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"Hey baby, what's up?" Desmond said charmingly, with both hands supporting the two edges of the door.
Benita quickly tore her eyes away from his body, counted one to five on her mind, before facing him. She was glad her voice didn't betray her.

"Hi Desmond, good evening. Could you please lower the volume of your TV, it's kinda disturbing me." Pheew! That went well, she thought as she breathed in.

"Oh, I'm sorry baby, I didn't know it was that loud, just that whenever Chelsea, my fav football club plays, it's always making me go crazy." Turning his face towards his room, he shouted
"Egbon, re ikilo ti iwe tite. Reduce the volume, it's affecting my beautiful next door neighbor."

"O dara. I don hear." Kayode, replied absentmindedly from inside and lowered the volume.

"Thanks." Benita said and made to leave when Desmond called her back.
"We haven't really gotten to know each other since you packed in.

I'd like to get acquainted with you so I could get to know you better."
"There is nothing about me that you should know, and you need not get acquainted with me, because it's of no use." Benita said.

"Are you usually this strict or you aren't in a good mood this evening?" He asked.
"You never can tell." She replied.
"But I can tell that you wear your top inside out, so I guess this is how you dress every night.

Anyways, good night dear, take it or leave it, I will get to know you someday and you sure will enjoy my company." He winked at her, looking even more handsome and closed his door.

Benita didn't know whether to laugh or to feel embarrassed that she wore her top inside out and came out to talk to her cute neighbor.

She closed her door, sat down and carried her laptop to go through the presentation she was going to make the next day.

The more she tried concentrating, the more Desmond's unclad chest appeared in front of her.
Frustrated, she closed her system and went to bed.

"Dele, you will have to kill me today. What is your problem, enh?
Ever since you found out where that idiot stays, you've been coming back very late from work. Now that I want to have some time with you, you are telling me that you have an appointment.

 Appointment my foot! You are not going anywhere!" Diana shouted, not minding her protruding stomach.
"For goodness sake, let me go, I'm late for my appointment. I will push you o!" Dele said.

"If you are man enough, push me!"
Dele hated being vexed. He was tired of having to endure Diana's insult.
He had gotten to the height of his patience.

He flung her to the couch and pounced on her mercilessly, not minding where his hands landed.

"Next time, try yourself, useless woman!" He said, carried his briefcase and walked out of the house.

Diana felt a very sharp and unbearable pain on her abdomen and soon realized she was bleeding.
"Oh my God, my baby! Somebody help me, I don't want to loose my baby!" Diana cried in pain.

Dele barely got to the gate when he heard her screaming for help.
He wanted ignoring her, but when he heard her shouting that she was bleeding, he ran back inside and helped her to the car.

When he got to the hospital, she was rushed to the emergency room with immediate effect.

Dele paced up and down the reception hall, waiting for the doctor to come out and at least assure him she was fine, but the doctor seemed to take forever coming out.

It was Saturday. Benita was excited that she was finally going to learn how to bake a cake, all thanks to Tosin who had promised to come teach her how to make it, since she was a professional in cake baking.

She had bought all the ingredients listed for her by Tosin. When Tosin got there that morning, she passed by Desmond who was standing with another new girl downstairs.

Tosin greeted them and kept climbing till she got to Benita's door.

When Benita opened, the two ladies hugged each other and as soon as the door was shut, they stated gossiping.

"This your stairs enh, I don't think I will ever be used to it. You people should do something about it o before somebody's child will fall and roll like a ball of fufu one day." Tosin said.

"I've told you uncountable times, start exercising because that is what you need." Benita said.

"Give me water let me drink jhoor, before I faint. Your fine neighbor don catch another new fish o. I saw them downstairs." Tosin said, after drinking the water.

"That's their business.
I've gotten everything for the cake. I just hope NEPA doesn't take this light when it's time to use the oven, because my generator is faulty." 

"I hope so too." Tosin said, following Benita behind.

They got to the kitchen and Tosin immediately started showing her how to make the cake.

They got to a stage they needed to put the cake in the oven, only to realize that there was no light again.

"What do we do now?" Tosin asked.
"I don't know o." Benita replied.
"Since your gen is faulty, why not ask your neighbor for his, since he is not using it, after all it will not take time." Tosin suggested.

"The only person that has a gen big enough to pick the oven is Desmond, and I'm not ready to ask him for it." Benita said.

"Why? Is he going to bite you?"
"I just don't want to ask anyone for anything, I want to mind my business."
"Then I will."
"Watch me."

Tosin got out of the house and headed down the stairs where Desmond was standing.

The lady she earlier saw him with was no longer there, so she boldly went and met him.
"Hi Desmond."
"Hello pretty, good day."
"Good day. Please my friend, Benita needs your help. 

We need to borrow your generator for some minutes. We were baking cake, but there's no light for us to use the oven and her generator is faulty."

"Great! If I had known you guys were baking, I would have come learn how to bake. I hope I'd be invited to come have a taste of it.?"

"Sure, you are very free to come. The pleasure is ours."
"Wow! Can't wait. Give me five long seconds let me put on the generator and then connect it to her flat." He said.

"Alright, thanks." She said and went back upstairs.

"Why would you invite him without first telling me?" Benita asked.

"Reduce your voice, he is almost here. Moreover, he is your neighbor and he is helping us with his generator, so I think we should be nice to him. 

And besides, I see nothing wrong with your neighbor coming to your house. Before you attack me, I don't have any other thing in mind o."  Tosin said, checking the oven.

The door bell rang, Benita already knowing who it was, pretended to be busy in the kitchen so that Tosin would open the door for Desmond.

He looked very charming with his black body fitted T-shirt which exposed his fine body shape and a navy blue knicker which made him look very smart. 

His beard blended with his dark sharp skin and his cologne smelled sweet and refreshing.

"Please make yourself comfortable, let me get the cake." Tosin said.
"I thought it was you and Bennie that baked the cake." He said.
"Okay. Please, kindly tell Bennie that I'd like her to serve me, since it's her house."
"Sure." Tosin replied and vanished into the kitchen.

"I'm sure you heard him. He wants you to serve him. So, go and serve him the cake." Tosin told Benita.

Shalewa kept knocking on Desmond's door without getting a reply, so she decided to ask his next door neighbor of his whereabout.
She rang the bell and waited patiently.

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