An enemy you know, they say, is better than a friend you don't know.

Sonia thought she was conversing with her best friend, Alfred, not knowing that it was someone else.

Nora had possessed Alfred such that, he was not himself anymore. 

He was under her spell and did everything that came out of her mouth. This wasn't the first time she had casted this kind of spell on him,  she had done it severally.

Sometimes, Alfred acted as if he was going to go insane because of Nora's too much manipulations, but then, she'd set his brain back to normality.

Only if Sonia could see the red glittering substances in his eyes, controlling him, then she'd know it wasn't her bestie that told her to eat, it was a demon.

Sonia was led to the dining  by Nora and Alfred. The aroma from the food was indeed tempting.

While Nora dished the food into the plate, Sonia observed that Alfred was unusually quiet and he was staring at her, perhaps he was trying to communicate to her that he was being helplessly controlled and it worked.

 Immediately, Sonia got his message, she was very good at reading people's minds, especially if she looked deeply into their eyes.

She noticed that his eyes were unusually very red and that he was possessed. 

She  needed to help him, but first, she has to get out of there without eating that food. How to go about it was what she was thinking of.

As if she was planning for it, her phone rang and she was very happy. It was Sly, the guy she met earlier that day.

"Hello mommy good evening." She began and wished Sly would play along. Sly on the other side was confused, he thought he called the wrong person.

"Enh! Mom, you are sick? Oh my goodness! You know you are all I have. Don't cry, I'm coming right away to take you to the hospital...Okay mom." She ended the call and stood up, her heart beating very fast.

"I'm so sorry, I have to be on my way, my  mom just called me, she's very sick." Sonia said, not even making the mistake of touching the rice in front of her.

"Haba! It's not fair o. I took time to prepare your favorite dish. Oya just take one spoon nah before you go." Nora pleaded, controlling her boiling anger.

"I promise to eat the next time I come, please I have to go. I'm sorry." Sonia carried her handbag and left.

Though disappointed, Nora had confirmed what she wanted and Sonia made it easier for her; she was on her period.

Nora easily knew  virgins when they're on their period. But if they are not on their period, she'd find it difficult to identify if they are virgins, except she tastes their urine.

But in Sonia's case, since she was on her period, Nora's sharp nose had smelled her menstrual blood. 

It smelled like the blood of a new born baby, so, Nora knew instantly that Sonia was a virgin.

She might have escaped today, but she certainly won't escape tomorrow, Nora thought, while clearing the plates from the dining table.

Alfred was still under her spell and the only thing that could make him go back to himself was if he could sleep.

Nora was done using him for the day, so she made him go to bed.

While he was deeply asleep, Nora was busy communicating with a strange being on her big mirror.

"I confirmed it. She's a virgin." Nora began "But she left without eating the maggots. As long as I have Alfred, I will always pass through him to convince her to come.
She has to first of all eat the maggots before I'd be able to do anything to her. I have to go, we shall meet in the sea tonight." 
She dropped the mirror and the strange being disappeared.
Sonia drove straight to her pastor's house and was welcomed by his wife. 

She explained everything to them and the pastor told her to try and bring Alfred so that he could be delivered. He also told her of the revelation he had about her.

"She is after you. She wants to use you for a sacrifice, so you must be very prayerful. You have to be closer to God than before, because once you eat of any food from her, that'd be the end of you. As for your friend, Alfred, I want you to try and bring him here, else he will end up as a mad man when the manipulation is too much for him. He might even die." The pastor said.

"I will. Thank you pastor, God bless you." Sonia said before she left.

Sonia got home very late and tired that night. As soon as she got inside, she called Sly and explained to him that she was trying to get out of a dangerous place, so his call was the only thing she could use to get out.

Sly understood and was happy he called. He asked her what happened but she refused to tell him being that they just met. She couldn't just tell him such a thing when she barely knew him.

He offered to take her for a dinner on weekend and she accepted.

By midnight, Sonia was fast asleep when her phone rang. When she checked the caller, it was Alfred.

Sonia was scared because Alfred had never called her by midnight before.

"Maybe he needs my help" She said and was about picking up the call when it ended.

Immediately, her phone rang again, this time it was her pastor. She picked it.

"Sonia," her pastor's voice came through "Make sure you don't pick any call from Alfred from 12am to 4am. He isn't the one calling you, it is the demon in his house.
His house is filled with demons. They want to get through to you. If you pick that call, you will do anything they ask you to do because they will possess you. Keep your Bible close to you and be prayerful, God wants to use you to help Alfred and others possessed by the demonic power, so you have to be ready, okay?" He asked.

"Okay pastor, thank you." Sonia said in a shaky voice.
She couldn't sleep again for the rest of the night.

Nora had just three days left to provide a virgin for Queen Shania and be promoted to the position of the sea Princess.

When she finally does that, she would make Alfred her sea husband and that means, she'd have to kill him physically,  so that he'd live in the water with her, forever.

Queen Shania was ready to bless Nora's marriage, but only if she  completes her task of sacrificing Sonia.

Nora was angry because Sonia had refused to fall for any of her plan. She decided she was going to visit her physically, since she wanted to be stubborn.

Meanwhile, Alfred was back to normality. He knew his girlfriend was dangerous, but he couldn't do anything about it, he loved her so much. 

What he didn't know was that he never actually loved her, he was heavily under her spell.

He was in his office when Sonia came in. This was the first time she set her eyes on him after the incident in his house.
Alfred was sincerely happy to see her.

"Alfred, you need to come with me, we are going somewhere!" Sonia said.

"To where?" He asked.

Sonia suspected Alfred might not follow her if she mentioned that she was taking him to church.

"We are going to see my mom. I told her you're in town and she wished to see you." Sonia said.

"Wow! Can't wait to see her. Let me get to the house first, I need to get my ATM card. I forgot it at home and I'm not on cash."

"What do you want to do with the money now?"

"I can't go to visit your mom empty handed nii, I need to buy her something." He said.

"Oh, don't worry, you'll buy it some other day, let's go."

And so, that was how Alfred found himself in the church building.

"Your mom stays in the church?" He asked when they got to the church.

"Oh, yeah, she stays here for now." Sonia answered and said a silent prayer for God to forgive her for lying.

As soon as they got inside the church, Alfred began to shiver.

He wasn't feeling comfortable because some of Nora's demons were inside of him.

The pastor, his wife and five of his prayer warriors were there, awaiting their arrival.

When they got to the front of the church where the pastor was, Alfred got very upset with his best friend.

"I thought you were my best friend, why did you bring me here when you know my spirit doesn't like this place?" He asked Sonia. 

Sonia didn't respond because she knew he wasn't the one talking.

"Alfred, I know you are not the one talking, it is the demon inside of you that is controlling you. You are in the right place." The pastor said.

They made Alfred stay in the middle, while they held hands around him and started praying immediately.

Alfred screamed, jumped and rolled on the floor as if he was on fire.

It was just the pastor that was seeing what was happening to Alfred in the spiritual realm.

"I drag you out of that ocean. I set you free from that bondage!" The pastor shouted.

He saw himself inside a big ocean, untying Alfred from a very big pillar where he was tied to. 

He was unconscious, so the pastor carried him and was about swimming away with him when a group of women in white went after him.

"In the name of Jesus!" He shouted and the sea immediately threw him and Alfred to the shore and that was how he rescued Alfred.

"Thank you Jesus!" The pastor waved his hands in the air. His shirt was wet with sweat.

Alfred, now calm, was lifted up from  the floor by the pastor.

Sonia saw the changes on his face and knelt down to glorify God for delivering him.

"You cannot go back to that house again, except that demon is sent away forever, else she will possess you and this time around, you might not get out alive.
Tonight, I will go with you and cast her away.
For now, I'd advise you to stay with Sonia. I will come to her house and pick you when I'm ready." The pastor told Alfred, when they were walking out of the church.

"Pastor, I will come with you." Sonia said.
"Thanks bestie, I wonder how I would have survived without you. 
Pastor, I will be expecting you. Thanks so much." Alfred said before they left.

When they got to Sonia's house, they realized that her door was open.
"Do you stay with someone?" Alfred asked.

"No. I stay alone." She replied

"Then who opened your door?"

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