Dele was ready for the divorce, but he didn't know how to tell Diana. 

He had signed the divorce paper, but he needed the courage to approach his wife to sign hers because he knew she was going to be very mad at him, but he had no choice. 

That's what happens when you marry someone you never loved, he thought.

Even though he did not have a proof that Diana used a charm to marry him, but he had a strong feeling that she did because immediately after marrying her, the love he had for her died and he saw himself thinking about Benita whom he truly loved, but it was too late.

He had really messed himself up because he never enjoyed his marriage.
He wondered if he'd be able to find another woman as perfect as Benita after divorcing Diana.

He thought of visiting Benita to  at least  know if she was alright and to be sure Diana hadn't hurt her since he didn't have her contact anymore.

He was worried when he got to her place and was told by her neighbors that she wasn't around.

Driving back, he decided to stop by a hotel and get some drinks, while watching people have fun inside the swimming pool.

"Can I join you?" A soft voice asked.
Dele lifted his face to find a very pretty lady, standing before him.

"Sure....sure." He said, staring at her.
She looked magnificent. Her cologne filled the whole place.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but I was actually bored sitting alone, that's why I decided to join you." She said.

"No, it's not a problem." He replied.
I'm Jessica." She said.

"I'm Dele. Nice to meet you Jessica." Dele said, extending his hand to her.

"Nice to meet you too, Dele. Your name is rare, I guess you are Yoruba."

"Nope, but sort of related. I'm from Olukumi in Delta State," Dele replied.

"Oh, Good to know, Warri guy." She said and Dele smiled.

"Are you waiting for someone?" She asked.

"Nope, just wanna clear my head."

"Okay, I promise not to disturb you." She said.

"Care for a drink?" He asked.

"Ha, no. I'm fine, thanks. I just want to watch those swimmers."


As if to assure him, she turned and stared at the people in the swimming pool.

She found two lovers, cuddling each other inside the water, they were obviously having fun.

Her countenance changed all of a sudden.

Dele noticed tears dropping from her eyes. He followed her gaze and realized what she was staring at.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

Jessica was startled.

She quickly cleaned her eyes, but the more she cleaned, the more the tears flowed.

"Jessica please talk to me, you are getting me worried." He said, shifting his chair closer  to hers.

"How would you feel if after proposing to your girlfriend and fixing a date for the wedding, she comes one week to the wedding and tells you she can't marry you again, just like that? That is what happened to me.
We have been in a relationship five years, only for him to propose, fix the date for the wedding and come back telling me he couldn't go ahead.
Why are men so heartless?" Jessica finally cried out.

Dele saw the pain and frustration in her eyes and remembered Benita.

He felt so guilty because he couldn't defend the men folk since he was guilty as well.

"Would you mind if I take you somewhere better so we could talk about it, this place is too open and people are watching you." Dele said, holding her hands.

"Okay." Jessica said, still in tears.
Dele pulled her up and they walked to where he packed his car.

Dele had made this mistake once, but he promised himself he was going to rectify it. 

He felt it was God who sent Jessica for him to correct the mistake he couldn't correct with Benita.

Shalewa was able to get home with the help of a young girl who saw her on the ground in the market square, crying for help.

When she got home, she called Temitope and she came immediately.

"How did it happen?" Temitope asked.

"I was buying food stuff in the market, when all of a sudden my legs stiffened and became very heavy and painful, such that I couldn't move again." 

Shalewa explained in tears because the legs were already swelling. She could not move until she was supported.

"This is serious. What if it's the reverse of what you did to Benita?" Temitope asked.

"How is that possible? Baba Okuku said she was the one to suffer it, not me."

"My dear, at this point, I'm confused o."

"Can you please stay with me? I don't have anyone to help me."

"Ha! Me I can't o. I have so many things to do. Shebi I told you not to retaliate, but you wouldn't listen, now see what is happening to you. I can't stay with you, I'm sorry.
In fact, our friendship ends right now, don't call me again o because I don't want to involve myself with anything that concerns you, ejö. Bye bye o."

Temitope carried her handbag and left.

Shalewa was speechless.
She cried all day because her condition became so terrible that she found it very difficult to move.

It got to the extent that she started urinating and  defecating on her body because nobody was willing to stay with her.

Her house smelled badly, so was she.
Shalewa prayed for death to take her, but she couldn't die.

The situation was indeed a living hell for her.

Desmond finally got to Tosin's house and was warmly welcomed.

Tosin left him and Benita, with the excuse that she wanted to buy something along the street.

"Welcome." Benita said in her usual strict manner.

"Thanks. How are you doing?" Desmond asked, concern written all over his face.

"I'm fine and you?"

"Actually, I wasn't fine, but now that I've seen you, I'm fine." He said.

"I refuse to be flattered."

"I'm very serious, I was very worried about you because, even though we haven't really been close, I know you've never stayed away from your house for a single day, so I was so worried you didn't come back. Mummy Kemi was worried as well." Desmond said.

"Yeah, she called me this morning. I assured her I was okay. I'm glad you guys had me in mind."

"We are good neighbors na, especially me." He smiled.

"Hunku good neighbor, thank you." 

Benita jokingly said and they both laughed.

"So, what really happened to you?" Desmond asked.

Benita narrated everything to him to his utmost shock.

"I never knew Shalewa was a witch, not only a lier. My God pass am! Thank God for Tosin's mother, God bless her."

"So, how are your many girlfriends?" Benita asked.

"Haba! I have no girlfriend o.
All those girls you see around me enh, they're always the ones coming after me. I have no interest in any of them. There is just one woman that my heart is yearning for." He said, fixing his gaze at her.

"And who is she?" Benita asked.

"Would you really like to know?" He asked.

Benita nodded.

"Her name is Benita. Ever since I set my eyes on her, I liked her instantly. She is different from all the women I have met. She is very intelligent. She's beautiful and she has a good heart." He stood up and sat, facing Benita.

Benita couldn't look him in the eyes, for she thought she'd betray herself and kiss his full tempting pink lips.

He was too handsome, too masculine, just too fine.

He looked even more handsome when he was closer to her. She could feel his eyes on her. Her heart was pounding.
Benita had never felt this way before in the many years she had been with Dele. Why this feelings? She thought, it was too sudden.

He held her hands and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Bennie, I know and admit that I am a flirt, but I've been praying to God for a woman that will change me forever. Can you be that woman?"

"Mama, this thing don dey taya me o. I don search everywhere, e be like say that babe don leave this country. We can't find her." Solo said.

"You are not serious! Since you can't do that small task, give me back my money, idiot!" Diana said.

"Na me you dey call idiot? You be prostitute!" Solo said, knowing that enough would provoke her.

Diana gave Solo a very hot slap that got him staggering backward.

"You get mind come my house come lash me this kind slap abi? Bobo, lock that gate!"

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