Episode 3 - THE JOURNEY OF GINA | Stories by Ima Udott

The cause of the fire outbreak in Gina's house still remained a mystery and questionable, as no one could tell what actually led to the fire outbreak that had to kill a whole family in one night.

Some neighbours that were interrogated assumed it happened around 1:00 - 1:30 in the night.

One of them, Mr Kunle claimed he heard a loud noise, and thought it was a gunshot, so he kept on sleeping, not knowing that the noise actually came from his neighbour's house.

"Late Mr Daniel fenced around his house. And the fence is so high that no one outside would know what's going on inside,  we didn't know what was happening in there until we saw flames of fire heavily on the building. 

We tried opening the giant  gate, but it was firmly locked and he didn't have a gateman. 

We had to use a ladder to  climb in. On getting into the compound, the fire was so fierce that we couldn't even get closer. 

Before the arrival of the fire fighters, the house was burnt to ashes without a single soul coming out of the house " Madam Kazeem, one of the neighbours had said,  sorrowfully.

On the day of the burial, five caskets were placed. Gina's father,  mother and her three brothers. They were all buried the same day.

Gina had cried till her eyes became so red and she lost appetite in eating, there by becoming very thin and unhealthy.

She kept assuming it was a terrible dream and wished to wake up one day and see her whole family back again but it wasn't a dream and she knew her wishes were never going to come to pass except she died.

She was consoled by the only family and relative  left for her, her father's younger sister, aunty Flora.

After the burial, aunty Flora and her husband offered to take Gina to Lekki, where she lives with her wealthy husband, but no children . 

Gina had no choice but to follow Flora home.

Flora's husband, Engr. Caleb loved Gina so much, not just because she was the most intelligent girl, but also because she was so humble, respectful, and smart.

Gina's beauty was uncomparable. She took after her mother  with her long legs.
Her set of white teeth were charming, coupled with her fair skin.

Engr Caleb took it upon himself to sponsor Gina to  university.
As soon as she was done with secondary school, he proceeded to buy JAMB form for her, but another sad and sorrowful  event took place, and all plans were shattered.

 Engr. Caleb was interrupted by a deadly sickness that almost took his life. He was admitted in one of the best hospital there in Lekki.

"Diabetes is not a sickness one should joke with. Mr Caleb has taken in too many sugary drinks and food, and now it has badly affected his body system .

His bladder has become extremely weak, that's why he doesn't know when he is pressed. He should have come for check up before the sickness became this serious. 

Now it has gotten to a very bad stage. We'll have to admit him to and I assure you to try my best," the doctor had carefully explained to Flora who was shocked and sad at the same time.

Before Engr. Caleb was admitted, he stainly told  his wife, Flora to take very good care of Gina. Flora promised him she was going to take care of her, buy the form and make sure Gina got into the University. 

As soon Engr. Caleb was admitted in the hospital, Flora suddenly changed  from the kind aunty Gina thought she was, to a beast.

She refused to give Gina the money to buy the JAMB form. The house became a hell for Gina.

Flora hated Gina to the extent of accusing her of killing her own parent and brothers and also trying to kill her husband,  Engr. Caleb.

Gina cried with no one to console her this time. She became so unhealthy that one would think she had contracted a disease.

Gina kept praying for Engr. Caleb's quick recovery, but it seemed her prayers were unanswered because his health status changed  from bad to worst.

"What? I woke you up since 4:00am, and it's already 8:02am, you're still here  washing?" Flora's angry voice brought Gina back from her deep thoughts. She quickly jumped up.

."Yes..em...no aunty, I'm almost done" Gina stuttered, washing as fast as she could.

"Maybe you're ready to miss your breakfast and lunch again today!" Flora said. She hissed spat and went back inside.

Gina glanced at Flora and wished she could just squeeze the hell out of her. She quickly waved the thought away.

A few minutes later, Gina was done washing. She took the clothes outside to hang. 

As she was hanging the clothes, she heard a  loud scream inside the house. Certainly, it was aunty Flora's voice. She resumed hanging, but the scream came again even louder.
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