"I'm sorry for that insult, that stupid girl is full of drama," Desmond told Benita when Shalewa left.

"I'm used to her." Benita replied.

"Wait, how did you guys know each other?" He asked.
"We work in the same studio. LEGIT FM."

"What the fuck! Shalewa told me she's a banker at First Bank. I even dropped her there once." Desmond said.

"Hahaha. Just as she said you live in a mansion. There is nothing I will not see in this world." Tosin said and went back inside.

"Jesus! That girl is a bloody lier. Thank God she will never set her feet into my house again." Desmond said.

Benita couldn't hold the laughter in her throat, she laughed out and Desmond joined her.

"I don't want her death to be an easy one, I want to torment her first before I kill her.
I want her to encounter pains. The kind of pain I encountered when that beast made me lose my baby.
Because of Benita, my own husband turned against me and even had the audacity to beat me to the extent of losing my precious jewel, a child I cherished so much and he came begging for my forgiveness, what rubbish!
Even after that, he still visits her. He doesn't know the kind of woman he is married to, but..."

"Mama your talk too plenty. Since you don't want us to kill her yet, what exactly do you want?" Solo, who was smoking asked.

"Kidnap her, you and your men have my permission to rape her as many times as you want, starve her of food and water, then I will personally set her on fire with fuel." Diana said.

"That one na small task. Na all this kind things wey I like.
I go tear her nyash. Mama, because of that free pussy wey me and my boys go enjoy, I go reduce your money. Give me just eighty thousand, na hundred wey I been wan talk, but I just reduce am because of wetin we go gain."

"That is not a problem. Here is her picture and house address, make sure you don't fail me o. I'll give you forty thousand now, after the task, I'll complete the money." Diana said.

She handed Solo the cash and the picture with Benita's address.

"Mama, consider it done."
"When are you going to do it?" She asked.

"Tomorrow morning." Solo replied.

"Alright. Call me." Diana went into her car and drove off.

Shalewa found her way home after a long walk in the scary forest that she went to meet the native doctor.

Baba Okuku was the strongest native doctor in the land. She had confided in Temitope, her best friend and she directed her to Baba Okuku to get a charm suitable for Benita.

When she entered the room, she locked the door and brought out the charm.

She opened it, according to Baba's instruction and called Benita's name three times, before putting it inside her bag and prepared for work.

She was going to pour the liquid in the frontage of the office so that when Benita's passes, she becomes permanently paralyzed.

"Nobody messes with me and gets away with it. Let me start with that prostitute, when I'm done with her, I'll deal with Tosin. As for Desmond, I don't want to lose him, so I have forgiven him.
Once Benita is out of the way, he will be mine." She soliloquized.

No matter how Dele tried, he realized he just didn't love Diana. 

He thought of divorcing her, but since she had turned a new leaf, he couldn't, plus the fact that he was the reason she lost her child. He was just marrying her out of pity.

He was still brooding when his phone rang. It was his best friend, Kelvin.

"Egbon, how far na?" He asked.
"Egbon, I dey o. I saw your wife with some group of dangerous guys, I think she is up to something because she exchanged something with them. That's why I called you."

"My wife is a changed person, I'm not sure she is the one you saw. Moreover, she told me she was going to church."

"Guy, my eyes can't deceive me. It was Diana that I saw.
She just left that area. Be very watchful."

"Okay, thanks man." Dele said and ended the call.

"Na wa o, which kind hold up be dis na?" Benita exclaimed inside the cab.

This was the first time she was going to be this late for work.

After spending much time on the road, she finally got to the office.

As soon as she entered the office, she felt as if her two legs were pierced. She fell down and screamed in pain.

Tosin who was inside the studio ran out to help her up.

"Babe what's wrong?" Tosin asked.

"I don't know o. I can't move, my legs are on fire!"

Mr Kunle, the manager came in with two other workers.

They helped Benita to Mr Kunle's car and rushed her to the hospital.

After much examination, the doctor told them that nothing was wrong with Benita's legs.

He said she had to stay there for some times so that he could keep running a test on her to know the cause of the pain.

Tosin decided to stay with her while Mr Kunle went back to the office, after promising to check on her later.

"Babe, you will be fine, trust me.
I don't know why my mom keeps calling me, she should know this is working time na." 
She said, looking at her phone.

"Pick the call, maybe it's important," Benita said on the hospital bed.

"Mami e kaaro ma." Tosin said when she picked the phone.
"You want to see me urgently?" She paused.

"Okay, I'll stop by when I'm coming back from work in the evening. Bye ma". She turned to Benita.

"She said she wants to see me. Where is your house key so I can get your stuff for you before heading to the house?"

Benita gave Tosin her key. Tosin's presence eased her pain a little.

"Hello, Solo, did you confirm the address?" Diana asked.
"Yes mama. I went there this evening to be sure of the address. That's where she stays, but I didn't see her in the house, I guess she's not yet back from work. As early as 3:00am tomorrow, we'll be outside waiting for her, trust me." Solo said.

"Good." Diana said before ending the call, little did she know that Dele had heard her conversation.

Shalewa was very happy that afternoon. She chatted up Temitope, her best friend to tell her that she had succeeded in paralyzing her enemy.

"You needed to see how she was crying." She typed.

"Where is she?" Temitope replied.

"They took her to the hospital. They are just going to waste their money because Baba Okuku said no drug can cure her. She will remain paralyzed till she dies."

"I'm happy for you. Now you will have peace of mind.
What of that her friend, what are you going to do to her?" Temitope asked.

"That one na small thing. I'll just implicate her in this office and she will lost her job."

"How do you intend to do that?" Temitope asked.
"Leave that to me, I've got everything under control."

"No be you again? I trust you na. Babe, just be careful, got to go, we will chat later." 

Temitope said and went offline.

Desmond noticed that Benita hadn't come back that evening. He was worried because he hadn't gotten her number.

He didn't know why he was getting used to seeing Benita, he'd figure out that later, but for now, he needed her contact.
He remembered he once saw her talking to Mummy Kemi, one of their neighbours downstairs, so he decided to go ask her if she had Benita's number.

"You enh... you want to see the nyash of all the girls in this Lagos, but just know that Benita is different. She is my daughter, so what do you want to do with her number?" Mummy Kemi asked.

"Ha! Mummy, if she is your daughter, you should have known she isn't back and it's getting late. I just wanted to call to know if she's okay, as a caring neighbor that I am." Desmond said.

"Nita is not back?" Mummy Kemi asked. She was the only one who called Benita 'Nita'.
"No, she isn't." Desmond replied.

"Kemisola, bring my phone fast." Mummy Kemi shouted.
"Yes mummy!" Kemisola, her beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter replied from the room.

"Do you have any friends by name Benita?" Tosin's mother asked when Tosin went to see her that evening.

"Yes mama, she is even sick. She is admitted in the hospital."
"Take me there!"

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