EPISODE 4 - SHE IS THE ONE | Stories by Ima Udott

"Then who opened your door?" Alfred asked.

"I can't think of anyone. Tega stays in the next house, though we are friends but she doesn't have a spare key to my house. Nobody has." Sonia said.

While still outside, talking, Tega came in from the gate.

"Babe how far nah, I got back from work few minutes ago and met your entrance door wide open, with the lights on. I heard voices whispering inside and I thought you were around,  so I decided to say hi before passing to my house, but I was surprised I didn't see anyone when I entered inside, so I closed the door and left." Tega said.

"And now, it's wide open again. Whoever is doing this is a joker." Sonia said.

"I no understand, who is doing it?" Tega asked, wide eyed.

"My dear, I don't know yet until I go inside." Sonia said.

"Ha! E dey like say I dey watch horror movie. Abeg make una no go inside yet. Come to my house and wait, while I call the police." Tega said.

"There is no need to call a police. It isn't a physical battle, it's a spiritual one. Let's go inside, God will fight for us." Alfred said boldly. 

He didn't know where the bravery came from but he felt he was ready for it.

"Una get mind o. You wan do like all these oyibo people wey dey act scary movies. Dem go see ghost house wey dem no suppose enter, but na dat one go sweet dem to enter.
You people should be careful o, I am not coming inside with you. Wait let me enter my house first before you enter abeg." Tega said. She ran to her house, entered and shut the door.

Alfred held Sonia's hand and they both entered inside the house and Alfred shut the door.

Sonia was visibly scared. While Alfred entered the rooms downstairs to check if he'd see anyone, Sonia tip-toed upstairs. 

She head a noise, it seemed whoever was there was humming a song.

She ran downstairs and told Alfred to come with her.

They tip-toed together upstairs.
The noise was closer. It obviously came from Sonia's bedroom.

They both breathed in and out, counted one to three and pushed the door open at once.

Behold, Ngozi, Sonia's mother was sitting on the bed, humming a song and eating the fruits she had bought on her way to see her only daughter.

"Jesus, mom it's you?" Sonia said, cleaning the sweats from her forehead.

"Adanne my daughter!" Ngozi shouted happily when she lifted her face up and saw Sonia. She stood up from the bed and gave her daughter a very tight hug.

Alfred couldn't help laughing out so loudly that Ngozi followed and laughed, even without knowing why he was laughing.

"Bia, this one you are laughing like my daughter's childhood friend, what are you doing in her bedroom or are you her husband to be?" Ngozi asked jokingly, obviously waiting for her daughter to introduce him to her.

"Mom, please pardon my manners. You are definitely right, he is my childhood best friend, Alfred. But he's not my husband to be o." Sonia said.

"I'm so happy to meet you ma. I've been longing to see you. I missed you so much." Alfred said shyly.

"Chinekeme! Small Alfred of yesterday is now a full grown handsome man. I said it, that your laughter really sounded like you, twenty years ago. I missed you too, my son. Come here." She embraced him and he loved it.

"So now mum, why did you choose to scare us like that?" Sonia asked.

"Ha! So I can't visit my daughter again kwanu? I know you've forgotten that I still have a spare key to your house.
I wanted to surprise you and then scare you a little. I deliberately left the door open so that you'd be scared, and I succeeded." Ngozi said, and they all laughed.

"I couldn't believe that my bestie that calls herself a boss lady could be so scared to the extent of sweating water on her forehead in this cold weather.
Bestie I hail you o." Alfred said and they all laughed again.

"Leave me alone joor. You that was busy praying as if Satan himself entered the house nii, was it not because of fear?" Sonia asked.

"Enh...not that I was scared, the Bible says we should pray at all times and that was what I did." Alfred replied.

"Oshey awon prayer warrior!" Sonia said. 

Again, they all burst into laughter.

That evening, after they had eaten the fresh vegetable soup that Ngozi brought, Sonia narrated everything that had happened to her mother.
Mouth agape, Ngozi was astonished.

"How did you meet this Nora girl?" Ngozi asked Alfred.

"I met her at the beach. One of my staff threw a beach party at Lekki. That was where I met Nora."

"Have you ever asked her to take you to see her parents?" She asked.

"Yeah, several times. But she kept giving me excuses."

"Where is she from?" Ngozi asked.
"She said she's from Kwale, Delta State. She also said her father's name is Udoka Emeriewe." Alfred answer.

"Tega should know something about her, she's also from Delta State." Sonia said. She quickly dialed Tega's number.

Few minutes later, Tega joined them in the sitting room.

"Mama de Mama! Welcome ma. I came and checked earlier o, I didn't see anyone but the door was open. I didn't know you were around." Tega said to Ngozi when she sat down.

"I was upstairs. I just wanted to scare Adanne small.

Enh, my daughter, do you know anything about any man by name Udoka Emeriewe from Delta State?"

"Ha! Mama, that man died with his two children a long time ago. He's from Kwale, but he stayed in Warri.
Their death was a terrible one. No be today something o. Those people died ten years ago or thereabout." Tega said.

"Can you recall his children's names and how they died?" Ngozi asked.

"His first daughter's name was Jennifer, while the second one was ehm....wetin be that her name again o...enh, Nora. That's her name, Nora. She was beautiful enh. 
They had a terrible accident in a bridge and they all fell inside the river and died. Jennifer and her father's body were found, but Nora's body disappeared forever. It was a very terrible thing." Tega said.

Alfred's body developed goose bumps, while Sonia and her mother were bewildered.

"Wait, why are you all shocked?" Tega asked, observing them one after the other.

Alfred told Tega his story and she shouted in shock.

"So all these while, I've been living and sleeping with a ghost. Oh God! No wonder she influenced my life so much that sometimes I feel I'd go bonkers.
Now I know the origin of all the dreams I've been having about her." Alfred said, still in shock.

"You see, it's good to know who you are in a relationship with. It's not about meeting someone and falling in love, his/her background matters a lot.
Don't just pick someone from the roadside or anywhere and start dating, make sure you get to know about her parents and what they do. 
Terrible things are happening everyday. Thank God she didn't kill you.
So what time is the pastor coming?" Ngozi asked.

"He didn't tell us a particular time. But I believe he'd be here any moment from now." Sonia said.

Few minutes later, the pastor arrived with two of his prayer warriors.

The pastor advised Ngozi and Tega who wanted going with them to stay back, because they were going for a serious battle with the demon.

Ngozi stayed back, but Tega insisted, because she wanted to see things for herself.

So, they entered the pastor's Sienna and drove to Alfred's house.

Alfred was afraid to open the door to his house. His hands were shaking while he opened it.

They all entered the house and the pastor shut the door.

There was no sign of Nora anywhere. The pastor told them to start praying. 

He opened his anointing oil, walked boldly up the stairs to Alfred's room and sprinkled it on every corner of the room.

He did same to all the other rooms in the house.

When he came downstairs, he began to perceive a very offensive smell.

"They are coming." He announced and joined them in the prayers.

"Madam, close your eyes and pray before the demon possesses you." The pastor told Tega  whose eyes were everywhere, waiting to see what would happen.

Tega shut one side of her eyes, whispered some prayers and opened her eyes again.

"They are here. Please everyone should concentrate." The pastor announced, and the prayer became stronger.

Tega opened her eyes to see who the pastor was talking about when a thunder struck her and she fell down. She was possessed.

She stood up stronger than before and held Alfred on his neck, with her eyes as red as blood. Alfred struggled for breath, all to no avail.

Just as the pastor was about to rebuke her, a forceful wind carried him up and threw him on the ground.

Stay tuned for episode five.

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