Episode 8 - SHE IS THE ONE | Stories by Ima Udott

Sonia dressed up and was about stepping out with her car key when her phone rang. It was Alfred.

"Why is he calling me after making me have a bad day?" She asked herself. She ended the call, but then he called back. Sonia kept rejecting the call until Alfred gave up calling her.
She angrily entered her car and drove off.

When she got to Sly's house, she met him smoking and drinking spirit. Sonia was visibly shocked because she had never seen him smoke and she hated guys that smoke.

She held her nose with her right hand because the house was stuffy with a very unpleasant smell from the smoke.

"Baby, welcome. You never told me you were coming." He said, staggering up to hug her. He was obviously high.
Sonia pushed him backward.

"How would I have told you when you never picked up your phone? So this is what  you do behind me. I never knew you were a smoker, if I did, I  wouldn't have said yes to you in the first place."

"Oh cut the bullshit! Have you ever asked me if I smoked and I refused telling you? All you think about is yourself alone. For your information, all guys smoke." He said.

"That's a lie! Alfred, my best friend doesn't smoke. He doesn't even drink.
Why have you chosen to live such a useless life?" She was now very angry.

"Heyoo, mind the way you talk to me." Sly snapped

"You know what Sly, I made the greatest mistake of my life accepting you, now I've realized myself. This whole thing is over. I can't continue with you anymore." Sonia said and was about stepping out when Sly pushed her down.
He locked the door and before she knew what he was up to, he hijacked her violently to his room and threw her on the bed.

"It seems you didn't really know the guy you were dating. I tried as much as I could not to fuck you because I wanted to please you, only for you to walk up to me and tell me it's over without giving me my share of the national cake, you dey craze?" He said. He was looking scary. His eyes were red and Sonia was very scared.

"Sly please don't rape me. Okay, I won't break up with you again, please don't let the devil to use you." She begged.
Sly was bent on doing whatever was in his mind and nobody could stop him.

He took off his clothes, climbed the bed and carelessly tore off Sonia's clothes.

Sonia struggled but all she got was a punch that made her fall back in pain.
Sly pinned her to the bed and forcefully slide into her. He felt her hymen breaking apart and he carelessly rocked her, not bothering if she was bleeding or not.

When he was satisfied, he stood up and entered the bathroom, his penis filled with blood.

Sonia was in  severe pains. She couldn't believe her eyes. He made her break her vow.

She didn't know where to start from, the pain was too unbearable for her.
She looked at herself and regretted coming in the first place.
She saw her own blood stain on the white bedsheet, staring at her and she broke down and wept.

Sly came out of the bathroom and looked at her in disgust. He suddenly hated her.

"What are you still doing in my house? I thought you said it was over or you want to go another round? I'm always ready o. Anyways, you were sweet enh, your pussy is tight mehn! Get out this minute else you won't like my next action." He said, advancing towards her.

Sonia stood up, looking messed up. She couldn't walk well because her vagina hurt her badly.

Sonia managed to drive herself back to her house.
As soon as she entered the house, she dialed Alfred's number and he picked instantly.

"Fredee..." She began, weakly "I need your help." She said and then, slowly, she fell on her cold floor and fainted.

Alfred was very scared and worried. Without wasting time, he drove down to Sonia's house and was shocked when he met her unconscious and stained with blood.

Alfred carried her to his car and drove straight to the hospital.

While he was waiting at the reception hall for the doctor to check what was wrong with Sonia, Alfred looked so restless like a married man whose wife was in a labour room.

Few minutes later, the doctor came out and of course, he ran to him and eagerly inquired about her.

"She's fine. She was brutally raped and she's emotionally down. I gave her some injections to kill the sperm the rapist had released inside her. I equally treated the bruises she got in the process. She just needs to rest, I guess it was too much for her." The doctor said.

Alfred was shocked to his marrow. He blamed himself for making her pass through this.
He should have been there for her just as she was with him when he needed her. He was going to teach whoever did this to Sonia a bitter lesson of his life.

"Thanks doctor. Can I go see her?" He asked.
"Sure. But make sure before she goes, you get the drugs I prescribed for her at the pharmacy." The doctor said before leaving.

Alfred walked into the ward where Sonia was. He met her sound asleep. She looked beautiful.
He sat beside her and held her hand. Alfred felt her pain and couldn't wait for her to wake up and tell him who raped her.

As if Sonia read his thoughts, she opened her eyes and they were so soft, Alfred was almost tempted to kiss her.

"Fredee, I'm sorry. I wish I listened to you and my mom." She said weakly.
"It's okay bestie, you will be fine. I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you. Who did it?" He asked, almost in tears.

"It....it was Sly." She said, tears rolling down from both sides of her eyes. She explained everything that happened between her and Sly and Alfred was red with anger.

"I wish you picked my call earlier, I wanted to come and check on you because I didn't like the state that you were when I left your place earlier. I will teach that bastard a lesson. He deserves to die!" Alfred said angrily.

"I'm sorry bestie for snubbing your calls. Now I regret everything. I regret rushing into a relationship with a guy who had been pretending all these while. I feel so terrible right now." She said. The tears were now running like water.
Alfred brought out his handkerchief and mopped her face.

She was discharged few minutes later and as the doctor instructed, Alfred got her drugs at the pharmacy before they left.

Sly was on his way out when Alfred came in with three police officers.

Alfred first gave Sly a very powerful blow on his jaw that definitely made him taste his own blood, just as Alfred promised Sonia.

"You don't mess with my bestie and get away with it." He said before the police handcuffed him and took him to the station.

Sly could not deny raping Sonia because even the doctor testified against him with evidences.
He was sentenced to twenty four years imprisonment.

Sonia finally had peace of mind after Sly was given a befitting punishment for his misconduct.

Though, he took her virginity but she had to be strong and move on. She was encouraged by her mother and of course her funny friend and neighbor, Tega.

"I know you took it so seriously and I admired you for that, but know that what matters is your character.
A man can marry a virgin, but ends up regretting his marriage because of her bad character.  A man can as well marry a prostitute and enjoys his marriage very well because of her good character.
So, you don't have to feel bad, already you have a beautiful character. I hope you know I love you so much and I'm still proud of you, Adanne, my only child?" Ngozi had told her.

Sonia was still moody, not because of what happened to her, but because of Alfred, her best friend.

She hadn't seen him for days and she was really missing him. She had expected him to bring up the topic of his love for her, but ever since  they left the hospital, he never talked to her about it anymore, rather, he had given most of his attention to Udeme, his girlfriend.

Could it be that he didn't find her attractive again? Sonia asked herself. She was lost in thoughts when Tega came in.

"Babe howfar na. Wetin you dey think?" Tega asked, sitting down.
"Alfred doesn't want me again." She blurted out.

"How? I no understand, shebi you said you didn't feel anything for him nii, so which of the want do you want him to want?" Tega asked.

"I have been deceiving myself all these while. I've realized myself." Sonia said, sadly.

"You realized yourself about what?" Tega wanted her to let out everything.

"I'm in love with my best friend. But it's obvious, it's too late. I can't just walk in and scatter his relationship with Udeme, she is perfect for him and they're happy together." Sonia said, letting out tears.

It was sudden, but Emeka wasn't bothered. He hauled her closer and gently kissed her till she was practically moaning. Then, the door flung open.

Stay tuned for episode nine.

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