Episode 4 - THE JOURNEY OF GINA | Stories by Ima Udott

"Ouch! Ewo!" Flora screams again, from the kitchen. Gina raised with full speed into the kitchen. She was shocked by what she saw.

Almighty Madam Flora sitting on the kitchen floor and crying like a newborn baby? That's awkward! She muttered to herself.

As Gina got closer, she saw the electric kettle on the floor and the water that had splashed all over the tiled kitchen. She then understood what happened.

Flora had mistakenly hit the electric kettle while preparing breakfast. The kettle fell and the hot water poured on her legs.

"Aunty sorry" Gina said. She walked up to Flora and helped her to the sitting room.

"Get me cold water in a bowl" Flora commanded, fanning her legs.

"Aunty, using cold water on the legs isn't the best, it'll only worsen the pain and may even cause the legs to peel. Gina said meekly.

"Who are you to tell me what to do? Do you know how painful these legs are? Maybe it's your witchcraft that caused that hot water to pour on me! Com'on getting out of here and get me cold water!" Flora ordered

"Okay aunty" Gina answered.
She came back with a bucket of cold water. Aunty Flora placed her two legs inside the bucket.

"Put on the fan and AC " she ordered, her legs still soaked in the water.

Gina put on the fan and air conditioner, as she was ordered and made to leave.

"Where're you going to? " Flora asked

"I wasn't through with hanging the clothes, so I  want to go finish it up" Gina answered.

"I give you two minutes to do that! When you're done, go and prepare that plantain porridge I was about preparing. Make sure you don't add too much pepper and salt.

You'll be the one to take the food to my husband in the hospital. I can't go because of the pains on my legs" Flora said.
Gina couldn't believe she would be going to the hospital. She hadn't set her eyes on Engr. Caleb for the past three months. She was so excited she'd see her kind uncle again. 

A few minutes later, Gina was done with everything and set to leave for the hospital.

"If my husband asks you if you were admitted what would you tell him?" Flora asked.

"Ehm, I'll tell him I wasn't given the money to buy JAMB form" Gina answered innocently.

"You're very stupid! if he asks you, tell him you wrote JAMB, but didn't have up to the cut-off mark" Flora warned sternly.

"Okay aunty," Gina said sadly and left.

Gina got to the hospital at about 11:30am. As she entered the reception, she was welcomed by a strong smell of drugs. 

The reception hall was filled up. Gina walked up to one of the nurses who was busy writing and greeted her.

"Good morning ma" Gina greeted. 

The nurse lifted her face, shifted her lenses down and glanced at Gina 

"Good morning, how may I help you?"

"My name is Regina, I came to see my uncle, Mr. Caleb, but I don't know which of the wards he is"

"You mean Mr Caleb Eze?" The nurse asked to be sure.

"Yes ma" Gina answered. 

"Go straight down, you'll see the number of words written on the doors. Keep going till you get to ward 12, close to the theatre, he's there. 

"Thanks, ma"  

"Call me nurse Ada," The nurse said, admiring Gina's humble attitude 

"Okay, thanks nurse Ada" Gina said, smiling. 

"You're welcome dear" The nurse said and continued writing.

Gina walked into the big entrance. She admired everything about the hospital, mostly the nurse she just spoke with. Such a kind person, she thought. 

She got to ward 12 which was close to the theatre just as nurse Ada told her. She knocked softly on the door before opening it.

Gina clashed with Dr Henry, who was about coming out of the ward.

"So sorry dear. Hope I didn't hurt you?" Dr Henry asked, concerned.
Gina knew she was the cause of the clash because she was busy admiring the big paintings at the entrance of the ward, not knowing Dr Henry was also coming out.   

"No sir, I'm fine"
She felt somewhat embarrassed. 

"Alright. Need any help?  "Dr Henry asked.

"My name is Regina. Actually, I'm here to see my uncle, Mr Caleb Eze. I was told he's here" Gina answered politely. 

"Oh Mr Caleb? He's in there" Dr Henry said, going back inside.

Gina followed Dr Henry in. She could see her uncle lying peacfully on the bunk. 

"I just finished checking him up. He hasn't had enough rest for some days now. So, I'd advice you let him be, now that he's finally asleep" Dr Henry explained. 

"Doctor, I hope he'll make it through? Please do everything you can to make him live, he's all I've got" Gina didn't know when she started crying.

Dr Henry was moved by her last word.

"All you've got? how about your parents?" he asked, concerned.

"They're late" Gina answered.

"So sorry about that, how old are you?" He asked again.

"I'm 20" She replied.

"Are you in school "

"No" She answered, cleaning the tears that almost entered her mouth.

Dr Henry walked to where Gina was sitting and said softly
"Please come with me to my office"

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