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Richard stopped by to check on Angela. She was surprised when he brought out a brand new Android phone and handed it to her in front of her mother.

"You don't have to do this. You have always been the one giving and giving us without us giving you anything. I'm sorry Richard, I can't accept this" Angela said, bowing her face down.

"Mama, please tell Angela to accept my gift. I'm not complaining, I just want to be communicating with her and update her on any tangible information I get concerning Padah, and you know it's not every time that your phone is on. Please tell her to take it, for Padah's sake" Richard pleaded.

Mrs Udeme gave him a smile that told him she knew it wasn't just for Padah's sake that made him buy her the phone, there was more to it.

"My son, I don't know how to thank you for all your help and support, God will 
reward and bless you."

She turned to Angela

"Angel, he has a point, you need the phone. You are a grown up, you are disciplined and I believe you'll use this phone wisely. Take it"

Richard gave Angela a triumphant smile and handed the package to her. She made a face before taking the phone and told him thank you.

"Mama please may I borrow Angela this evening, I need to guide her on how to use her new phone" Richard said.

"Sure, just be careful, okay?" Mrs Udeme said, as she stood up to enter her room.

"We'll sure be careful" Richard said, and winked at Angela.

When Angela was sure her mother was out of sight, she dragged Richard outside.

"Why didn't you ask me first if I'd come with you?" She asked.

"Because I know you too well. You can be very stubborn, you would have said no, that was why I had to tell Mom, directly." Richard winked again.

"I can still tell you I'm not coming, I already know how to operate a phone, I don't need a tutor, I'm not a novice. So, you need not stress yourself" Angela said sweetly.

"Okay,  fine, just come with me, let's sit and talk"

"That's what you should have said, instead of covering it up with phone tutorial"

Richard laughed heartily.


Alex invited Jessica to his house, after they had chatted for a long time. 

He had argued in the chat that he could cook better than her, she on her part refused to accept it,  this  made them to strike a deal; she'd go to his house and they both would cook, then whichever food has the best taste becomes the winner.

Jessica had long given up, trying to lure Richard, because he never showed interest in her, no matter how sexy she appeared.

She had wondered the kind of man he was and had concluded that any lady that Richard finally falls in love with, would be the luckiest woman on Earth.

She then diverted her attention to Alex when she found out he was having a crush on her.

"He's rich shaa, but not as rich as Richard, but I'll manage for the sake of the money" She had once told Mercy, her roommate.

"So you think that money is everything, right? Jessica, Alex loves you genuinely, if you have to go into a   relationship with him, you have to love him for who he is, not for his money. 

Money is important, yes, I know, but genuine love is also very important.
Every minute, you talk about a man spending on you, when will you also spend on a man, or is it written in anywhere that it's the duty of just the man to spend on a woman? 

Don't you know that you'd earn respect if you give a man a good treat as well?
 Moreover, you haven't gotten rid of those your fake nyash and breasts. 

You think it'd be funny if Alex finds out that you are fake. Jessica, you are a very beautiful lady, God has a reason for giving you small breast and ass, why not carry it the way He gave you. 

Any guy who truly loves  you will love you just the way you are" Mercy had said.


Jessica looked very beautiful in her tight gown. She went against Mercy's warning and wore her fake boobs and butt, before leaving for Alex's house.


"Okay sweetheart, it's time to speak with your mom. Remember what I told you, don't try to be smart, Johnny and I are here, watching you. 

If you look at Johnny's hand, you'll see he's carrying a gun, filled with bullet, so, be a good girl, if you want to live." Jennifer told Padah.

"Okay" Padah said with tears already falling from her eyes.

She was missing her mother, sister, school and friends.

She remembered the day she was kidnapped. She was coming back from school with Adeswa, her best friend. 

She had planned to go to Adeswa's house, that evening, so they could study together, as usual.

When Adeswa got to her house and waved her goodbye, she was bored walking home alone.

When she entered her street, she didn't notice that a car was following her slowly. 

Before she could notice and raise alarm, two guys took hold of her and dragged her into the car and zoomed off.

Now, here she was, having to follow directions on what to say to her mother. 

She couldn't understand why she was held hostage by Jennifer, but she kept praying in her heart that God should make a way for her to escape, alive.

"Okay, it's ringing. Once she picks, make sure you tell her nothing but what I told you, understand?" Jennifer instructed.

"Yes" Padah replied.

"Hello" Mrs Udeme's voice came through.

"Mom...mom, it's me, Padah. I'm alive, but I don't know where I am... they're threatening to kill me if you don't do what they want...mom, I love you, I miss you and sister Angela. I..." 

Padah wanted to say everything at once but Jennifer signalled Johnny and he got the phone from her.

"Mrs Udeme," Johnny began

"Your daughter is very alright. She is very safe. In  fact, I'll release her to you. 

Don't be in a hurry, I'll release her only on one condition. Your first daughter, Angela has to be a replacement.

Angela and I have been dating for three months, I loved her so much, but she decided to pay me back by running away with my money. 

So, if you must get Padah, Angela has to come here, I need to see her. Once I     have her,  Padah is all yours"  Johnny said, sweetly.

Mrs Udeme was seriously crying and sweating, and sadly, Angela wasn't there to console her, she was out with Richard.

"Please, can't you take money and leave my children out of this whole mess?, please" Mrs Udeme begged.

"Nope, I don't need the money again, I need Angela my love"

"But my daughter has never been in a relationship before, talk more of running away with anyone's money. I can vouch for Angela, she's a disciplined girl. I trained my children, and..."

"You see all that sermon wey you dey preach, if by tomorrow Angela no show, I go kill Padah, I swear" Johnny said angrily and ended the call.

"Good one" Jennifer said, giving Johnny a high five.


She felt uneasy as he began to caress her. 
Her heart started to pound, not because he was about to kiss her, but because she was scared he'd get to know she was wearing fake boobs and ass. Slowly, his hands moved to...

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