Episode 5 - NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR | Stories by Ima Udott

"Doctor please how is she?" Dele asked when the doctor finally came out.

"Your wife is fine."

"And my child?"

"It's a stillborn," the doctor adjusted his glasses
"I'm sorry Mr. Dele. Your wife is in good condition, she is discharged. But she has to get the prescribed drugs to help cleanse her system and ease the pain she might be encountering."
The doctor said and patted Dele on his shoulder before walking out.

Frustrated, Dele scratched his head before slowly walking to the ward his wife was sleeping.

When he got to the ward, his feet were heavy all of a sudden. He regretted beating up Diana, he should have been able to control himself, he thought, he shouldn't have let his anger control him.

He felt very bad causing his wife to lose her child with such a great pain.

He knew Diana wouldn't take it easy on him when she wakes up, so he just sat beside her and watched her as she slept.

Finally, Diana woke up. Dele stood up abruptly and knelt down, begging her to forgive him.

To his utmost surprise, Diana was all cool. She smiled and told him to stand up that she was the one who ought to ask for his forgiveness.

Dele could recall that Diana had never begged him for forgiveness since they got married, no matter how guilty she was.

So, it was shocking how she became so humble all of a sudden.

"I'm sorry for pushing you to the wall to do what you never thought of doing. It's my fault.
I hope our dead child forgives me." Diana said, letting out a tear.

"I'm sorry baby. I'm so sorry. I promise never to raise my hands on you again" Dele said, enclosing her in his arms.

"And I promise to turn a new leaf and be the best wife ever." Diana said, cuddling herself into his arms.

Dele drove Diana home and decided to make dinner for her, to at least make her pleased with him, in case she was still angry.

He was very happy about Diana's change of behavior, little did he know that she wasn't what he thought her to be, he had ignited a fire that would damage so many things before he gets to find out.
Diana was the fire.

"You are my friend, and you have the right to do anything in my house, as long as you have my permission. So, you have the right to serve Desmond with the cake." Benita said.

"Wait, are you scared of him or something?" Tosin asked.

"No! Why would I be scared of him?"

"Then why are you avoiding him?"

"I'm not avoiding him," she quickly carried the brush "I want to clean up the kitchen. Can't you see the flours messed up every where? I need to sweep it before all these small small ants will start coming into my kitchen, you know how much I hate them." Benita said, now sweeping the kitchen.

Tosin walked briskly toward her, dragged the brush from her hand and continued from where she stopped.
"I will sweep it. Go and serve Desmond, he is waiting." Tosin said, pushing Benita towards the parlour.

Benita knew there was no other excuse she had to give, so she brought out a nice saucer, sliced a big part of the cake and walked sluggishly to where Desmond was sitting.

"Hmm, here is your share of the cake." She said, stretching the saucer to him.

"Won't you feed me?" Desmond asked.

"Do I look like your wife?"
"Yeah, you do. In fact, you are my missing wife."

"Just stop it there! I'm not like those girls you change everyday, so let it stop! In fact, I'm out of here!" Benita made to walk out, but Desmond held her back.

"Bennie, I was just kidding. You did not have to go that far. I'm sorry." He said, standing up to face her.

"There are certain jokes that aren't meant to be cracked.
I'm sorry if I was mean to you. Sit down and enjoy your cake."

Desmond smiled and sat back. He cut a part of the cake and threw into his mouth.

"Yummie! It's delicious. How did you make this?" He asked, fixing his gaze at her.

Benita was about to reply how she made the cake, according to how Tosin taught her when her door bell rang.

"Let me get the door, I'll be back." She said.

"Let's me come with you at once, I need to get my phone in my house." Desmond said.
He stood up and went with her to the door.

When Benita opened the door, behold, Shalewa was standing in front of them.

"What! You?" Shalewa asked in shock.

Desmond who didn't know that the two ladies knew each other came out of Benita's room and hugged Shalewa before asking her if she knew Benita.

"Don't even ask me anything! Do you know how long I have been at your door, knocking and even calling your number without you picking? I now understand.

You were so occupied with this slut to the extent of ignoring my calls." Shalewa said, after pushing Desmond aside.

Benita just stood there with her arms folded around her chest. She didn't say a word.
Tosin, on hearing the noise came out to see what was going on.

"Young lady, watch your tongue, don't you ever insult my neighbour again. Rubbish! In fact, go, abeg." Desmond said.

"Wait, Desmond, are you referring to me? Are you asking me to go?" Shalewa asked.

"No o, your shadow. I said leave this place!
Insulting me would have been better than insulting Bennie, my beautiful next-door neighbour. You dey craze?

You that is calling her slut, what are you? What do you call yourself after coming here to offer me sex and getting money in return? A virgin Mary abi?

In as much as I haven't gotten to know Benita better, but at least with the few time I've spent with her, I can tell you she's a very disciplined and intelligent lady, not someone like you who would be opening your leg for guys for money. Oya oya oya, go!" Desmond said, pushing Shalewa out of his way.

"Ehya, hanty Shalewa sorry o," Tosin said mockingly, making Benita laugh.

"I will deal with all of you, especially you, Benita. I will so deal with you, mark my words!"
Shalewa said before she left.

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