Episode 7 - UNPLANNED LOVE | Stories by Ima Udott

After Kelvin left that evening, Mercy ran straight to Sandra and hugged her, while Ngozi and Bobo just stood, staring at her.

"Babe, gist me everything, don't let anything out o before I call thunder for you." Mercy told Sandra when they got to the room. Sandra laughed.

She told Mercy everything, not knowing that Ngozi was eavesdropping on them.

"Wow! That's hard to believe. I'm so happy for you!" Mercy said happily.

"Yeah, it feels so good to fall in love, but I'm very scared of the Princess." Sandra said.

"Don't be scared. I believe God will fight for you because He knows you've done no wrong.
No matter what, Sharon cannot force Kelvin to love her, especially when he gets to know that she once insulted his mother and even called her a witch. Even his mother would never accept such a mean and arrogant woman for a daughter-in-law after the experience she had with her at the boutique. That's why it's good to be good to people, because you don't know who is who.
Look at you, you've won both Kelvin's heart and that of his mother, so tell me, who is Sharon to stop Kelvin from taking you away from here, because I know as soon as you accept him, you will be out of here." Mercy said.

"It still seems like a dream. For the first time in my life, I felt love, not what my uncle made me pass through in the hands of that old man.
I wish you could see my heart, I can't even explain the way I feel for Kelvin." Sandra said.

"I understand the feeling. So what time is he coming to pick you tomorrow?" Mercy asked.

"He said he's coming by 12pm. Before then, we will be done with house chores, since the Princess isn't around to give us much work."

"Again, when you succeed, please don't forget about me." Mercy said.

"I will never forget about you, you are more than a friend to me." Sandra said, smiling.

"Alright. I dished dinner for you. Go and freshen up so that you'd eat, it's almost midnight. Let's enjoy this freedom now that we have it." Mercy said.


Mercy told her the fight she had with Ngozi and the coming of Tope and Kemi.

"Ha! I pray Kemi doesn't report me to the Princess, you know they are both the same. As for Tope, I trust her, she won't." Sandra said.

"I've told you, don't be scared. Anyone who wishes to report you, let him or her go ahead, I'm here for you. If care is not taken, I'll soon fight that Sharon. The next time she gets on my nerves, I will blow that her long lips and drag off that long artificial lashes of hers, I don't mind if she sacks me, before she even does, I'll sack myself because I'm tired of this place already. I think it's high time I left this place and do something reasonable with my life, after all the money she sends to my my mother in the village cannot even pay my only sister's school fees." Mercy said.

"I admire your boldness, but please calm down. As for Ngozi and Bobo, I don't know what their problem is with me o." Sandra said.

"Ngozi's problem is that you are very beautiful while she looks like a chimpanzee, then Bobo's problem is that during that period he used to throw advances at you, you snubbed him. Don't mind those two mumu. Tonight, na Bobo room wey she go sleep, you go see." Mercy said.

Ngozi quickly tip toed back to Bobo's room when she heard them standing up from the bed.

As planned, the meeting finished the next morning and Sharon quickly took a flight back to Lagos.

Finally, she got back home, but only to enter her compound and meet Kelvin about driving out with Sandra in front of his car.

She got down from her car and ran to meet them. Kelvin didn't bother coming down from the car, he just waved her goodbye and drove off, leaving her staring after them, mouth agape.

Sharon marched straight inside the house, fuming in anger. She was going to teach Sandra a lesson she won't forget in a hurry. Now she understood why Kelvin complimented Sandra the day he dropped her off.

She changed from the suit she wore back into a blue knicker and white shirt, carried her car key and barked at Bobo to open the gate for her.

Tony was busy banging Kemi in her bedroom when her doorbell rang.
They quickly dressed up and Kemi went to check who it was.

"Learn to pick your calls, I've been calling you all day!" Sharon said as she passed Kemi and walked inside.

Tony was inside the room, so he could hear everything they were discussing at the sitting room.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't close to my phone. This one that you are panting like this, is everything okay?" Kemi asked.

"Evening isn't fucking okay! Kelvin had the mind to go behind my back mingle with no other person but that good-for-nothing maid of mine."

"Which of them?" Kemi asked in shock.
"Sandra! No wonder my spirit hated her all of a sudden. Never knew she's such a betrayer." Sharon said bitterly.

"What in heaven's sake has Kelvin seen in that...that thing? It's possible that she used a charm on him o because I don't think Kelvin in his right senses could see such a beautiful, wealthy and classy lady like you who prominent people are begging to be close to and yet goes after that smelly rat. How dare she?" Kemi said.

"No! This is the height of it all. I will teach her a very bitter lesson. I'm gonna kill her." Sharon said, gnashing her teeth.

"What? Isn't that too far? Why not blind her and dump her in a very far village where Kelvin won't see her again?"

"That's why I like you. You are always giving me good ideas. I will not only plug off her eyes, I will chop off her tongue, and use hammer to break that her ashawo toes, then I'll dump her in a very far and thick forest for her to die there. She has just stepped on the tail of a viper."

"Good one!"

"I don't want Tope to know about this. Do you know of any reliable person that can do the job for me?"

"Sure. I still have the number of one of the most dangerous guys in town. He is tested and trusted. Let me give you his number."

Sandra was quiet all through their journey, Kelvin knew why. She was visibly scared and kept looking back, probably because she thought Sharon was coming after them.

Kelvin smiled and patted her gently on her lap.

"She is not coming after you. You don't have to be scared, you are never going back to her house."
He told her.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"You will be staying with my mother. Don't worry about your belongings, I'll get new ones for you."

"Thank you so much....sir"

"What the fuck! Who is siring you? Call me Kelvin jare." Kelvin said and winked at her.

"Okay. Thank you, Kelvin." Sandra said, calling his name slowly. It felt strange in her mouth, but she would get used to it soon.

They got Adora's house and few minutes later, Kelvin drove the two women to the boutique.

Kelvin asked Sandra to take whatever she wanted and she happily did.
When Adora saw that Sandra didn't have a sense of fashion, she took up the shopping of clothes, bags and shoes for her.

After shopping, Adora directed Kelvin to a salon where she told her personal hair dresser to make Sandra's hair.

Kelvin told Adora to call him when they are done, so he could come pick them up. He left because of the call he got from Tony.

Sharon got back to her house, still fuming in anger. She shouted at her two maids every minute.

"I asked you to bring me drinking water, what took you so long?" She angrily asked Mercy who was already tired of her nagging behavior.

"I'm sorry ma, I..." She was about to explain when a slap from Sharon got her stumbling back.
She was done, she couldn't take it anymore.

"I hate you with everything in me! I curse the day I accepted to serve you!" Mercy said to Sharon who was shocked to her marrow.

She wanted to be sure it was really Mercy who just challenged her, so she walked up to her and asked her to repeat what she said.

Mercy tore the apron she had on, flung it on the floor, came face to face with Sharon and repeated herself, fearlessly.

Sharon lifted her hands to slap her again, but this time, Mercy got her hands, pushed her down and climbed on top of her, pouncing on her like an angry lion.

Ngozi and Bobo ran in and were too shocked to separate them.

When Mercy was satisfied beating Sharon whose face was now filled with blood, she stood up and looked at her with a great satisfaction.

"What kind of human being are you? Simply because you are rich doesn't give you the right to trample on other people.
It's so painful that Sandra, the daughter of a nobody has won the heart of a man, whom you, the daughter of somebody could not win.
You will grow old and die without winning the heart of any man because of your disgusting behavior.
You think money is everything, no, good character goes a long way to opening doors for people in this life.
As for me, I am so done with you. I'm out of your cage, rubbish!" Mercy said, marched inside the room, carried her small belonging and left.

Sharon couldn't still believe that a mere housemaid could stand up to her, and even beat her up in her own house.

Ngozi and Bobo kept telling her sorry, but she ignored them, entered her room and locked the door.

She called her father and told him everything that happened and he assured her he was going deal with Mercy because he knew her house in the village.

Tony told Kelvin the conversation he overhead between Kemi and Sharon in her house. He was smart enough to hide and video them.

"I think we should involve the police immediately." Tony said.

"Don't worry, I know what to do, just transfer the video to me." Kelvin said, before a call came in from his mother who cried loudly and broke the shocking news to him.

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