Tony was eager to know how Kelvin's outing with Sharon went. Kelvin barely
settled down when Tony's call came in.

"Guy how far nah?"

"I dey. You no fit even wait make I commot cloth first, shuu!" Kelvin replied.

"Forget that thing o. How did it go?" Tony asked.

"Make I no lie give you, it was very boring. She was just telling me her whole life story. She's too proud. If not 'my dad this', then it's 'my mom that'. I went out with her because of you, so I'm sure you are okay now." Kelvin said, taking off his socks.

"I'm not the one she likes, it's you, so stop having that mindset that you are doing it for me.
Anyways, your mother called me to tell me she's sick. She said she wants to talk to you about something very important, so I'm begging you in the name of God to please go hear her out this time, if not for anything but for the fact that she is sick." Tony said.

"No wahala." Kelvin said before ending the call".

Sharon developed more hatred for Sandra because of the compliment that Kelvin gave her. 

She got angry at every slightest mistake that she made.

The evening after Kelvin complimented Sandra, Sharon made her sleep at the veranda with no reason. 

The cold harmattan night made Sandra shiver. She ended up not sleeping the whole night, but she never complained.

When Sharon noticed that Ngozi didn't like Sandra, she decided to use her as a watch dog on the activities of Sandra.

"Make sure you watch everything she does and report to me as soon as I come back." She told Ngozi who happily agreed.

Sandra was very happy that Sharon was going to travel to Abuja for a business meeting and she was going to stay for one week, which means that Sandra was going to experience one week freedom. She was finally going to visit her new friend, Adora.

"Make sure none of you leave this house, if you don't want to lose your job and go back to the streets. If you think I'm joking, try me." Sharon warned her maids stainly before she traveled the next morning.

When Sharon was out of sight, Ngozi went straight to Bobo, the gate man and they danced and drank all day, after which Bobo took her to his small room and locked the door behind him.

"I've always known Ngozi to be a slot." Mercy told Sandra.

"It's her business, that's their own way of celebrating the temporary freedom that the Princess has offered us. Enh, remember that my friend I told you 
about?" Sandra asked.

"Is it that one that gave you her card?" Mercy asked.

"Yes. I want to go and visit her, but I don't have money to pay my way." Sandra said.

"I have small money with me, don't ask me how I got it" Mercy said, bringing out some money from her bra. "Take this and pay your way, you deserve some freedom because, of the three of us, it is you that the Princess has made to suffer the most, I don't know why. I don't know, but I believe that someday, you will be very successful, when that day comes, please don't forget me." Mercy said.

"I promise never to forget you, thank you so much. Please permit me to call you my sister, because ever since I got here, you've been the only one showering me with love, thank you." Sandra said.

The two girls hugged each other briefly, before Mercy said "Oya go and change from this rag and wear a normal cloth and get going before it's late."

"I don't even have clothes, just two maternity looking gowns, but I'll make do with it." Sandra said and went in to shower before dressing up to leave.

She carried the small card that Adora gave her and Mercy saw her off.

Mercy was about going inside when Ngozi marched out from the gate man's room to her and told her she was going to report to the Princess that Sandra left the house against her instructions.

"So where are you coming from? Are you tired of banging Bobo?" Mercy asked in anger.

"How is that your business? At least I did it within the compound, but here you are, supporting Sandra to go out to meet with her boyfriends, I will make sure the Princess hears about this as soon as she returns. Both of you will be sacked" Ngozi said.

"Or you can as well call her right now and tell her, ashawo!" Mercy said angrily.

"Enh? Did you just call me ashawo? I will teach you a lesson." Ngozi made to punch Mercy who held her firmly, flung her to the ground and pounce on her, feeding her with both sand and everything she could lay her hands on.

Bobo ran in and separated them, but Ngozi's face was already swelling from the punches she got from Mercy who had no scratch on her body.

"Try me again next time, I will make sure I feed you with a used menstrual pad, ashawo!" Mercy said before entering the room.

Adora was very happy to see Sandra. She received her as if they had been friends for a long time.

Sandra got to know that Adora was sick. Against Adora's will she prepared a fresh vegetable soup for her.

The soup was so delicious that Adora who hadn't had appetite for some days ate very much and Sandra was happy.

After eating, the two women sat in the sitting room and talked at length.

"So, how did you get yourself involved with that wicked mistress of yours?" Adora asked curiously.

"It's a long story ma, but I will try as much as I can to make it short.
I am the only child of my late parents who died when I was twelve. 
My only relative, being my late father's brother took me in, promising to sponsor my education, only for him to give me out for marriage to one of his friends who is old enough to be my father. I was sexually molested, tormented and harassed by this man without anyone caring to hear me out. My uncle later died, so I ran away from my supposed husband and went to the palace to work as a maid, since I had no one left. That was how Princess Sharon met me. She told her father she wanted me to go stay with her in her house as her personal maid.
At first, she used to like me, but all of a sudden, she started developing hatred for me, I don't know why. That's how 
terrible my life is." Sandra said.

Adora was very touched by Sandra's story, she liked her the more and decided to open up her own past to her.

"You shouldn't feel ashamed to talk about your past, it makes you stronger. I also have a past, one which is the reason why I am not so close to my only son today. My son believes that I left my late husband for another man, and that's why he has refused to forgive me because I wasn't there for my late husband when he fell sick and died. When I got back, he was already dead, and I still haven't forgiven myself for staying away from my husband that long. My husband's business folded up when he couldn't pay the debt he owed the bank. Everything almost collapsed, so I decided to go to my childhood friend for help. He told me he was only going to help us if I stay with him for two months because the business he wanted introducing me to needed absolute concentration. I didn't have a better excuse to give my husband because I knew he wouldn't have agreed if I had told him and moreover, I wanted to surprise my husband and make him proud. My childhood friend never threw advances at me, he was even engaged. Within two months of working with him, I was able to revive my husband's business and set up a Company which happens to be one of the biggest Companies in Lagos, but with my husband's name. When I came back, my husband had already passed out and my son swore never to forgive me because he thought I ran away to stay with a man. Currently, I am the most lonely woman on Earth. I regret my past actions, because I acted without thinking, even though those actions are the reasons behind my wealth today." Adora said.

"I'm sorry about that, ma. You are a very brave woman, I believe you stood up to fight for the future of your family, it wasn't your fault that your husband died in the process. At least, you know inside of you that you still loved him. I believe you can sit your son down and carefully tell him this, he will definitely understand why you did what you did." Sandra said, holding Adora's hand.

"I am planning to tell him today, that is, if he comes."

While they were still talking, Adora's phone rang, it was Kelvin.

"Hello, my son." Adora said in a cracked voice.

"Mom, I'm sorry, I won't be able to make it again, an urgent meeting just came up and I have to attend it because it is very important." Kelvin said through the 

Tears gathered in Adora's eyes and Sandra was greatly touched.

Out of anger, Sandra who had heard their conversation angrily grab the phone from Adora's hand.

"How dare you? How long are you going to enjoy seeing the tears of your mother? So many people are out there, in search of someone to call a mother, you are lucky to have such a wonderful woman for a mother, yet you can't treat her right, how dare you? I'm sure you are aware that she is sick, but it doesn't mean anything to you, is your meeting so important than your mother's health? What kind of heart do you have? If you don't show up here this minute to check on your mother, I assure you that I will deal mercilessly with you." Sandra said. 

Without even letting Kelvin say a word, she ended the call. She didn't know where she got the boldness from, but something told her she did the right thing.

"Wow, I never expected such boldness from you. Thank you my daughter. I think my son needs a woman like you in his life" Adora said, smiling weakly.
Sandra smiled shyly and said

"Please permit me to call you mummy."

Adora was very pleased. 

"Already, I'm calling you my daughter, because you are the type of lady every woman would be proud to call a daughter. So, you don't even need my permission to call me mummy."

"Thanks mum. It feels so good to have someone I could call my mother." 
Sandra said, hugging Adora tightly.

Few minutes later, the door bell rang and Adora told Sandra to go and check who it was.

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