"Madam, I've found out who he is seeing now. One fine girl like that by name, Angela. 

I think her sister is missing, because I overheard him telling her that he was able to trace where her sister was and that the kidnappers have increased the money that they were supposed to get, from five hundred thousand to seven hundred thousand" Johnny told Jennifer.

"Good. Did he mention where she was?" Jennifer asked, curiously.

"He said something about one uncompleted building close to Mile twelve, Ketu."

"Good. We'll have to get there first before they do. I want to take charge of her sister" Jennifer said.

"How do you intend doing that, madam?"

"I'll buy her off from those kidnappers. They won't reject a million naira, will they?" Jennifer asked, smiling.


"No, please, don't do this to me, I beg you. Please don't rape me, you can take....take anything else, please.... don't rape me, please."

He never listen, he tied her down, violently patted her legs and plunged in forcefully, making her to scream in pain.

"Angela, are you alright?" Mrs Udeme tapped her gently.

Angela jumped up from the bed.

"Oh, mom, it's a dream" She said, cleaning the balls of sweat that was gathering on her forehead.

"I was raped by a masked guy in the dream" Angela struggled to say.

"God forbid. Stand up let's pray" Mrs Udeme said. She held her daughter's hands and began to pray.

Later in the day, Mrs Udeme's phone rang, it was Richard. 

He called to tell her he'd be coming to pick up Angela, so they'd go get Padah.

"I'm coming with you as well, I want to see my daughter." Mrs Udeme said through the phone.

"No mama, you can't come, you don't have to go through the stress. I promise to bring back Padah, unhurt. 

Now that we've found out where they're hiding, it'd be safer if I go with just Angela, because she's agile. 

Just stay calm, your daughter will soon come back, okay?"

"Okay. Please be careful o, God will be with you" Mrs Udeme said, before Richard ended the call.

"Angela, get ready, Richard will stop by to pick you. He has found out where Padah is" Mrs Udeme told Angela.


"Oga, your phone dey ring" Ama said, knocking at Richard's room door.

Richard opened the door and took the phone from her, then shut back the door, without even looking at the smiling Ama.

"So, as I dress like this finish, with all these make up wey I sidon do, oga no even look me small, na wa o.  

I go try my luck again, I must arrest oga with my beautifulness. I know say when him look into my eyes, him go see love dancing up and down for my eyes. 

After then, we go hug in slow motion, like that film wey I been watch for Zee World. 

Then, oga go kiss me like this" Ama closed her eyes and demonstrated it by kissing the air.

"And what are you still doing at my door step? Don't you have something doing?" Richard asked, when he opened the door and realized that Ama was still there.

"Oh...yes...oga sorry sir... I..."

"Will you get out of here! Useless girl!" Richard shouted.

Ama ran downstairs and met Eze laughing at her, much to her irritation. 

She slowed down, gave him a stern look,  then hissed and entered the kitchen.

"Ama if oga doesn't love you, me I love you oo" Eze teased, still laughing.

"Thunder fire you. Love kill you there, idiot!" Ama shouted from the kitchen.


With the help of Johnny, Jennifer was able to get to the building where Padah was held hostage.

She was scared when she heard a gun shot which was released to show that whoever that was inside the building was aware that she was there.

"Your hands up, and don't try to be smart, I watched you right from when you parked your car"  A voice told her from behind.

"I came in peace. I need to talk to you" Jennifer stammered. She lifted her hands up and followed whoever was directing her.
He guided her into an empty room and told her to state her mission, still pointing the gun at her.

Jennifer told him she wanted Padah. He insisted because he was feeling guilty already since he was expecting Richard to come get Padah  but when she brought out a box containing one million naira for him, he couldn't help letting her have Padah, after he had checked and confirmed that the money was real and complete. 

Afterall, he needed money and he wasn't even sure if Padah's people were going to give him the money he required.

"Whatever happens to her is non of my business, I'm done here" With that, he and his two other partners left the building, after Jennifer had left with Padah.

Richard got to the building few minutes after Jennifer and the guys had eloped. His armed men surrounded the uncompleted building, while Richard and Angela entered inside.

Few minutes later, they came out, disappointed, because the building was empty. 

Angela almost doubted that that wasn't the building, but when she picked up her sister's school tie, she was convinced that her sister was actually there.

They searched everywhere in the building, but found nothing, so, they left.

Richard called the kidnapper's number, but it was no longer reachable. 

He tried the number over and over again, but couldn't get through.


Jennifer got to her house and ordered Johnny to lock the gate. 

She took Padah upstairs and put her in one of the isolated rooms.

"I'm not going to hurt you, sweetheart. But if you want to enjoy your stay with me, you'll have to do whatever I ask you to do, okay?" Jennifer told Padah.

"Okay. Please, may I speak with my mom?" Padah asked.

"Sure, you will, but not so soon, sweetheart. You'll have to shower and eat first, then I'll let you speak with your mom. 

For now, this is your room, you won't leave here to anywhere. If you need anything, let me know. Call me Jenny"

"Okay, thank you auntie Jenny"

"You're welcome, sweetheart"

Adeswa Tayo, Padah's best friend never got tired of visiting Mrs Udeme, to know if Padah had been found. 

But each time she goes to Padah's house, she meets Mrs Udeme crying, as usual, then she would quietly go, after shedding some tears.

Angela had surprisingly stopped crying. She felt her sister was alright wherever she was. 

She strongly believed her sister would come back when the time comes.

She consoled her mother and tried to convince her that Padah would soon return.


Richard wasn't himself. He had been restless after they had left the building without Padah. 

He tried the kidnapper's number again, but it was switched off.

"Could it be that she's dead?" He asked himself.

"If she's dead, they would have left her dead body there. No, she's not dead, maybe they got to find out that I came with armed men, against their wish, so they decided to relocate. 

I know they'll call again. Maybe they're trying to scare me a little" He soliloquized.

"I have to see Angela this evening. I have to be around her, I know she needs someone to talk to at this moment. I have to be there for her and her mother" 

Richard didn't realize he was gradually getting addicted to Angela.


"She is very safe. In  fact, I'll release her for you. Don't be in a hurry, I will release her only on one condition"

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