with a foreign number 

"Hello?" Felisha answered.

Hello, aunty Feli, it's me, Gina! I've missed you so much "

"Oh my goodness! My baby it's you! We've missed you too darling! How did it go?" Felisha asked, curious.

"Aunty I'm the happiest girl on earth! guess what!" Gina said through the phone 

"Oh Gina you know I'm not good at guesswork Nah!  Abeg tell me joor before I faint! " Felisha said, even more, curious 

"Hahaha. Aunty, I was given the job immediately after I was interviewed. They said they'd never seen such an intelligent girl like me! I was given the job instantly! And I'm to resume on Monday as the newly appointed Accountant!" Gina said in an exciting tone. 

"Wow!!! I knew you wouldn't be denied the job because you're a very intelligent girl, just as they confirmed. Congratulations my darling! It's your time to shine! Remember I once told you that when you'll start shining, nobody on earth would be able to dim your light! So shine your thing my dear" 

"Thanks so much. But aunty, uncle Femi has gone back to U.S after introducing me to one Mrs Diana, a black woman. He said I'd be staying with her for now, till I get my apartment" Gina said.

"Yes dear, I  knew about that. Actually, Mrs Diana is my very good friend, the woman who helped my husband to get his job. Though she's a widow, but you'll get to enjoy her once you get to know her. She's from Imo state here in Nigeria, but she has connections with highly influential people there in Canada. She has three sons, all working Abroad. Her last born, Kelvin is the owner of one of the biggest Companies over there. So my dear, you're in a very safe hand. Calm down and you'll get to love her. You won't have any problem staying with her because she has so many houses helps and servants" Mrs Felisha concluded
"It's true aunty, I'm already loving her because ever since I stepped into her house, she's been so sweet to me. She showed me around the house. Aunty the house is so big! It's a heaven-on-earth, even my room is a mansion on its own. She told me her children visits her once in a while, so she was so happy I'd be staying with her" Gina said, smiling on the phone.

On  Monday morning , Gina got to her new office very early. The Nexen oil and Gas  Company was one of the biggest and well known in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Gina was shown  into her office by Greg, one of the workers. 

Gina couldn't believe she'd be occupying such a big office, with air conditioner blowing steadily. She sank on the chair, admiring the big office, well equipped with all the things she'd need. 

Suddenly, Gina remembered the dream she had some years back before she was awoken by a painful kick on her stomach by aunty Flora. 

"So dreams do come true?"  Gina asked herself, still admiring the office. 

At first, the work  was so hectic and stressful, but with time, Gina got used to it.

Mrs Diana was so kind to Gina. She made sure Gina didn't stress herself. On Sunday evening, Mrs Diana took Gina for a walk in her big estate. The garden was so lovely, with a swimming pool on the other end of it.

"Gina dear, I  hope you're coping with your newly found job?" Mrs Diana asked, when they finally sat down at the neatly decorated garden. 

"Yes ma'am, I am trying my best" Gina replied. 

"Call me mum, you're such an adorable and gentle lady" Mrs Diana said.

Gina smiled and said  "Thanks mum. You're indeed a good woman, God bless you" 

Then, there was a car horn outside 

"That must be my last son, Kelvin. He said he'd be coming today" Mrs Diana said, beeming smile. 

Few minutes later, Kelvin, Mrs Diana's last son entered. Kelvin was a tall, handsome and charming young man of about 35-40 years. 

When Gina saw him, she remembered she'd seen him before on both newspapers and magazines and even on television, but she didn't know he was Mrs Diana's son until he approached them.  

He's the one that emerged the world  best fashion designer of the year, Gina remembered watching it on television.

Kelvin got to where Mrs Diana and Gina sat, and gave Mrs Diana a Peck.

"Mum I've missed you so much" he said, hugging Mrs Diana again.   

"Ive missed you too son! " Mrs Diana said, and added "Meet Gina, my daughter from another mother. She's staying with me now. She's working at Nexen company, as an accountant." Mrs Diana said, with a smile.  

"Nice to meet you Gina" Kelvin said and extended his hand, flashing a smile which showed his set of white teeth.

"Same here" Gina reciprocated, taking his hand.

"Son, I need to check if  the food I told Kiara to prepared is ready" Mrs Diana said  and left Kelvin with Gina alone in the garden.

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