Episode 7 - THE JOURNEY OF GINA | Stories by Ima Udott

Few weeks after Gina's graduation,  Mrs Felisha's husband, Hon. Femi came back from the United States of America where he worked. Hon. Femi was a very tall man. At his 50s, he still looked very young and handsome.

His afro  hair coupled with his pure dark skin made him look like a black American.

Amanda, who was all grown up now, was very excited she'd see her father, whom she hadn't seen for many years. Mrs Felisha wasn't left out. 

She applied some make up and looked her self more than ten times in the  mirror, before she left for the airport to pick her husband, while Gina and  Amanda stayed back to tidy the house and wait for their arrival.
Gina only saw Hon. Femi on their family album.

"Today, you will see my daddy, aunty Gina" Amanda said, while dusting the fan. "My daddy likes humble people like you. He will like you, aunty Gina" She said again, smiling at Gina who was busy moping the floor. 

"I'm happy to hear that"  Gina said, though she didn't know what to expect from Hon. Femi's arrival. 

Some minutes later, when they were done arranging the house, Mrs Felisha arrived with her husband. 

Amanda ran downstairs to welcome them, while Gina followed slowly  

"Oh my goodness! See my little angel all grown up!" Hon. Femi said, carrying Amanda up like a baby. 

"Welcome sir " Gina said in her best lady-like manner. 

"Darling this is the Gina I have been telling you about in our chats"  Mrs Felisha said, smiling. 

"Wow! You're such an angel, so pretty! come here!" Hon. Femi said, hugging Gina. 

Hon.Femi was so tall, he had to bend his head to enter the house.
That evening, Amanda wouldn't let her father rest, she wanted to tell him everything in one day.

On Monday morning, Amanda left for school, while Mrs Felisha left for work, leaving Hon. Femi with Gina in the house.

Gina was in her room, reading when she heard a soft knock on the door. She opened it only to find Hon.Femi there.

Gina's heart began to pound as if it would fall out. He smiled and said 

"Gina please come with me to the sitting room, I'm bored, I need someone to talk to."

Gina followed him quietly till she got to the sitting room and they both sat down.

"Gina, my wife has told me so much about you. You're not just a humble girl, but also very intelligent. 

I am a man of integrity, I've never cheated on my wife all through my stay in USA and I'm not going to cheat on her because I love her with my life, so loosen up and stop thinking that I'd try anything stupid with you.

Now, there's this big Company in Canada, desperately in need of an accountant. My wife, Felisha and I have been planning to send you to Canada to be the lucky accountant, what do you have to say?" Hon. Femi asked.

Gina didn't know when she suddenly jumped into Hon. Femi's arms

"Uncle thank you so much! God bless you, bless aunty Felisha and bless every work of your hands!" Tears began to roll from Gina's eyes.

"It's okay Gina"  Hon. Femi said, still entangling her in his arms like a baby.

"You deserve to be happy, you've suffered enough. When my wife told me everything about you, from the death of your parents, to the maltreatment you got from your aunty, I was so touched. 

Though there were one or two things that made me come back, but to be sincerer, the main reason why I came back to Nigeria was because of you, to help you achieve your dreams. 

I'll be going back next two weeks, with you, so get yourself prepared. I'll get your visa and travel documents ready." 

On Sunday evening, a small  send-forth party was conducted for Gina by Hon. Femi and his wife Felisha. Gina didn't really like the idea of a party, but Mrs Felisha insisted.

Gina looked so glamorous that evening. Her long curled hair, with her fair skin made her looked like an half cast. She wore a simple dinner gown that made  her full figure very visible. 
Even with the light make up, Gina looked like an angel. 

Dr Henry arrived with some of his friends to the party, he was invited by Felisha because they were friends.

"Sister Gina, uncle Henry is here!" Amanda said excitedly and ran to welcome him. 

Gina who pretended she didn't hear her, walked into her room and shut the door.

Dr Henry followed and called out, but Gina wouldn't answer.

"Gina please open the door"

After begging for some minutes Gina opened the door for him and stepped back.

"Gina what's the matter, what have I done wrong?" Dr Henry asked.

"My uncle, a man I loved so dearly died in your hospital, but you didn't even bother to come to see me at least to know how I was doing, yet you claimed to be my friend," Gina said.

"I'm very sorry Gina, you know it hasn't been easy for me, please forgive me" Dr Henry said, moving closer to Gina.

Gina's heart began to beat faster, she didn't need a soothsayer to tell her she was in love with Dr Henry.

Before she could say a word, she was helplessly in his arms.

Dr Henry held her tight as if she would disappear if he leaves her. The scorching pressure of his lips parted Gina's. 

Her hand wound around his neck and she surrendered to the incredible experience of Dr Henry's kiss.

"I want you more than I've ever wanted any woman in my life, Gina" Dr Henry said, walking her backward to the bed.

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