It was getting late into the night and Mercy was very disturbed because Sandra wasn't back. She was scared that something bad had happened to her.

Bobo had told her that if by 8pm Sandra doesn't come back, he wasn't going to open the gate for her again. This was all Ngozi's plan.

"So between Sandra and I, who is now the ashawo? Me wey dey inside house all through or she wey commot since morning go her boyfriends house? Who knows, perhaps them don use am for money rituals by now." Ngozi said, when Mercy came outside to sit with them at the veranda.

Mercy was not in the mood to answer her, so she just hissed and started humming a song which made no sense to Ngozi and Bobo.

"Me I don talk my own finish o, once 8pm nack, nobody dey enter this compound again o." Bobo said.

"She will enter again and again, watch and see." Mercy said angrily.

"Bobo has spoken and you cannot do anything once he locks the gate." Ngozi said.

"Look at you. Because you don give am free smelly toto to fuck, you don dey control him brain. Your mate dey fuck better dick dey make money join, you dey here dey fool yourself, two mumu." Mercy said and continued humming.

Ngozi was about to go and fight her, but Bobo stopped her, whispering to her to remember how Mercy beat her earlier, so she stayed back and said

"If not for Bobo who is holding me enh, I would have taught you a lesson you would never forget in a hurry."

"Oshey awon lesson teacher! If dem born you well, near me, ode." Mercy said and laughed in a way that disgusted Ngozi.

"Hey babes, how is the meeting going, I'm damn missing you o." Kemi said to Sharon through the phone that evening when she got to her house.

"I dey o. The meeting went well. It seems I won't stay up to a week as planned because the products that we expected to arrive a day after tomorrow just arrived this evening and that was the only thing that would have kept me up to a week here. So after checking it out and having another meeting regarding the products tomorrow, I should be good to go, that'd be after the deliberation." Sharon explained.

"Wow, I'm glad it's successful because Tope and I are really missing you."

"I'm missing you guys too. Did you help me check what's up with those good-for-nothing maids of mine?" Sharon asked.

"Yes o. Enh, that Sandra girl, according to Ngozi, as soon as you left, she went out with some group of guys. As I'm talking to you now, I'm not sure she's back." Kemi said.

"What the fuck! Wait, that daughter of a nobody had the mind to go against my instructions? I will teach her a lesson she won't forget in a hurry. Don't let anyone know that I'm coming back tomorrow, not even Tope because she's too soft. I want to surprise all of them." Sharon said.

"No wahala. Do and come back because plenty gist dey ground."

"Alright. Got to go, I need to shower." Sharon said and ended the call.

Kelvin had never felt anything like this before. H couldn't believe a woman could make him go crazy.

He pulled her to himself and deepened the kiss.

It was obvious Sandra wanted him too because he felt it in the way she responded hungrily and eagerly to his kiss. They were both moaning.

"Kelvin, is everything alright?" Adora asked from the sitting room.

Once again, they both came back to sanity instantly.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." Kelvin said, stepping back from Sandra.

"I'm sorry too." Sandra replied shyly.
"Why are you sorry?" He asked, looking at her.

"Because you are my mistress' boyfriend and I should have been able to resist you."

"What? She told you that?"

"Yes. She told all of us, her maids, the day you dropped her off." She replied.

"That is not true."

"Then what are you to her?"

Kelvin was about to answer when Adora came in to the library.

"Did the books swallow the both of you or what?" Adora asked.

Kelvin and Sandra laughed.
They followed her back to the sitting room, that was when Sandra realized it was late.

"It's late already. I should be on my way." She said politely.

"I'm going back too, let me drop you." Kelvin said.

Adora looked at the two of them and smiled suspiciously. She knew her son has fallen in love. She was actually secretly praying for this to happen.

"Sure son, you should . Sandra, I'm in love with you already, you are indeed a lively and a very good friend.
Since your mistress is coming back next week, please come over tomorrow, I want us to go shopping." Adora said to Sandra.

"That'd be great mummy, I sure will, because I also had fun, being with you." Sandra said.

The two women hugged for some seconds before parting.

"I will bring her to you tomorrow." Kelvin said and winked at Sandra.

"I'll be very happy to see you both." Adora said.

Kelvin drove Sandra back that night. While in the car, he kept staring at her every second. He noticed that Sandra avoided his gaze, so he asked her why.

"Nothing." She answered.

"How did you feel when we kissed?" He asked. Kelvin wanted to know if Sandra felt the same way he did.

"I....I don't know." She answered.

He kept quiet for a while before he said

"Do you like me? Because I like you. I was actually having a crush on you."

Sandra put her face down and didn't say anything.

Did he not know she was the first to crush on him? Only if he knew how scared she was because of her mistress, he wouldn't ask this question.

As if Kelvin read her mind, he asked the question again and she answered shyly.

"Yes I do, but my mistress has..."

"No but and no mistress. I feel nothing for your mistress. I've never felt anything for any woman before now. I want you to be my girlfriend."

"I can't. My mistress will kill me."

"She will do nothing to you. Please think about my proposal, I like you so much, Sandra and I have so many things I'd like to discuss with you, just you. I will be here by 12pm tomorrow to pick you, it seems it's not just my heart that you have stolen, you have stolen my mum's as well." He said, before blowing the horn which made Sandra realize she was home, she checked the time, it was some minutes past ten.

Bobo, seeing that it was Kelvin's car quickly opened the gate and he drove in.
Ngozi and Mercy who were outside were shocked to see Sandra coming out of Kelvin's car.

He greeted them, whispered something into Sandra's ear and drove out without wasting time.

Tony's call came in, few minutes after Kelvin got to his house that night.

"Guy wetin dey sup na?" Tony asked.
"I dey o. I just got home." Kelvin answered.

"How is your mum doing? Hope you sent her my regards. Who was the babe that talked to you that afternoon because I swear, she deserves some accolades for being able to make you suspend that meeting to meet your mum." Tony said.

"Which one am I even answering first? Anyways, mum is fine. I no longer have issues with her. Dr. Maurice will treat her first thing tomorrow morning. As for the lady that was with her, it was Sandra, Sharon's house help."

Tony was shocked. "Wait, I don't understand, how?" He asked.

Kelvin explained everything to him and Tony was short of words.

"I hope you know you are endangering that girl?" Tony asked.


"What do you mean by how? From what I've heard, Sharon has made her go through hell, so imagine if she gets to find out that you are in love with her, she might literarily kill her."

"She won't do anything to her. If Sandra accepts my proposal she won't be staying with Sharon anymore. I have huge plans for her." Kelvin said.

"Hmm. I'm really shocked that you could fall this deeply for a woman, she must be very special."

"She sure is. I have never felt this way before. I fell for her the very first day I saw her, but I just didn't know. I will do everything possible to make her mine." Kelvin said.

"Haha, you didn't know because you didn't plan to fall in love soon, so it's called unplanned love. Just be careful not to put her in danger.
As for me, na that Kemi girl wey I wan fuck. I no like the babe o, I wan just taste am commot. I been just dey my dey o when Sharon come introduce am to me. The babe con even start to dey gum body with me. She get front and back shaa, so who am I to say no?" Tony said rhetorically.

"Na wa for you o. If you don't like her, why not tell her? Must you use and dump her?" Kelvin asked.

"I tried to avoid her o, but her busy body is too much, so let me use this opportunity and have a taste of her, after all no be only me go enjoy am, she go enjoy am too.
The person that I really like is that their third friend, Tope. That babe is very beautiful and calm. If I have the chance, na marry I go marry am."

The two guys laughed, before ending the call.

As planned, the meeting finished the next morning and Sharon quickly took a flight back to Lagos.

Finally, she got back home, but only to enter her compound and meet Kelvin about driving out with Sandra in front of his car.

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