That evening, Richard set out to meet with Jennifer, as planned.

Jennifer had waited for him in one of the best eateries in Maryland, where they had agreed to meet. Few minutes later, Richard arrived.

Few minutes after they placed their order, the waiter came in with a tray of food and drinks and placed them on the table.

Richard and Jennifer ate quietly, but when their eyes kept meeting constantly, Richard decided to kick off a conversation. 

He cleared his throat and lifted up his head to face her.

"So, how have you been? I couldn't get through to you since you left for the States. I'm so glad you are back" He said, half eating.

"I  lost my phone and couldn't retrieve my line  o. I still had you in mind. I even searched you up on social media, but couldn't find you. 

I missed you so very much. Look at you. You are even more handsome and charming than before. 

I bet your girlfriend is the luckiest girl on Earth"  She gave him a smile.

"Shockingly, I don't have any"

"Seriously?" She was rather happy than surprised.

"Yeah. And you, I couldn't have recognized you if not for this fine birth mark on your cheek. Your boo is really lucky"  Richard said, staring at her.

"Which boo? The only boo in my life right now is Jesus"

"You seriously are not in a relationship? Why, scared of heart break?".

"No, I'm not scared of it cos I'm already in it. I broke up with my boyfriend last month"

"I'm so sorry. Would you mind telling me what happened?"

"I found out he was double dating. He had been lying to me all along. His other girl friend came openly and warned me to stay away from him, else she'd deal with me. I had to back off. 

Though I felt used because he never came to explain the reason for his actions, all he told me was that he was sorry, that he couldn't continue with me again. Then I realized  I was just a side chick." Jennifer said, dropping her spoon.

"I'm so sorry about that. I know it isn't easy, but you'll get through it. I'm here for you, best" Richard took hold of her hands.

Jennifer felt special to hear Richard calling her by the old name they used to call each other while in school.

"Thanks" She said and smiled.

It was already getting late, and they both needed to go back home so they could prepare for the next day, being Monday, where everyone would be waking up early and rushing to get to work on time.

Richard walked Jennifer to her car.
She hugged him sincerely, when he was about to let her go, Jennifer kissed him, but he quickly tore his mouth away.

"I'm so sorry I did that, I was carried away." Jennifer said, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

Richard just looked at her, not knowing whether to smile or to be angry.

Before he could say a word, she jumped into her car and drove off.


Richard was already exhausted in the office. He was going through his system when his new secretary, Jessica walked into the office.

Jessica was a very beautiful lady who was indeed blessed with boobs and ass. 

Her small waist made her full figure eight to be visible. 

Today, she wore a very tight red gown with black heels. Her short gown exposed her straight fine legs.

Richard couldn't take his eyes off her when she entered to drop a file for him.

"Good morning sir. Here is the file you asked for"

"How many times do I have to remind you to knock before entering my office?" 

Richard needed to be formal, despite the temptation that was standing before him.

"I'm sorry sir, I..."

"Sorry for yourself. You better not forget again next time. There is going to be a meeting tomorrow, by 10:am,  make sure you let others know about it because we are really backward and we need to sit and talk, so that we'll know how to take this company to its next level."  Richard said, his eyes still on his system.

"Okay sir, is that all?" She asked, sweetly.

"Yes, that's all for now"


She turned and left, her ass slapping each other helplessly .

Richard looked at her back, and wondered if she was really a human or a mermaid. She was too beautiful. Too endowed. 

Was he beginning to fall for his secretary? He wondered.


Richard was worried because he never heard from Jennifer again, since the day they left the eatery.

He had called her so many times, but she wouldn't pick.

Richard decided to try his luck for the umpteenth time, perhaps, she'd pick this time around

He was relieved when she picked up the call.

"Best,  you seriously wanted to give me heat attack right?" He asked through the phone.

Jennifer didn't answer.

Richard heard her crying and quickly asked what was wrong. She told him she was very sick.

Richard didn't think twice, he jumped into his car and drove straight to her house.

Richard was hit by a strong small of alcohol. He didn't need to be told that Jennifer had been drinking.

He met her sitting on the thick carpet, in the sitting room.

"Jennifer, why are you doing this to yourself? You know it's not healthy for a lady to take in such strong alcoholic drink into her system."

"Hahaha. Do you care? Oh, you actually care about me?" Jennifer paused, belched and continued. It was obvious she was extremely drunk, yet, she wasn't about to stop drinking.

"Why are you even here? Go away! Get the fuck out of my house, Richard. It really hurts to love"

Richard held her up, but she tried pulling away.

Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks as she struggled to disentangle herself from Richard.

What Richard didn't know was that Jennifer had been in love with him right from their school days.

When he told her at the eatery that he was single, she was happy because she felt they could make a perfect couple. 

But she felt frustrated when she kissed him and he pushed her away. Since then, she had avoided him because she was already heart broken.

"I'm in love with you, Richard. I can't help it"

It was 6:00pm, the angry rain which was initially drizzling was now falling heavily, causing the breeze to blow so violently that the  poor trees had no choice but to dance to the the direction of the breeze.

Jennifer took hold of Richard and started kissing his neck.

"Richie, please, stay with me" She said, seductively, unbuttoning her cloth. Her top fell off, exposing her full, rounded soft breast.

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