Episode 3 - UNPLANNED LOVE | Stories by Ima Udott

Tony was taken by Kelvin's question. He looked at Kelvin in suspicion.

"Wait, don't tell me you are falling for her maid, a mere maid."

"I never mentioned anything about falling for anybody, you should know me by now. I just want to know about her." Kelvin replied.

"If that's what you want, fine. I will find out about her for you. But make sure you accept Sharon's friend request and possibly give her a call. Just try and hook up with her." Tony said.

"I will call her. Just help me find out

about her maid, I'd really appreciate."


Kelvin buried himself again on his system, while Tony went back to his own office.

The market was very busy, dirty and dusty. The dry February harmattan breeze blew tirelessly every second.
The red dust that came with the breeze made the market buyers and sellers to look like starched clothes, especially the back of their legs which had changed from their normal colour to brown.

Sandra had just finished buying food stuff from the market and was about heading back home when she saw a mendicant, begging for money. 

She was touched. Without thinking twice, she brought out a hundred naira note from the left over money that her mistress had given her to buy things in the market and gave to the mendicant before heading home.

Later that evening when Sharon got back, Sandra didn't wait for her to ask for the remaining money from the market. She quickly rushed in and handed the money to Sharon, after bowing.

"My Princess, I'm sorry, but I used one hundred naira from the left over money to help a beggar. Her situation was really bad, I couldn't pass without helping with something." She said, bowing her face down because Sharon had warned her never to look her in the face while 
talking to her.

"You did what? With my money? Do you know how to make money? You had the  temerity to use my money for an unnecessary shit without my permission, how stupid of you! I will teach you a lesson that you won't forget in a hurry. Kneel down there and lift your two hands up. This, you will do till tomorrow morning. There'd be no dinner for you." Sharon said angrily.

"My Princess, I'm very sorry, I didn't stop to think. Please forgive my..."

Sandra didn't finish talking when a belt landed on her back. It was very painful because Sharon deliberately used the front of the belt which had a heavy metal on it to beat her.

Sandra melted to the floor when another whip landed on her stomach. She was sure her body had pilled off, because the pain was very sharp on her skin.

In tears, she knelt down and raised her two shaky  hands up. She would have managed the situation, but the hungry worms in her stomach bit her angrily, reminding her that she hadn't eaten since morning.

Despite  the fact that she was the Chief Cook, she never ate without the concert of Sharon.

The other maids had their  illegal ways of eating, but Sandra was plain, because the last time she tried to get food outside and eat like the other maids, one of the maids, Ngozi, who never liked her reported her to Sharon and she was severely punished. 

So, since then, Sandra made up her mind to wait for Sharon to come back and dish the food that she prepared for her to eat. 

In as much as there was always enough food in the house, Sharon was always fond of dishing a very tiny quantity of food for Sandra who never complained.

Sandra lifted her eyes up from where she was kneeling and looked at the time.

It was some minutes to seven in the evening and she was wondering how she was going to survive the hunger and the punishment till the next morning.

After freshening up, Sharon went to the kitchen and dished dinner for the rest of the maids. 

When Sandra saw that her mistress was really going to keep to her words, hot tears began to run down her cheeks.

She wished in her heart that she had a normal life like every other person. She wished she wasn't an orphan. 

She wished she could experience love, but it seemed those were very far from her, so she just closed her eyes and let the tears flow freely.

"Is that how to lift your hands up? Wait let me teach you." Sharon barked from the sitting room. 

With a belt in her hand, she rushed to the dining where Sandra was kneeling. Another whip from the metal belt got Sandra crashing to the cold tiled floor of the dining room.

Adora Philip really missed her son, Kelvin but it seemed he was never going to forgive her for a foolish decision she made, which he believed was the cause of his father's death. 

She had tried severally to explain to him why she left his father when he needed her the most, but Kelvin had refused to hear her out.

She was very worried about her son and wished she could make him see things her own way.

She was really missing him. Though she wasn't close to him like a mother should be, she kept praying that someday, he'd forgive her and make her feel like she has a son and as well have a good reason to fall in love and give her grandchildren before she dies.

Though she stayed in Lagos as well as her son, she felt a very wide gap between herself and Kelvin. 

It would take only two hours drive from her house to Kelvin's, but she was scared of visiting him because she knew he wouldn't welcome her, so she just quietly stayed back, trying to kill the urge of visiting him.

Out of boredom and loneliness,  Adora decided to call her only son to know how he was doing, she hadn't heard from him for a while.

The last time she called him, he didn't pick, she had to call Tony to confirm if he was okay. 

Tony, after talking to her and assuring her that Kelvin was okay, angrily confronted him and asked why he was treating his mother that way, the only reply he got from Kelvin was "Stay out of this, she is my mother, I can answer her when I wish to."

Adora was lucky today because Kelvin picked up the call, though he sounded uninterested, but she decided she'd manage it.

"My son, I know I'm not the best mother, as a matter of fact, I'm the worst mother to you, but is this how you would keep treating me till I die? I might not be the best, but heaven knows I care about you so much and I wish you'd hear me out before I die, so that my soul would rest in peace." She paused, wiped the tears that were falling from her eyes and continued "I miss you so much and I have the intentions of visiting you, if you permit me." She said.

"Mom, I'm fine okay? I don't need you to visit me." Kelvin said through the phone.
"It's okay, take care of yourself, I love you so much." She said before ending the call.
Sandra fell seriously sick the next morning after a torturing night. 

She could barely walk because of her aching knees. Her arms hurt her badly. In fact, her whole body ached her. 

Her face was swollen, but it never changed the fact that she was a very beautiful lady.

When she got to her room that morning after completing her punishment, Ngozi and Mercy, the two other house maids were busy cleaning the house.

Ngozi laughed at her, while Mercy felt really sorry for her.

Mercy helped Sandra to press hot water on her peeled skin. After then, she brought food for her and she hungrily finished it.

Sandra's temperature was very high because she was sick, but that was none of Sharon's business.

"I will be going to  town for shopping and you are coming with me, so make sure you get your smelly self ready." Sharon told Sandra that morning.

Sandra knew what that meant. She was going to stand under the sun till Sharon was done shopping.

"My Princess, I can come with you, I promise not to give you headache, Sandra is very sick, she might not be able to make it." Mercy told Sharon in a shaky voice.

"And who are you to choose who I want for me? If you don't want to lose your job, you better disappear from here before I open my eyes." Sharon replied.
And so, Sandra, in her state had to go with Sharon.

Adora was tired of staying indoors. She decided to go shopping, not that she really needed those stuff, but she just wanted to kill boredom before it killed her.

Her driver drove her gently to BENNIE'S BOUTIQUE, where she shopped briefly for some clothes and jewelries.

"Let me help you, ma." Adora was very pleased to see a young lady help her carry her bags to her car.

"Thank you very much, my daughter, God bless you. What's your name?" Adora asked.

"My name is Sandra."
"I noticed you've been standing outside for a very long time, are you waiting for someone?"

"Yes ma. My mistress came to do some shopping, so I'm waiting for her to come outside." Sandra said.

"That's very good of you. Here is my card and address, you can visit me anytime, I'd really appreciate it because I am one lonely woman with no friends." Adora said.

"Thank you ma. I don't have a phone though, but I will locate your address."

Adora smiled and patted Sandra gently, but Sandra shivered because Adora had touched her injury without knowing.

"Are you alright?" Adora asked.

"No, sorry yes ma, I'm fine."

As if a spirit ministered to Adora, she lifted a little part of Sandra's top and saw red marks on her fair skin. She was shocked.

"Who did this to you?" She asked.
She realized that Sandra's body temperature was high as well.

"Sandra, who did this to you?" She asked again.

Sandra was about to answer when Sharon came outside the boutique with different bags.

"I'm sorry ma, I have to go." Sandra said and ran to meet Sharon.

Adora just stood where she was and stared at them.

It was when she saw Sharon slap and push Sandra that she knew who was responsible for Sandra's injuries.
Angrily, Adora walked up to them and pushed Sharon away from Sandra who was now panting.

"Young lady, why are you beating this girl in such an open area, can't you at least wait till you get home before you kill her?" Adora asked in anger.

"You witch, how dare you interfere in my affairs? At your age, you still don't have sense to know that you should mind your business. Stupid woman." Sharon 

She pushed Adora aside, entered the car and drove off with Sandra inside, shivering.

"The little I've gathered about that girl is that she is an orphan who Sharon took in as a maid. 
She is Sharon's favorite maid, her name is Sandra." Tony told Kelvin who was now excited to hear the gist.

"Nothing more?" Kelvin asked.

"Nope, that's all. So, when are you going on a date with Sharon?" Tony asked.

"Do I look like the dating type?"

"Guy, remember our agreement. You  have to do this, she has waited enough."

"Fine. I will meet her tomorrow evening, but don't call it a date because I ain't dating anybody."

"Good move." Tony said, smiling.

"Oh my gosh! He just told me he wants us to hang out tomorrow evening!" Sharon broke the news to her friends after a phone conversation with Kelvin.

"I'm happy for you baby girl. Very soon, we will be talking about your wedding with the cutest guy. You are very lucky." Kemi said.

"Dad and mom must hear this! I can't wait to introduce him to them as my fiance." Sharon said, giggling.

"Calm down and go out with him first. Be sure he has interest in you first before letting your parents know." Tope said.

"I'm just desperate to have him as my own." Sharon happily said.

Sharon looked very ravishing that evening as she settled down majestically. 

They had decided to sit out in one of the best  eateries in town.

Kelvin admitted she was beautiful, but it didn't change the fact that he was doing this for his friend's sake and not for himself.

They ordered for food and drinks before they started talking.

"First, I must apologise for the mean things I said to you that day, I was very angry. Please forgive me." Sharon said in her best manners.

"I also apologise." Kelvin said, looking at her.

Sharon was almost thrown off balance because he had the best set of eyes ever and those beautiful eyes were resting on her.

They talked about businesses and other things. Kelvin got to know from their conversation that Sharon is a proud type, so he carefully avoided talking about his personal life with her.

Later that evening, Kelvin decided to drop Sharon off. When they got to her house, she hugged him and deliberately pressed her breasts on him so that he could feel them, but Kelvin was indifferent.

Kelvin was about leaving when Sandra came out to welcome her mistress and get her bag inside.

Sharon noticed that Kelvin was staring at her maid.

"She's a nobody, just an ordinary maid." Sharon told Kelvin when Sandra had entered inside the house.

"A very beautiful and attractive one at that." Kelvin said before entering his car to go.

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