Dele sensed that Diana was truly up to something, just as Kelvin had told him.
He decided to monitor her movements to know what she was up to.

He noticed that she was very restless that night and she kept making strange calls.

What made him suspect her the more was that whenever she wanted making a call, she'd excuse herself and go to an enclosed place where she was sure he'd not hear her, unknown to her that he already did.

"Honey, is there something you are hiding from me?" He asked her after he had eavesdropped on her while she was making the last call.

"Enh, no o." Diana was startled.
"Then why do you keep running to the guest room to pick your call and who is disturbing you by this time of the night?"
"It's my friend...she...she needed my help. It's a woman to woman talk, that's why I excused myself. Baby, I'll be back, I need to use the restroom." She stood up and left the room."

Dele checked the time, it was already midnight. It was too late to call Kelvin, so he texted him that he needed to see him first thing the next morning, because Diana's behavior was beginning to make him scared.

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As soon as Tosin got to the hospital with her mother, the woman brought out an anointing oil, prayed on it and anointed Benita before saying anything.

Tosin doesn't joke with her mother because she was a powerful woman who had a special gift of seeing things and healing people.
According to her, she got the gift from her grandmother.

The woman closed her eyes and muttered some prayers in Yoruba language.

She opened her eyes and looked into Benita's eyes.

"My dreams are always true. It was you who I saw in my vision." She paused, closed her eyes again, said some prayers and opened again.

"Who is Shalewa?" She asked, much to the surprise of Tosin and Benita.

"She's my colleague in the office." Benita replied, eye wide.

"She is the one."

"Mami, I don't understand. She is the one who did what?" Tosin asked curiously.
"She dropped a charm for Benita to paralyze her permanently."

"Blood of Jesus! What have I done wrong for Shalewa to do this to me?" Benita broke into tears.

"I suspected she was involved, because when Benita cried for help in the office, everybody ran to her rescue, except her.

 She was busy pressing her phone and laughing as if she was expecting it to happen." Tosin said.

"It's not a problem. You will be healed by the time I'm done with the prayer that I'm about to start. The charm will automatically return to her and she will end up paralyzed forever."

She paused, closed her eyes for some minutes and opened again.

"Do not go back to your house, another doom is awaiting to befall you if you go and you may not be able to scale through it, someone else is planning evil against you." She stood up and stretched her hands.

"Give me your two hands and close your eyes." The woman said.

Benita gave the woman her hands and she started speaking in tongues.
Tosin joined in the prayers.

"What do you mean by you didn't see her? Didn't you confirm her house address?" Diana asked the next day after Solo had waited without seeing Benita.

"Mama, I confirm am, I dey hundred percent sure say na there she dey stay. E be like say she been no come back house last night.

Just be patient with us, I go go back this night go check. Anywhere I see am, I go kidnap am, na promise I promise you so." Solo said.

"Be fast about it cos I'm running out of patience." Diana said, stepped into her car and drove off.

"Dah, this woman no sabi say this job na risk o. Make she no dey shout for me again o make I no do am strong thing, after all, the babe no do am anything. 

Shaa women get mind o,  woman want her fellow woman to be raped by six strong men, she wan come burn am join, she get mind o. Shaa, na for my money I dey do am o. But if she shout for me again, I go do am strong thing." Solo said to himself, letting out some smoke from his nostril.

"I've told you, end that marriage, but you wouldn't hear. Diana is a snake, she is up to something." Kelvin told Dele in an eatery where they had planned to stay and talk.

"I just hope it's not what I'm thinking." Dele said, gulping a glass of wine.
"What are you thinking?"

"It all started when Clarissa, a lady I had a one night stand with went behind my back and sent Diana some threatening messages to leave me alone. 

It was later that I found out about Clarissa's messages and letters, I regret having anything doing with her, but it was Diana's fault. She starved me of s3x for three months and was always nagging, so one evening, I was very horny and I had to literally beg my wife for s3x, but she refused to give me. 
I was frustrated, I left the house to ease my brain in a club. There, I met Clarissa, that was how I had s3x with her, and since then, she became obsessed with me and even after I told her I was married, she still wanted me to be hers.

Diana never knew about this. When she got the threatening messages, she concluded it was Benita that sent it, coupled with the fact that she found out I visited her. So since then, she started saying she was going to teach her a lesson, I'm just hoping she is not planning to hurt Benita." Dele said.

"I think she is planning evil against Benita. Meanwhile, I'm advising you for the last time to divorce that woman, since you don't love her. For me, I never liked her right from the start." Kelvin said.

"How do I go about it?"

"I have a lawyer who can help you do it. I'll tell him about it so that you can meet him tomorrow."

"Alright, thanks."
"You are welcome bro."

"Thank goodness! Where on Earth have you been, Mummy Kemi and I have been trying to call you since yesterday."

Desmond said through the phone when Benita finally picked.

"It's a long story, but I'm fine. I'm at Tosin's house, you can come check on me here cos I won't be coming home for days." Benita said.

"Text me her address." Desmond said.
"Alright, I will." She replied.

"What should I bring for you because I've missed you." Desmond asked.
"I don't want anything, thank you." She replied.

"You enh...I know you've missed me too, but you don't want to say it. See you soon shaa." Desmond said before ending the call.

"Babe, mum's prayer is really strong o, just yesterday and today, your swollen legs are back to their normal shape, glory be to God o.
Tosin said, when she walked into the room that Benita was sitting.

"God bless your mother, I don't know how to thank her enough.
Desmond called. He said he is coming to see me."

"Ha! In this my messed up house? Oya stand up and help me ni, let's arrange the house." Tosin said, rushing to get the brush.

She felt so embarrassed, because it happened to her in the market square when she went to buy food stuffs.
Her two legs were paralyzed all of a sudden and she fell on the ground, shouting for help.

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