Episode 6 - THE JOURNEY OF GINA | Stories by Ima Udott

Gina stayed with Mrs Felisha for two weeks, though she had tried going back home, her auntie wouldn't open the gate for her, so Mrs Felicia graciously welcomed her back.

Gina's hidden beauty began to unfold. Mrs Felisha made sure she didn't stress herself.

Amanda on the other hand wouldn't let Gina rest. She'd beg her to tell her bedtime stories. The next minute, she'll tell Gina to come to sleep with her in her room. Gina enjoyed the comfort of both mother and daughter.

She got to know that Mrs Felisha worked in the same hospital as Dr  Henry.

One evening  Mrs Felisha came back from the hospital, sad and tired.

"What happened aunty?" Gina inquirer, after taking her handbag and the food items she stopped by to buy at the market.

"It's...it's your uncle, Mr Caleb. Dr Henry tried everything he could to help, but he couldn't. He died this afternoon, I'm sorry Gina" Mrs Felisha said sadly.

Gina broke down and began to cry 

"I didn't even have a chance to at least say a word to him. Aunty, I want to go to the hospital"
Gina said, still weeping. 

"I'd advise you to stay away from the hospital because while Flora was crying there, she kept mentioning your name and blaming you for killing her husband with witchcraft. She even threatened to deal with you anywhere she sees you"  Mrs Felisha said.

"Me? Killed her husband? I don't know what I've done to aunty Flora for her to hate me to the extent of blaming me for the death of her husband, a man that gave me nothing, but happiness" Gina said, wiping off her tears.

"I pity her because she didn't even have a single child for him before he died," Mrs Felisha said while consoling Gina.

Early January, Engr Caleb Eze was buried in his home town at Anambra State.

Felisha called Gina to the sitting room one day and told her to sit down.
"Gina, I heard in the news yesterday that the JAMB form is out for this year, so,  I'll be taking you to the JAMB office to register tomorrow after which we'll stop by and buy you all the past questions you'll be using to prepare yourself for the exams. I don't need to tell you to read, do I?" Felisha asked.

Gina's joy knew no bound. She couldn't help but hug Felisha so tight that Amanda began to smile.

A few months later, Gina wrote JAMB and scored 390. Felisha wasn't surprised since Gina had gotten straight A's in all her nine subjects when she wrote WAEC, so Felisha knew she would blast JAMB.

Immediately, Gina was admitted into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to study Banking and Finance.

Four years later, she graduated as the overall best student of the year, with the highest grade.

Few weeks after Gina's convocation, Mrs. Felisha's husband, Hon. Femi came back from the United States of America and that was the beginning of a fresh and tempting problem for Gina.

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