Sly became a frequent visitor to Sonia's house. 

She enjoyed his company such that she started giving him more attention than her best friend.

She had finally given him her reply, which of course was a positive one.

Before Ngozi went back to Gbagada, Sonia introduced Sly to her as her boyfriend. Again, Ngozi told her to be careful with him.

"Mom, trust me, he is a good guy. I've met his parents and they're so lovely. They like me." Sonia said.

"Okay o. But still be careful." Ngozi had said.

Sonia had told Sly she was not going to have sex with him till after their marriage. 

She was expecting him to argue, but he just accepted her condition without any argument. Just the kind of guy she wanted.

After introducing him to her mother, few days later, she, with Sly paid Alfred a visit.

The depression, frustration and jealousy in Alfred's eyes could have moved him to react, but thanks to Emeka who was there with him, so he got a grip of himself while Sonia did the introduction.

"It's nice to see you, Sly. My bestie has been telling me things about you." Alfred said, shaking hands with Sly.

"She's been telling me about you as well. I have been longing to see you." Sly said.

Alfred couldn't hold it any longer. He excused himself and went upstairs.
He barely entered his room when a tear fell from one side of his eyes.

Alfred had never cried because of a woman. Only if Sonia knew that he had looked for her for more than fifteen years without seeing her before he stumbled upon Nora and got controlled.

Only if she knew that even while they were young, he had always visualized her as his wife. 

He had always seen both of them together as one, not just best of friends, but best lovers.

But now, she was here in his house with another man.

"Shit!" He screamed, hitting his tablet as if the table was Sly.

"Bestie, are you alright?" Sonia asked, knocking on his room door.

Alfred's heart began to pound. He opened the door and Sonia walked in looking all ravishing.

"Fredee what's wrong, who hurt you?" She asked innocently. She looked beautiful every minute.

Alfred didn't know what drove him, he walked briskly towards her, dragged her to himself and oh my! he kissed her.

He released all the anger into the kiss. It was a very hot one.

A kind of kiss Sonia never had before in her entire life. 

Something melted inside her and in as much as her hands wanted to push him away, her mouth was stubborn. 

Instead of tearing off, she opened wider and he thrust his hungry tongue inside, touching every corner of her mouth.

Sonia was shaking. She didn't know she had such burning feelings inside of her. 

She had kissed Sly before, but it was  nothing compared to this.

The feeling was so strong, she was wet already.

Alfred had confirmed what he wanted. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. 

He may have lose her before when they were younger, but this time around, he'd do anything to have and keep her.

He gently tore his mouth from hers and her 'uhm' made him know she was still enjoying the kiss.

Sonia couldn't look her best friend in the eyes anymore. It was as if a new man was standing before her.

"Why did you do it?" She asked.

"Sonia, there is no need for us to continue deceiving ourselves. It's crystal clear that you want me as much as I want you." Alfred said.

"No, that's not true. I have a boyfriend and you know it. I feel nothing for you, except for the fact that we are best of friends. Alfred, please don't confuse me. I love Sly."

"Then can you explain that kiss? Are you going to lie to yourself that you felt nothing while kissing me? Are you going to deny that your heart was seriously beating for me? Are you going to deny the fact that you need me just as..."

"Alfred stop! Just stop. I have a boyfriend and since you don't want to get a grip of yourself, I will go." She said and left.

When Sonia got downstairs where Sly and Emeka were seriously engrossed in a football match on the television, she brightened up and said

"Emeka, we will be on our way." Then, they left.

Emeka suspected something was wrong with Alfred and he confirmed it when Alfred came downstairs to join him.

"Wetin dey sup na? Who make your eye red? Wait, don't tell me you were crying." Emeka said.

Alfred admitted to him that he was in love with Sonia. He expected Emeka to ridicule him but surprisingly, he didn't.

"You can't force her to love you, love comes naturally, not forcefully. It's obvious she wants to stay with Sly. You have to be strong, you are a man. Meanwhile, Chelsea dey give me excess joy o. Just twenty minutes and we've scored three goals." Emeka said, increasing the volume of the television.

Sonia was in her sitting room, talking and laughing with Tega when the door bell rang. She wasn't expecting anybody.

She stood up and checked through the small hole in her door. It was Alfred.

Ever since the day he kissed her, Sonia had been avoiding Alfred.

When her mother asked her why, she told her she needed space. Her mother had smiled and told her to watch out before she ended the call.

She opened the door and Alfred entered with a very beautiful dark lady. 

She looked chubby, but her curves were magnificent. Even Tega couldn't help admiring her.

They exchange pleasantries and Sonia brought fruit juice from the freezer with glasses for them.

Alfred cleared his throat.

"Bestie, meet my new girlfriend, Udeme. Udeme, meet Sonia, my best friend from childhood." Alfred said, smiling.

Sonia's glass fell from her hand as soon as Alfred mentioned Udeme as his girlfriend.

Tega quickly got a rag and brush from the kitchen and swept the glasses after which she mopped the
floor where the juice poured.

"Are you okay?" Alfred asked Sonia who looked confused and unsettled.

"No...I mean yes. I'm fine. It's nice to meet you you Udeme." Sonia said. Her voice was shaky, it was obvious she was jealous.

But why was she jealous when she was happily in a serious relationship? She thought. Sonia get a grip of yourself! You can do this. She told herself.

"It's nice to meet you too, Sonia. My boyfriend told me a lot of good things about you. I promise not to be the reason why your friendship stops because it's not easy to have one as a best friend right from childhood to adulthood." Udeme said. She had the sweetest voice Sonia had ever heard.

It was obvious, Sonia thought, Udeme was more beautiful than she was. She had everything.

Sonia found herself comparing herself to Udeme and wondered why she was doing this. The next minute, she felt like crying.

"Bestie what's wrong?" Alfred asked.

"I have headache." Sonia said. Why was he even caring sef? He had a girlfriend! Sonia thought.

"Sorry best. I'll be right back." He said and walked to the her kitchen cabinet where she kept her drugs.

"Babe, you tush o. Where are you from?" Tega asked Udeme who smiled and said 
"Thanks. I'm from Akwa Ibom State, but I base here in Lagos."

Sonia just looked at her helplessly and wondered if she was half as beautiful as Udeme.

"Wow, that's good to know. Dah, your perf make sense o. The fragrance na A1. Wetin be the name?" Tega asked again.

"It's Explore." Udeme said, now laughing. She was obviously enjoying talking to Tega.

Alfred brought the drugs and a glass of water for Sonia and she took it and thanked him.

When they were about leaving, Tega said 
"You people should be coming frequently, I want to be seeing your beautiful face o, Udeme."

Udeme and Alfred laughed before they entered the car and drove off.

When Tega and Sonia got back into the house, Tega looked at Sonia and said 

"Babe howfar na? What kind of drama was that? First, your drink fell from your hand, then, you started having headache all of a sudden. Are you jealous that Alfred has a new girlfriend?"

"Why would I be jealous? I have my own boyfriend." Sonia said.

"For how long are you going to keep lying to yourself? I mean it's written all over your face that you're jealous. And the only thing that could make a girl jealous when she sees a guy with another girl is if she loves that guy. Sonia, you are in love with Alfred, but you just don't want to admit it, why?"

"Tega, I've had a bad day already. If you don't have anything sensible to say, let me be." Sonia said.

"Ha! Let me let you be o because I don't have anything sensible to say. But don't kill yourself with jealously o, because right now, you look like shit." Tega said before she left.

Sonia became very angry with Alfred. She didn't know why exactly she was angry with him, but she wished he didn't come with Udeme.

Tears were already gathering in her eyes, eagerly waiting for her to blink so they could fall out.

She picked up her phone and called Sly, but he didn't pick. She decided she was going to visit him. 

Maybe visiting him would make her feel better.

She couldn't believe her eyes. He made her break her vow. 

She didn't know where to start from, the pain was too unbearable for her.

She looked at herself and regretted coming in the first place. 

She saw her own blood stain on the white bedsheet, staring at her and she broke down and wept bitterly.

Stay tuned for episode eight.

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