Episode 6 - FIND ME A PERFECT WOMAN | Stories by Ima Udott

"Mehn, that your secretary is hot! Just look at her front and back side. She's really endowed" Alex told Richard when he stopped by to check on him in his office.

"Yeah, she's, but this is office and everything has to be official. Her beauty is non of my business right now. 

What I'm concerned about is Angela's sister." Richard said, operating his system.

"Talking about Angela's sister, have you been able to hire the private investigators you said you were going to get?" Alex asked.

"Yes, I have. They've already started investigating, that's why my phone
beeps every minute. I believe they're close to finding out where she is. 

By tomorrow, if they don't find her, we'll call those kidnappers and tell them we've gotten the money, so that we'll know where they are"
You'll give them the money, right?"

"Nope, I'm not giving them a dime. I don't encourage corruption but I'll get Padah out of that place"

"How do you intend doing that?"

"Don't worry, leave that to me"

"Richie, I hope you know what you are about to do is risky?"

"I know, but she'll come out alive, trust me"

"Richard, are you sure you are not in love with Angela?"

"I.... It's not that I'm in love with her, I just.....I dunno.... There's something about Angela.... She acts differently from every other ladies that I've met"

"Richie, I know you too well. You are not the kind of guy that looks at a lady twice, no matter how beautiful she may be, not to talk of spending huge amount of money and sacrificing your time for her, so, before you do this for Angela, she must have captivated you so much."

"I don't have to be in love with a lady before helping her, do I ?"

"Hahahaha. Calm down Richie, we'll get to know soon. Have you heard from Jennifer?"

"She stopped picking my calls since the day she sent me out of her house. I don't know how else to tell her that I like her as a friend, I don't want to date her"

"Why? I thought you said she was the type of lady you'd like to date?" Alex said, crossing his legs.

"Yeah, I said that because I felt she was the perfect woman for me, but I got to find out that she was highly temperamental. 

She gets angry easily and she always wants things to be done her own way, she doesn't need corrections. She..."

"Richard, from the way you are analysing ladies, I think you want a perfect woman; a lady who doesn't have flaws; a lady who is good in all ramifications; a lady who knows how to do everything, but I'm sorry to tell you that such ladies don't exist in this planet, you can only find them in Utopia, the ideal world. 

If you love Jennifer, why not mold her into the type of woman you want her to be, because that lady is crazy about you. She's head over heels in love with you"

"Okay, Alex, can we change the topic, please?"

"It's okay o, I was just advising you though." Alex replied.


Jennifer walked up and down her sitting room, waiting for the call she had been expecting.

She needed to know who Richard was dating. She had hired someone to monitor every movement that Richard made. She wanted him all to herself, by all means.

Her phone rang. It was the guy she had hired.

"Hello madam"

"Johnny how is it going? Have you found out who he is dating? Okay, keep watching him. If you get any  authentic information, let me know" She ended the call.

"Richard is mine, and I won't let any woman take him away from me. I even had to lie to him that I left my relationship when I'm still dating that useless guy called Kingsley. 

I don't even know why I'm still dating him. Anyways, once I make Richard my own, I know how to get rid of Kingsley. 

For now,  I'm just managing him cos he rides me well." Jennifer soliloquized.

Jennifer had dark secrets that was known only to her. She was not the same Jennifer Richard knew some years back. 

When she was abroad, she had engaged herself on illegal businesses that made her run back to Nigeria after two of her partners were caught. 

When she got back, she was fortunate to get a job, though she was already addicted to drinks and drugs.

She smokes whenever she was alone.
She met Kingsley in a club and liked him after he had satisfied her so well, during a one night stand.

When she found out that Kingsley had a girlfriend, she went behind him and threatened the lady to stay away from Kingsley, else she'd kill her. 

The lady had no choice but to back off. She then took over Kingsley.

When she met with Richard, she felt she had met her husband and decided to pretend to be the Jennifer he used to know back then in school,  so they could date. 

She earnestly wanted to settle down with Richard, but was disappointed when he turned her down.

So, she decided to embark on a quest to make Richard hers and hers alone.


Alex was driving home, in the evening, after work, when he saw Jessica, Richard's secretary, walking down the road.

He stopped and offered to drop her.
She gladly accepted. 

When he got to her place, he asked for her contact, and she willingly gave him. 

As soon as  he left, her Mercy came out to ask her who it was. 

Jessica told her he was her boss' friend,  and Mercy made a funny face before going back.


"No, please, don't do this to me, I beg you. Please don't rape me, you can take....take anything else, please.... don't rape me, please."

He refused to listen. He tied her down, violently patted her legs and plunged in forcefully, making her to scream in pain.

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