Episode 5 - UNPLANNED LOVE | Stories by Ima Udott

After work, Tope and Kemi, Sharon's friends decided to stop by and check how Sharon's maids were doing.

Sharon had told them to help her check on her maids once in a while since she wasn't in town. She wanted to be sure her house was still coordinated.

When they got there, Ngozi quickly told them that immediately after Sharon left, she saw Sandra going out with some group of guys, even Bobo affirmed to her lies.

Mercy explained to them that Sandra went to see a woman and not some guys, but Kemi didn't believe her. She was glad that at least Tope believed her.

Mercy hated Kemi because she was not different from Sharon. She was mean and saucy to them, unlike Tope who was all cool and very caring.

She could recall the day that she secretly scooped food from the pot and ate without Sharon's knowledge, because she was very hungry that day and couldn't wait for her mistress to come back.

When Sharon found out what she did, she was about to sack her, but Tope interceded on her behalf and Sharon forgave her, as for Kemi, she was busy supporting Sharon to sack her.

Since that day, Mercy developed special likeness for Tope and hated Kemi greatly.

"I think we should not tell Sharon that Sandra went out, else she will kill the poor girl. Because already, she has a special hatred for her." Tope said when they left Sharon's house.

She had warned Ngozi and Bobo not to tell let Sharon know that Sandra had gone out. She even gave them money to cover up for her, because she liked Sandra.

"As for me enh, I will tell Sharon the truth if she asks me o. I mean, how can that stupid girl go out, after the strict instructions from Sharon? It seems she has forgotten that she's a nobody. Sharon will remind her that when she comes back." Kemi said.

"I hate it when you and Sharon look down on people. It seems you don't know that tomorrow is pregnant and that nobody knows what it is going to give birth to. You see that Sandra girl? She might end up as a very successful woman in future, because I see potentials in her. Sometimes, I'm forced to believe that the reason why Sharon detests her is because she is a rare beauty. Sandra is an epitome of beauty. If I have the chance, I'd love to transform that girl and if I do, I bet you won't recognize her again because already, she is naturally very beautiful." Tope said.

"All this long talk for just one useless girl o, my dear, she is a maid and will remain a maid.
Anyways, do you remember that Kelvin's friend whom I once told Sharon to connect me with?" Kemi asked, smiling 

"Yes?" Tope answered, eagerly waiting to hear the next word.

"He wants to go out with me this weekend." Kemi said.

"Wow, I'm happy for you, he's handsome though. Congrats."

"Thanks baby girl. Now you are the one left. Sharon has Kelvin, I have Tony, now you are the only one left. Better go grab a man before menopause grabs you." She said and they both laughed.

"Thunder fire you there." Tope said, laughing very loudly.

Sandra opened the door only to find the tall, handsome and charming guy who she once met and had secretly had a crush on, but had to immediately kill the crushing spirit when she found out her mistress had interest in him.

Kelvin was lost for a moment. He opened his mouth to talk, but nothing came out, so he just allowed his eyes to do the talking by taking in Sandra, as if that was his first time of seeing a lady.

His eyes slowly ran from her head down to her shapeless gown and then to her straight long legs. She was beautiful, even when she looked unkempt. 

Something melted inside of him, the same feeling he had when he first met her.

"Sandra, what's keeping you?" Adora's voice broke the spell on the two lookers and they got back to their senses.

When they both got to the sitting room, Adora was very happy that Kelvin finally came over, after staying back for ten months, almost one year. 'All thanks to Sandra.' She said in her mind.

She had missed her son so much. She slowly stood up and hugged Kelvin for a long time.

Kelvin felt her body and realized his mother had really lost weight. 

She was looking lean. He couldn't deny the fact that no matter how angry he was, he still loved his mother, coupled with what Sandra had told him on the phone. 

He was going to find out the lady who had such boldness to challenge him to the extent of making him suspend his important meeting and running down here like a small boy.

"Son, meet my new friend..."

"Sandra." Kelvin completed it for his mother.

"Don't tell me you know each other."
Adora said in suspicion. Sandra wondered how Kelvin knew her name, because she couldn't recall telling him her name the day she begged him to apologise to her mistress.

"I know her. She's my friend, but she doesn't know she is." He told his mother, then turning to Sandra, he asked

"How is Sharon?" staring at her.

"She's fine. She's out of town." Sandra replied, carefully avoiding his eyes.

"Okay." He said and turned to his mother.

"You said you were sick, what's wrong with you and what did you want to tell me?"

Sandra knew Adora needed privacy, so she excused herself and went to Adora's library where a lot of books were neatly arranged in a shelve.

She picked one of the books, sat on the couch and began to read.
"I need to tell you everything you need to know." Adora began.

"Alright, I'm listening." Kelvin said, now sitting beside his mother and listening carefully.

Adora told him everything that happened, right from how his father's business collapsed till when she saved the situation. 

She told him why she left the house and what she did.

After explaining everything to Kelvin, he felt very bad for the way he had treated his mother. 

He wiped off the mindset that women are betrayers and asked his mother to forgive him for ill-treating her.

"It's okay son. I missed you so much, promise you will be visiting me often and you'll let me visit you when I miss you because you are all I have."

"I promise. You can visit me at any time. How is your health? You have really lost weight. Dr Morice will come check you this evening, or early tomorrow morning, I've dropped a message for him." Kelvin said and Adora thanked him.

Adora explained how she met Sandra and what prompted her to admire her when she met her.

"She's the most humble girl I've ever met. She is very hard-working. She even prepared me a very delicious meal and I was shocked that I ate quite much because I had lost my appetite. She's..."

"Wait, is she the one that spoke to me on the phone earlier?" Kelvin asked in suspicion.

"Yes, but she just wanted to help me, please don't hate her." Adora said.

"I'll be back." Kelvin said. He stood up and went straight to the library where Sandra was earnestly reading.

Sandra was startled when he walked in and closed the door behind him.

She stood up abruptly, suspecting that he had found out that she was the one that spoke meanly to him on the phone.

"In the call, you said you were going to deal mercilessly with me, how did you intend doing that?" Kelvin asked, advancing toward Sandra who walked backward till she reached the wall and could go no further.

"I...I was just." She stuttered.

"I'd like you to deal with me now because I can't resist you." He said, pinning her to the wall and looking into her eyes, like a hungry lion who was about to devour its favorite prey.

Sandra thought she was dreaming, not until the scorching heat of Kelvin's tongue parted her lips and she received him graciously...

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