Mrs. Udeme cried her eyes out when Angela broke the news to her. Padah, her second daughter was missing. 

Normally, Padah goes and comes home from school, by herself, because, she was fourteen years old, and in S.S.2. 

She believed she was a big girl and didn't need the company of her mother or sister to drop or pick her from school, being that her school wasn't far from their house.

Today, Angela and her mother had waited for so long, but Padah didn't come home. 

Her school closes by 2: 00pm, and Padah wasn't the type of girl that delayed in school for any reason.

 Once it's time to go, she's always among the first set of students to leave the school premises.

It was 4:00pm already, and unlike her, she was not back.

Angela decided to go fetch her. When she got to the school, she couldn't find anyone, except the Principal, Mrs Essien, who was about going.

When she asked of her sister, the Principal told her she didn't know her whereabout. 

She immediately dialled Padah's class teacher's number.

"Hello Mrs Similoluwa, Padah's sister is here in school with me, complaining that Padah isn't back, was she in school today?"

"Yes ma, Padah was in school today. She even helped me sweep my office this morning and later brought the classwork I gave them, to submit, because she's the class prefect." Mrs Similoluwa, otherwise called Simi replied.

"Then where could she have gone to, because I do not know Padah to be a wayward child. 

She's always obedient and very intelligent, unlike those set of lousy girls, who give me headache every blessed day."  Mrs Essien said, more to herself.

"She's a best friend to Adeswa Tayo,   and they always go home together. Let me call Adeswa's mother so I can talk to Adeswa, perhaps, she's there with her," Mrs Simi said before ending the call.

Few minutes later, Mrs Similoluwa called back the Principal, telling her that she spoke with Adeswa and that Adeswa told her that Padah left with her, as usual. 

Since her house was closer than Padah's, she got home before Padah, and Padah walked along with other students. That was all she knew.

After the call, Angela broke down and started crying. 

The Principal consoled her, assuring her that she'd make sure to find Padah, wherever she was.

Since she was about going, she decided to drop Angela in her house and talk to her mother, before going.

She tried consoling Mrs Udeme when they got to the house but it was in vein.

"Kpe. Song idem, I'll do everything I can to make sure that ke Padah anyong adi, amekop?" She conversed with Mrs Udeme in Ibibio, because they were both from Akwa Ibom State.

"Ebitongho die iyem Padah in this big city of Lagos, enh? Oh! Abasi mi, nyangha mien oo. Padah ooo" Mrs Udeme wailed, helplessly.

Mrs Essien couldn't rush to go anymore, seeing that daughter and mother were in an helpless state. 

She  delayed at Angela's house, hoping Padah would return, but it was already some minutes to 9:00pm, and she had no choice but to go.


Richard was not about to sleep with Jennifer, but his hands and the thing between his trouser was not helping him. 

It seemed they were working on their own accord.

He gave in and began kissing Jennifer, violently. He squeezed her boobs, making her to moan in pleasure.

Jennifer grabbed his d**k, but instead of responding, he pushed her away, as if his sense just got restored.

"Jennifer, we can't do this. It's not right" He brushed his hair backward.

"What? Like seriously? Richard you told me you were single, so why do you find it difficult touching me? 

Don't you realize that I love you so much and I can't help it? Richard, please tell me the truth, are you really sure you are single? If you are married, just tell me, I won't disturb you anymore, because you are acting like a married man who has sworn an oath with blood that he won't cheat on his spouse." Jennifer said, sobbing.

"Jenny, I'm not married, neither am I into any relationship. I just don't want to break your heart. 

You are a nice person, the kind of lady any man would like to spend the rest of his life with.

 You are beautifully endowed. But I can't date you, Jennifer, and that's why I don't want us to do anything sexually, because, if we do, you'll end up being hurt when you find out that my heart doesn't belong to you. Jennifer, please try and understand"

Jennifer didn't answer him, rather, she ran into her room and locked the door.

Richard could hear her sobbing. He knocked the door severally, but she refused to open. 

Instead, she ordered him to leave her house and never return.

After begging in vein, Richard left the house, dejected.

It was Sunday. Richard didn't know why he was feeling so excited and tensed at the same time. As early as possible, he was ready for Church.

Ama and Eze were amazed. They wondered who or what changed Richard.

"Whatever made oga to start going to Church is really  strong " Eze said.

"I feel say oga don find woman wey captivate am for that Church. My oga wey me I sabi no dey go one church two times." Ama said.

"Will you shut up and do your chores, what makes you think it's a woman that made him to go back? Weren't there women in the previous Churches he had been to? I think he just fell in love with the doctrine of his new found Church" Eze said.

"Woreffa! Mtcheeeew!" Ama hissed and walked inside with the big tray she was carrying.


Alex was surprised to see Richard in Church. He asked what inspired him to come back, but he just smiled.

Richard noticed that Angela and her family were not in Church, this made the Church very boring for him all of a sudden.

He was eagerly waiting for the Church service to come to an end, so he could get to know why Angela wasn't in Church, but when an announcement was made by the pastor that Padah had gone missing for three days, and that she should be remembered in prayer and also the Church should stop by and console Angela and her mother, Richard and Alex were shocked to their marrows.

After Church, Richard and Alex went with other members to Angela's house.
They met Angela and her mother weeping. 

After the other members had consoled Angela and Mrs Udeme with all the words they had in their vocabularies, they prayed for them and left.

Richard wasn't ready to leave anytime soon. He excused himself from Alex who was earnestly conversing with Mrs Udeme and walked outside to meet with Angela, who was standing at the veranda.

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