EPISODE 5 - SHE IS THE ONE | Stories by Ima Udott

Just as the pastor was about to rebuke her, a forceful wind carried him up and threw him on the ground.

It didn't surprise him because he had had several encounters with demonic spirits, but he was unshaken because he trusted the God he served. 

He wasn't a popular pastor, in fact, people barely knew him because his church wasn't famous, and his members weren't many, but he was a very strong man of God who never failed on any mission he went for. 

His humility was what captured Sonia to start worshipping in his church and she did encounter the works of God in her life ever since she started attending his church.

The pastor stood up, though he had some bruises on his left leg because of the effect of the wild wind.

"Keep praying, don't get distracted so you won't get possessed, there are so many  demons here and they are hanging everywhere, ready to possess anyone who is not strong in the spirit."

He walked up to Tega who was still holding onto Alfred's neck and said

"By the authority from Jesus, I command you demon to leave her alone, right now!"

Tega let go of Alfred immediately and fell on the ground. The pastor held her up and anointed her.

"Now, you've seen why I told you to stay back. Close your eyes now and pray. If you don't know how to pray, constantly shout the blood of Jesus, it scares them away."

Immediately, Tega closed her eyes and started shouting the blood of Jesus.

The pastor moved to Alfred who was lying weak on the ground. He was about picking him up when Nora appeared with nine scary looking women on white.

They formed a circle round the sitting room, such that, the pastor and the others that were praying were in the middle.

Queen Shania concentrated on the pastor, while Nora on Alfred.

"Why are you disturbing yourself, you are just  seven here while I came with hundreds of demons, how do you intend to escape? Why not cooperate with me and I will help you.
I can make you the most powerful pastor in the world. I can make you have millions of members. I can even give you wealth beyond measure.
My daughter Nora didn't come to harm Alfred, else she would have killed him a long time ago. She loves him and because of that, I've chosen not to harm you. Just cooperate, take your people and leave and we will be friends." Queen Shania told the pastor, facing him.

"I do not want anything from you, there is no fellowship between the light and darkness. We may be few, but the Bible has made me know that what is in us is greater than what is in you.
Therefore, in the name of Jesus, I command you and your demons to die by the fire of the Holy Ghost." The pastor said.
There was a sudden outburst of screams. A fire from nowhere consumed eight of the women that came with Nora and they disappeared, left with just Nora and her Queen mother.

"It seems you are really stubborn, let me put you where you belong." Queen Shania said.

She lifted her staff high up, muttered some strange incantations and struck the pastor with the staff. 

The pastor shook as if electrocuted and fell on the ground, still shaking. His prayer warriors and Tega were also struck down, left with Sonia and the pastor's wife.

Nora on the other hand had succeeded in possessing Alfred. 

She opened the door and led him out and he followed her like a moron.

It was already late into the night, everywhere was dark and there was a heavy rainfall outside.

Nora held Alfred's hands till they got outside his gate.

"Baby, everything will be fine okay? We are gonna get married and live happily together, forever. Nobody can take you from me, you are mine forever." Nora said, while still dragging Alfred in the dark street.

Back in the house, the pastor's wife walked up boldly to Queen Shania.

"You have bitten more than you can chew. Nobody messes with my husband and gets away with it." The pastor's wife said, bringing out her anointing oil.

"Hahahaha! Should I call this a woman to woman fight? Don't be silly, you are too small for me to handle." Queen Shania said. 

She lifted her staff up and pointed at the pastor's wife's face, but the woman stood unshaken, much to the surprise of Queen Shania.

"If I was anointed alongside my husband to help him when he is weak, I stand by the power that is above every other power, I stand by the name that is above every other name and declare that you  be destroyed forever and ever in the name of Jesus!" The woman shouted and poured out all the anointing oil on Queen Shania who screamed and turned into a very big snake.

The pastor's wife kept praying till Queen Shania turned back to a human being, 
got inflamed by fire and died. 

Immediately after her death, she disappeared.
Nora kept dragging Alfred till they got to a river side.

She was about pushing him inside when Sonia from behind dragged him away from her and he fell on the wet ground.

Sonia had been following them since Nora got Alfred out of his house.

"You are dead, why have you chosen to come back to earth to destroy humans? What relationship do human beings have with the dead?" Sonia asked Nora, facing her.

Alfred just lay, staring at them. The rain was very heavy, but it never affected Sonia, she needed to do this once and for all. 

She needed to show this lady that nobody can mess with her best friend, as long as she's alive.

"Oh, so you knew I'm dead and you are still coming after me.
Yeah, I died and as long as my body is not buried, I will continue to roam in this world and win souls to the sea, because that is where I was welcomed the day I died. Since you don't want me to take just Alfred, I will take the both of you." Nora said. 

She lifted her two hands up, and Sonia was carried up with her two legs dangling in the air.

Nora laughed, directing her hands to the river. Sonia helplessly followed her direction and was about falling inside the river, but then, she remembered what the pastor told Tega earlier. 

She began to whisper the blood of Jesus as fast as her mouth could carry.
All of a sudden, she saw herself falling on the ground. 

Nora was shocked because she had used all her power to control her  and she had expected Sonia to fall inside the river and drown.

Sonia stood up and shouted "You can't mess with my bestie and go scot free! In the name of Jesus, I command you demon to die! Die, in the name of Jesus!" Sonia said, walking towards Nora.

Nora fell on the ground, moved her body violently and turned to a big python. 

She was about crawling into the river when a thunder struck her and she turned back to a human being. 

Sonia's prayers tormented Nora till she gave a loud cry and died, but unlike the others, Nora did not disappear.

As soon as she died, Alfred became freed from the her spell. He stood up abruptly and ran to meet Sonia who was on her knees, thanking God.

He hugged her and lifted her up. They were both drenched by the rain, but that was the least of their concern.

"She needs to be buried, that's why she couldn't disappear like the rest." Sonia said.

They were still talking when the pastor drove in with Tega and the others.

They came down from the car and glorified God for His wonderful work.
"What do we do with her body?" Alfred asked the pastor.

"She will be buried in a cemetery tomorrow. At this point, we will need the police intervention. Her body needs to be taken to the mortuary." The pastor said and dialed the police and explained everything to them.

After Nora's body was taken to the mortuary, the pastor dropped off Tega and drove back to church with his wife and prayer warriors, while Sonia stayed back with Alfred in his house to help him arranged the messed up house.

That night was the shortest night ever, because they barely slept when the alarm clock rang. It was already 6am.
Sonia fell very sick because of the previous night.

She had stayed in the rain more than she ought to. She woke up with constant sneezing which made her have severe headache. 

Her hands and feet were cold, even when she had covered herself with Alfred's thick duvet.

Alfred got to the guest room where she was sleeping, only to find his best friend 
shaking in cold.

"Bestie what's wrong?" He asked, sitting beside her. She cuddled herself inside the duvet and said in a shaky voice 

"I'm sick."

"Sorry bestie. It's because you were in the rain for a long time yesterday and you did it for me, I'm so sorry. Just relax, let me make you a cup of coffee. What would you like to have  for breakfast?" He asked, holding her cold hand.

"Ha! You want to cook? You that cannot even boil water." She said.

"You sef, even in sick bed, you still get mouth to talk. I can cook joor, just say what you want to eat and you'll have it."
"Okay,  I want toasted bread and tea for now. After, I'll let you know what I'll take later." Sonia said.

"Your wish is my command, your highness. You left your phone on the dining table. Your mom called, so I picked and told her you were asleep. She said she wanted to let you know that since it's weekend already, you can spend as much time as you want, here with me." Alfred said, smiling.

"That woman enh...she won't cease to amaze me." Sonia said, smiling weakly.
Alfred, still holding her hand, rested his gaze at her for a very long time. She was beautiful, even on sick bed.

"Bestie, why staring at me like that, what's on your mind?" Sonia asked.

Stay tuned for episode six.

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