Episode 5 - THE JOURNEY OF GINA | Stories by Ima Udott

"Please come with me to my office"
Dr Henry said in a soft tone.

Gina dropped the food flask on the small table that was beside the bunk on which her uncle laid. She followed Dr Henry to his office.

The office was very large and beautiful. If Gina hadn't worn a thick cloth to the hospital, she would've been frozen to death because the air conditioner in Dr Henry's office was extremely cold.

The table was neat and the files were neatly piled in a shelf at one corner of the office.

"Please sit" Dr Henry told Gina who was carried away by the beauty of the office.

"Thanks sir" Gina said, courtesying.

"Could you please tell me a little about yourself? "
Dr Henry asked, his eyes fixed on Gina. 

Gina coudn't look him on the face to talk. He was extremely handsome, young and tall.

She had admired his full red lips the moment she saw him. Only God knows how many nurses are crushing on him, she thought. 'Gina you're very stupid for such thoughts' she said within herself.

"Gina! Hello"?
Dr Henry called out to draw back Gina's attention from her thoughts.

"Eh...em, I'm sorry sir, please  what did you say?" Gina asked.

"First of all, you'll have to stop calling me sir. Call me Henry or Doctor Henry okay?"

"Okay" Gina answered shyly. 

"Alright, I was asking you to tell me about yourself," He said. 

Gina told him everything that happened from the death of her parent and brothers to her staying with her aunty.

"So that's how everything happened " Gina concluded.

"Do you have a phone? " He asked

"No ..aunty Flora ceased my phone"

"Alright. Here''s my card"

He handed a card to Gina and added

"I'd love to see you on Friday, would you be chanced? " 

"Hmm, I don't know yet" Gina answered 

"Okay then, I'll make sure I do everything I can to help your uncle, okay,? "  

"Okay, thanks so much" Gina said and left.

"For the last time, what kept you so long at the hospital?" Flora asked sternly, bouncing towards Gina with a knife in her hand.

"Uncle Caleb was asleep when I got there so I decided to wait for him to wake up,"  Gina said with a trembling voice.
 "Wait for him? Didn't I say if you meet my husband asleep,  you should go and hand over the food to the doctor to keep for him because he knows the best time to wake him up to eat?  Didn't I? " She said, getting nearer to Gina. 

"Hmm, aunty please I'm sorry" 

Gina knew Flora would certainly use the knife on her if she didn't run for her life.

She raised with full speed out of the compound.

Flora threw the knife on her, and unluckily for Gina, it pierced her right leg instantly.

"This is your last time of setting your foot in this house! If I ever see you again, I'll kill you!" With that, she locked the gate against Gina and went inside.

Blood ran uncontrollably out of Gina's right leg. She couldn't help but cry like a child because of the pains.

"Aunty Gina what happened to your leg?" A soft voice asked. It was their neighbor's 10-year-old daughter, Amanda, a very charming girl with a long hair. A good friend of Gina.

"Nothing dear, I'll be fine" Gina said, feigning a smile.

"You'll be fine and you're walking and crying  on the street with blood dripping from your leg? I knew it! I knew that wicked aunty of yours would attempt to kill you one day. Aunty Gina please come with me to my house. My mummy will treat your wounds, please" Amanda begged, almost in tears. 

"Okay. Thanks Amanda" Gina said and went with her. 
Amanda helped Gina to her house. 

"Oh my goodness!! What happened to you Gina?" Amanda's mother, Mrs Felisha, screamed, on sighting Gina. 

Mrs Felisha was a very kind, and loving woman. Though her husband was one of the richest men in Lekki, that didn't stop her from being generous to people.

She knew what Gina had been going through in aunty Flora's house because Gina was her very good friend.

She and Amanda helped Gina upstairs. Being a nurse, she quickly brought her First Aid Box and treated Gina's wound, after which she stitched it to avoid blood from coming out.

Amanda had prepared the guest room for Gina to sleep after eating. Gina couldn't stop thanking them. 

"Don't thank me, thank God for sparing your life twice. Firstly, He caused the rain to fall, thereby stopping you from going home that day and dying with your family in the fire outbreak. 

Secondly, He saved you from the knife your aunty throw at you. He didn't let it land on your head or back because that would've been another story. 

In other words, God saved you for reasons. One of those reasons is that He wants you to fulfill your dreams because heaven knows that you're a star that must shine! You're the chosen child that God wants to use to re-establish your almost-forgotten family. 

And once you start shining, no one will be able to dim your light" Mrs. Felisha concluded. 

Gina felt strong and reassured by Mrs Felisha's words. No one had ever made her felt this special. She wished Flora could be as kind as Felisha, but how long would she enjoy this?

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