Episode 8 - UNPLANNED LOVE | Stories by Ima Udott

Sharon called her personal doctor who came and treated her. When she felt better, she entered Sandra's room, ransacked her small bag and saw the card that Adora gave her which contained her name, house address and phone number.

Sharon smiled, took the card and went to the sitting room where she called Ngozi to interrogate her.

"Do you know anything about Sandra's whereabout?" Sharon asked.

"My Princess, I overheard her telling Mercy that oga Kelvin will be coming today to pick her to one BENNIE'S BOUTIQUE like that. She said she was shopping with his mother."

"Alright, you can go." Sharon said.
Ngozi bowed and left.

Sharon dialed a number and a masculine voice came through.

"Check BENNIE'S BOUTIQUE. If you can't find her there, check around that street.

Check hair dressing saloons, eateries and even hotels around there, If you still can't find her, then go to the house address that I'm about to text you, she will certainly be there." She said, before ending the call.

When Adora told Kelvin through the phone that Sandra was nowhere to be found, Kelvin and Tony didn't need a soothsayer to tell them that it was Sharon who was behind her disappearance.

Tony went with Kelvin as he drove as fast as he could to his mother's house.
When they got there, she was sitting on the floor of the big and well furnished sitting room, crying.

Kelvin tried calming her down, all to no avail.

"How did it happen?" Kelvin asked his mother.

"After making her hair, I decided to make mine as well, so she decided to go stretch herself outside. I didn't even see the kidnapper, I only heard people shouting outside.
When I ran outside to see what was going on, the only thing I saw was a red car zooming off with my Sandra inside." She said. Kelvin was confused on what to do.

"Kelvin, I'm calling the police." Tony said and brought out his phone.

Sharon was with Kemi when a call came in. She looked at her screen, it was Eto, the guy she sent to kidnap Sandra and quickly picked the call.

"It's done. She has been blinded, her tongue chopped off and her toes paralyzed. Currently, she is in Obudu forest, waiting for death to take her." He said, much to the happiness of Sharon and Kemi.

"Are you serious? That's a wonderful job, just what I asked for. Now the storm is over.
Send me her pictures and wait for your alert of hundred thousand naira." Sharon said happily.
Few minutes later, Eto sent Sharon a picture of Sandra filled with blood and sitting helplessly in the forest with her eyes closed. 

Sharon was overjoyed. She sent him a hundred and twenty thousand naira, more than the agreed price and he thanked her before ending the call.

"I told you he is tested and trusted. Truly the storm is over.
By the time Kelvin searches without finding her, he will have no option but to come back to you, after all, she's a nobody." Kemi said and gave Sharon a high five.

"Did I tell you my father arrested Mercy and her entire family? Currently, they are in prison and that is where they'll stay and rot so that in her next life, she will learn to give respect to whom respect is due." Sharon said.

"Now, all your problems are over. Just give it one or two weeks from now, if Kelvin doesn't come for you, then you go for him." Kemi said and they both laughed.

Kelvin and Tony were shocked that after laying a complain of Sandra's disappearance with a video conversation between Kemi and Sharon as a proof that Sharon was responsible for the kidnap, the police did nothing about it. 

Little did they know that the police were under the influence of King Babatunde, Sharon's father, so they protected Sharon.

"I'm going to meet that devil. I will teach her a lesson." Kelvin said.

"Guy, I don't think it's a good idea for you to go to her house. Recently, her father sent some scary looking men to guard her. If you want to talk to her, it should be in an open place and don't be mean to her, just pamper her so that you can get information from her." Tony said.

"I will try inducing information from Kemi as well." He concluded.

The next day, Kelvin invited Sharon to the same eatery that they met on their first date. After ordering for drinks, Kelvin invoked his charming look on Sharon and her heart melted.

"Why do you keep staring at me like that?" She asked.

"Because you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I can't stop staring at you"  Kelvin said, but deep inside of him, he was disgusted by her mere sight, but he had to do this for the sake of Sandra.

"Awwn. I'm flattered. I'm glad you now have time for me or did you have a problem with Sandra?" She asked in pretence.

"I have nothing doing with her, she's just nothing. The day I picked her, I think she used a charm on me. Now, my eyes are clear. What will I do with such a low standard girl when you are here?".

"Thank God she's out of the way. That Obudu forest suits her." Sharon said much to herself, but Kelvin already heard her.

"What did you say?" He asked, pretending he didn't hear her.

"Nah, I was just soliloquizing. I mean, I don't even know where she is.
I guess after her outing with you, she thought I would be mad at her, maybe that's why she refused coming home. Poor thing. I was ready to forgive her o because she's my favorite, but since she didn't come back, I had to let her go. I'm really missing her." Sharon said, pretending to be moody.

Kelvin felt like beating the hell out of her, he couldn't wait to leave this place and go search for his true love.

After their outing, Kelvin dropped Sharon off and went straight to Tony.

"Where is Obudu forest located?" He asked Tony, eagerly.
"It's very far o. What happened?"

"That is where Sandra is."

"Blood of Jesus! How is she supposed to survive there? Now I believe that Sharon is a demon." Tony said.

Very early the next morning, Kelvin, Tony with three other guys embarked on a journey to Obudu forest. It took them about four hours before they got there.

They searched the forest to their ability, shouted Sandra's name, but found no trace of her. They went back in frustration.

For the first time, Kelvin shed tears. Even during his father's burial, he never cried, he was brave, but here was he, crying for Sandra. Tony was greatly moved.

"Even if she's dead, at least I should see her body. She deserves a befitting rest, not being eaten up by some animal in such a terrible forest.
I swear with everything in me to avenge her. I will make sure Sharon dies a terrible death because she doesn't deserve to live one bit." He said, gnashing his teeth.
The mention of Sharon's name irritated Adora. Adora was ready to fight for Sandra, not minding her ill health. 

She was very happy Kelvin had an authentic proof of Sharon's guilt.
After a brief meeting with her friend, Barrister Semfon, she was glad because the barrister immediately filed the case in a court and a date was set for the case to kick off.

Kelvin was happy about his mother's  action. He was going to use all the evidences, including the very last one he recorded when he went on a date with Sharon against her. 

He was going to fight for Sandra and for justice.

Sharon, after getting the petition letter from the court wasn't shaken. She just smiled because she had the best lawyer who could defend her, even when she knew she was guilty.

She knew that Bobo and Ngozi would be interrogated as well, so she told them what to say. Same, she did to her friends.

Nobody messes with her and gets away with it. She could turn the table around anytime. 

Even her father was on her side, so what makes Kelvin and his mother think they would win her? She thought.

"See you in court." She told Kelvin through the phone.

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