"I want you more than I've ever wanted any woman in my life, Gina" Dr Henry said,walking her backward to the bed.

"Knock knock! Sister Gina your friends are here, they want to say hi," Amanda said, knocking Gina's room door.

As if sanity returned to both of them at the same time, Gina and Dr Henry sprang apart. Gina rushed out of the room without saying a word to Dr Henry who was almost going crazy because of Amanda's interruption.

"Gina please wait, I've"
Dr Henry stammered, , but Gina was already out of the room.

Dr Henry's phone rang. When he saw the caller, he looked round to be sure he was alone in the room before he lowered his voice to answer the call.

"Hello Madam Flora"

"Have you executed the plan already?" Mrs Flora, Gina's aunty asked through the phone.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry I was carried away by her kisses, but I assure you I'll clear her off tonight" Dr Henry said, his eyes everywhere to be sure no one was listening.

"Remember our deal, she mustn't leave this country alive. Kill her and kill that useless Hon. Femi as we agreed. This is your best chance to clear her off the path. Once you're done, your two million awaits you, Dr Henry" Flora said.

"Yes ma'am, they'll both be gone tonight, trust me!" Dr Henry replied.

With that, he ended the call and walked out of the room to the parlour and joined the rest of the guests. By then, the house was filled up with both invited and uninvited guests.

Amanda tiptoed out of the toilet where she was hiding to hear all what Dr Henry was saying. She clasped her hands to her mouth in shock and tried as possible as she could to pretend she was alright.

"Mum please come with me, quickly" Amanda told her mother who was busy having fun with her invited nurses. Mrs Felisha reluctantly followed Amanda upstair.

Luckily, Hon.Femi was also upstair, resting in his room since he wasn't the type that liked partying.

"Mum, dad we have to do something, sister Gina's and dad's lives are in danger. Dr Henry was sent by sister Gina's aunty, Mrs Flora to kill her and dad tonight"

Hon. Femi quickly brought out his phone and dialled the police, while Amanda and her mother ran downstairs, in search of Gina, but Gina was nowhere to be found.

Dr. Henry was now strolling in the palour, his eyes everywhere. He was looking for Gina. He dipped his hand inside his pocket to be sure that the syrinch which contained the deadly poison on which he would insert into Gina as soon as he has the opportunity was there. He nodded his head, satisfied that it was there.

Few minutes later, Gina came in

"I'm sorry I left, I had to attend to my friends outside, but they're gone now" Gina told Dr Henry who pretended he was happy to see her back.

"Shall we?" Dr Henry said, holding Gina by the waist, and leading her back to her room.

As soon as they entered the room, he locked the door. He wasn't expecting Gina to turn him on so fast with kisses. He couldn't help it.

Gina's hands were all over him, carrasing every part of his body, she was in charge. Dr Henry was now moaning in pleasure. He divoured her mouth like a hungry lion and didn't noticed that Gina had removed the syrinch from his pocket.

It was when he felt a sharp object injected inside of him that he realized what Gina was doing.

He jumped up and disentangled himself from her, but it was too late. Gina had emptied the content of the deadly poison inside of him.

That was when he realized that the poison that he was meant to inject on Gina had been injected on him by Gina.

Dr Henry suddenly became so weak, he fell on the bed struggling for breath.

"I trusted and fell in love with you, to the extent of almost giving you my body, but I didn't know I was actually in love with the devil himself. Dr Henry, how could you connive with aunty Flora to kill me? 

What wrong have I  ever committed for you to plan killing me? You think  I didn't know your plan?  

Let me shock you before you join your ancestors, while I was out to meet my friends, Amanda overheard everything you were discussing with aunty Flora, she then rushed and told me. 

So when you locked the door, I knew you were about to inject me with that deadly poison, I then decided to turn you on with kisses so I could get rid of that syrinch, which it did. 

You know the bible says that instead of me, it shall be another, and I guess in my case, you are that another. Sorry, but you'll have to enter your own pit! Guess you've received your price for being wicked" Gina concluded.

Dr Henry was now vomitting blood on the bed.

"Opened this door!" a voice commanded, banging on the door. As soon as Gina opened the door, the police entered the room. 

Hon. Femi gazed at Dr Henry in amazement, while Amanda ran and hugged Gina. 

"Gina dear are you alright?" Mrs Felisha asked. 

"Yes aunty, I'm fine"

Dr Henry confessed to everyone how he planned to kill Gina and Hon. Femi. Even with the blood flowing from his nose and mouth, he was hand-curved and taken to the police van, but he died before they got to the police station. 
Meanwhile, Mrs. Flora was nowhere to be found.

After the party, Gina, with the help of Mrs. Felisha and Amanda packed her luggage that night, because she and Hon. Femi would be out of the country as early as possible the next day.


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