Episode 6 - SHE IS THE ONE | Stories by Ima Udott

"Bestie, why staring at me like that, what's on your mind?" Sonia asked.

"So I cannot admire my bestie again in peace? Anyway," Alfred said "let me go and prepare your breakfast, I'll make sure I take very good care of you, my boss lady." He stood up and walked to the kitchen.

Few minutes later, Alfred came back to the room with a tray, containing a nicely made toasted bread and beverages for tea.

He woke Sonia who was now sleeping up and made her to eat.

"I can feed you if you let me." He said, staring at her, eating weakly.

"Are you always this romantic, because back then, you weren't." Sonia said.

"I wasn't because by then, we were still young and I didn't know what it meant to be romantic. Presently, I don't even know  if I am, but let me feed you."

He picked up a slice of the bread and gave her to bite, then he carried the thick mug and made her sip from it. 

He waited for her to swallow before repeating the same routine. Sonia felt like a baby.

After breakfast, Alfred made Sonia take the drugs he bought for her. She slept back and he went to his garden for his daily gym.

Ngozi was sitting outside, reading a newspaper when Tega came with a plate of food.

"Mama good morning. I brought you fresh banga soup, you will like it." She said. 

Ngozi never knew that Tega came for a serious gist that morning, she thanked her and told her to drop the food inside for her and she did. 

When she came outside, she hailed Ngozi again.

"Mama since Sonia is not back yet, let me keep you company. Today is Saturday and I don't have much to do. I'm done with cooking and washing which were my only problem." She said.

"Please join me jare before boredom kills me. So what really happened that yesterday?" Ngozi asked.

Tega was actually waiting for this question. She sat down on the empty chair and cleared her throat.

"Ha! Mama, thank God you didn't come o. I never really believed in all these spiritual battles with demons and all of that but after seeing it with my koro koro eyes, I believed. The kind torment wey the demon torment me enh...I nearly shit for body."

She narrated everything that happened that night to Ngozi and she marvelled.

"You sef, you are stubborn o, pastor told you to close your eyes and you refused. Thank God the demon did not kill you and thank God the pastor was strong enough to deliver you.
You see, that's why it's good to be spiritually endowed. If the pastor's wife wasn't strong, the demon would have won. That's why I keep advising our women, especially the pastors' wives, be very active spiritually, in case your husband is weak, you have every right to take over because you are protecting him. But in a situation where you are spiritually weak, if something happens to your husband, that'd be the end of it because you cannot help." Ngozi said.

"Mama, you are right. I admire that woman's bravery. In fact, from tomorrow, I'll start going with Sonia to that church. God is really with them."

"Are you going because of the miracle or you are going to sincerely worship God?" Ngozi asked.

"Mama, with what I saw with my eyes yesterday, I believe it's worth surrendering my life to Christ and that's what I will do tomorrow." Tega said.
"That's a very good decision. God will help you as you do so. So when is the lady going to be buried?"

"This evening at the cemetery. But me, I'm not going for that burial o make person no standa wooz me slap."

Ngozi laughed so hard and said

 "Don't you want to see everything to the end?"

"Shuu! Mama, I don see enough yesterday and that one don do. I no wan see again. Till now, e still dey me like say na dream wey I dream."

They talked at length and Tega consistently made Ngozi to laugh and she liked it.

Sonia felt better after she woke up. She was now strong. 

She went out in search of Alfred but couldn't find him. So, she went to the garden and found him with his friend. 

They were seriously working out and didn't even notice she was there.

"Hey guys." Sonia said and they both looked up.

"Awwwn, she's awake." Alfred said. He walked up to her and held her left hand.

"Guy, meet my irreplaceable  childhood best friend, Sonia.
Bestie, meet my friend, Emeka."

"It's nice to meet you, Emeka." Sonia said.

"It's nice to meet you too, beautiful one." Emeka said, staring helplessly at her.

"Don't even try that charming look, it doesn't move my bestie one bit."  Alfred said to Emeka, causing Sonia to smile.

"Wait, so I can't admire a beautiful lady again? Are you sure you both are just ordinary besties or is shifting of pant included, because you can't make me believe you have this kind of beauty for a best friend without anything happening." Emeka said.

"Emeka, can you stop? In fact start going, I have a burial to attend." Alfred said.

Emeka smiled and said 

"We get talk to talk later shaa."

When he left, Alfred went back to where Sonia was sitting while she was waiting for him to see Emeka off.

He sat beside her and they were quiet for a while, before Alfred cleared his throat and said;

"I'm sorry bestie, about what Emeka said. That guy talks too much."

"It's fine. He's a funny guy though." Sonia said.

"How is your health?" He asked, concern written all over his face.

"I'm fine now. I have to go back home so that I can freshen up, I look funny wearing your big top and joggers." She said, looking at herself.

Didn't she know that she actually looked so beautiful on his clothes? Alfred thought. He looked at her and smiled.

Sonia had a very beautiful structure. She was slender with beautiful curves and smooth body.

She had a pointed nose and a small full lips that were naturally pink and tempting, yet she was so innocent.

How would she feel if he tells her that he was falling for her? Alfred thought, while his eyes lingered around her.

He made up his mind that he was going to tell her what he was feeling for her, but not so soon, he needed to be sure if she felt the same way towards him.

He didn't want to force it on her, he wanted her to feel it naturally.

"Enh, bestie, there is this guy that wants to take me on a date tomorrow evening. I don't know, I'm not used to all these things. He is my spec though." Sonia said, bringing him back to reality.

What the fuck! Didn't she know he was already falling for her? Why is she telling him this? Alfred thought.

"Fredee?" She called out.

"Yeah... yes, what's his name?" He asked.

"His name is Sly. I met him some days back when Tega and I were doing our morning exercise.
I want to try out something, I feel I'm too stiffen. I think he might be the one for me.  Should I go?" She asked innocently, failing to see the boiling anger and jealousy in Alfred's eyes.

"Are you sure you can do this? What if he just wants to take advantage of you and dump you?" Alfred asked.

"Best, I'm not a little girl, I'm mature.
I know all these things, but trust me, I will be fine. I'm tired of being like this, I need to start up something. I am not growing any younger." She said.

"It's okay. Just try and be careful. He should better not hurt you if he doesn't want to taste his own blood from my punch." Alfred said and Sonia smiled.

"He won't hurt me joor, my intuition never lies." Sonia said.

Alfred didn't know what to say anymore. He was going to loose his best friend whom he had fallen for, to another man and it really hurt him. 

It was obvious she didn't feel anything for him, so why was he killing himself with jealously? He thought.

Sonia got back home from the cemetery, very tired. It was a very brief burial.

Her mother had prepared dinner for her, so she needn't stress herself in the kitchen.

After having enough rest, she got some clothes from her wardrobe and set up the ironing board in the parlour to iron the clothes she'd wear to church the next day, being Sunday.

"Did Tega tell you she'd be following you to church tomorrow?" Ngozi asked. She was sitting on the couch in the sitting room, drinking pineapple juice and watching a TV program.

"Yes Mom, she told me. I was surprised, but it's all for good." Sonia replied.

"How is Fredee?" Ngozi asked.

"He is fine. He even sent his regards, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you." Sonia said.

"It's alright Ada. What if he asks you out, because I see that happening soon?" Ngozi asked.

"Haba, mom, he won't. We are just best of friends, no feelings attached.
As a matter of fact, I have a date tomorrow."

"Hmm. With who?"

Sonia told her about Sly and how she met him.

"It's cool though. But if Alfred decides to start a relationship with another lady, I hope you won't be jealous?"

"Capital no! Mom, I have no intimate feelings for Alfred. Even in his previous relationship, I wasn't even thinking of getting jealous. So, he has every right to be in any relationship he wants to be, as long as it's not a mammy water." Sonia said.

"Okay o, if you say so." Ngozi said and continued drinking her juice.

The next evening, Sonia met with Sly as planned and she never regretted going on a date with him because he made her have fun.

She came back home very happy and told her mother about her outing.

"He asked me to be his girlfriend." She said, happily.

"Did you accept?" Ngozi asked.

"Not yet. I told him to give me some time. And of course, I need to get to know more about him, especially his family, because if I have to say yes to him, it should lead to marriage. I already told him that and he even admitted that he too wanted a serious relationship that will also lead to marriage. So I think I've found my future husband." She said happily.

"Hmm, Adanne do you feel anything for him or you are about dating him simply because you want to settle down?" Ngozi asked.

"Mom, even if I don't feel anything for him now, I strongly believe I will, with time." Sonia said.

"It's okay, I wish you good luck because I too, I need grand children."

"Awwwn, thanks Mom." Sonia said happily before she entered her room.

"Bestie, meet my new girlfriend, Udeme. Udeme meet Sonia, my best friend from childhood." Alfred said, smiling.

Stay tuned for episode seven.

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