Kelvin halted abruptly, waited for the lady to finish ranting before he coldly said "Shift away from my car."

"Is that how your mother taught you to apologize to a lady?" She asked, still resting on the car "Because I am not moving from here if you don't apologize to me for blocking my car and wasting my time here."

"Really? Watch me." Kelvin hated being dared. He marched into his car, forgetting that he came with Tony, inserted the key and was about to drive, which if he did, the lady in front of his car would have been stepped on, but another young lady ran to his side, pleading with her hands and almost kneeling down for him to stop the car.

Kelvin would not have listened to the begging lady, but something about her drew his attention.

He turned off the engine, came down from the car to see why a lady is pleading on behalf of another lady.

"Oga, please don't do it. If anything happens to her, I am dead. Please just apologize to her so that she will let you go, please." The lady said.

Kelvin noticed that the lady in front of him looked very unkempt and dressed like a housemaid.

His heart melted all of a sudden and he was almost forced to ask her who she was, but since it wasn't any of his business, he walked past her to the sophisticated lady who was still resting on his car, looked her in disgust and said

"I'm sorry for parking carelessly and blocking your car, but know that I would never have done this, if not for that lady."

He looked at the unkempt lady who now came over and said "Thank you oga, God bless you.

"Will you come and carry these things to the car before I descend on you, you daughter of a nobody!" The sophisticated lady said to the unkempt lady, who ran to where she was and carried the bags she had dropped on the ground to the car.

The sophisticated lady then left the front of Kelvin's car and walked up to Kelvin.

"You are very lucky to have used your sense just in time because if your car had scratched me, you would have tasted the wrath of my father. 
In case you didn't know who I am..." She was interrupted by Tony who rushed up to where she and  Kelvin were.

"Oh my God! Look at who we have here! Princess Sharon, I'm so honoured to meet you. I've been stalking you on Facebook and Instagram." Tony said in bewilderment. 

He turned to Kelvin who was already tired of the scene.

"Guy, don't tell me you don't know Princess Sharon, the only daughter of King Babatunde, the richest King in this land"

"Good for her. Tony, let's go, I have something very important to catch up with." Kelvin said uninterested, and walked past them into the car.

"He is too saucy, but I like him. Here is my card, please make sure you give it to him. Bye."  Sharon said and left after handing a small card to Tony.

Tony looked at her till she was out of sight.

"Mehn! She's hot!" He said, before running to the car where Kelvin was waiting for him.

"He is very handsome. He has everything a woman would want in a man.
He is masculine with broad shoulders and a well-trimmed beard. His packs are killing. His lips are full, pink and succulent. He has the best set of dentition. He is very..." Sharon was interrupted.

"Sharon! The way you are describing this guy, it seems if he finally becomes yours, you won't even let us touch him o" Tope, one of Sharon's friends said.

She had invited two of her friends to her house for dinner. They sat by the pool that evening after they had swam to their satisfaction.

"Touch is even better, she won't let us look at him twice," Kemi said and they all laughed.

"I'll make sure that I do everything humanly possible to get that guy.
I gave my card to his friend to give him because he left. His friend is handsome as well, but not like him.
The guy is just too cute, too set, too fresh!" Sharon said.

"Ejò connect that his friend to me na." Kemi said.

"Sure, I will. That one is not a case. Already you have all it takes for a man to fall stupidly for you.
That Kelvin guy, I was lucky to see him as one of my suggested friends on Facebook, so I quickly sent him friend request. I don't know what is taking him so long to accept."

"Sharon calms down, he will accept. Where is that your housemaid, I need some more drinks." Kemi said.

"Maid! Maid!" Sharon called out and three of her housemaids ran to where they were seated.

"Where is Sandra, that useless girl?" Sharon asked the maids.

"She's cooking, my Princess." One of the maids answered, with a bow.

"Tell her to suspend whatever she's doing and get me more wine," Sharon said sweetly.

"Yes my Princess."

A few minutes later, Sandra, Sharon's personal maid came in with different kinds of drinks and placed them in front of the three ladies.

She was about to leave when Sharon called her back.

"You daughter of a nobody, it seems you have forgotten your manners.
Need I remind you that you are supposed to bow before leaving?
Simply because you are the only maid that I carry each time I go out doesn't mean you should feel special and forget your manners.

That was how you kept quiet and watch that young man humiliate me the other day that we went out, instead of you to let him know that I'm a Princess, you went and knelt down, pleading rubbish. The next time you forget to bow for me, I will teach you a lesson you will not forget in a hurry.
You that I picked from the gutter! Get out of here!" Sharon yelled.

I'm sorry, my Princess. It won't happen again." Sandra said, bowed and left.

"Sharon! Calm down nii. You didn't have to shout on her like that. Of all your maids, I think Sandra is the most hard working. She goes to the market, cooks, cleans your room, takes care of the laundry, goes out with you to wherever you go and waits for you till you are done, without complaining. But it seems she's the one that you hate the most, why?" Tope asked.

"Tope, she should be very grateful to me for sheltering her. I picked her from nowhere and turned her to somebody, but she keeps disrespecting me by not bowing for me, is that so much to ask for? If she tries that again, I will so deal with her before sending her back to the street where I picked her from."
Sharon said and Kemi nodded her head in support.

"Kemi be supporting what is not right o." Tope said before pouring herself a drink.

"Guy, you reason am na. That babe is very beautiful. In fact, I believe it is God who made you both to have that misunderstanding so that you'd finally get to meet the most beautiful Princess in the world. See enh, if you marry her, the kind of respect that you will get from prominent people enh, e go shock you. 

Currently, I heard that the governor's son is throwing advances at her, but she keeps snubbing him. 
Every day, prominent people keep asking her out, but she keeps turning them down.
But here is she, giving you her card and even sending you a friend request on Facebook. What are you waiting for?" 

Tony asked, pacing up and down the office.

Kelvin focused on his system as if he didn't hear him.

After some minutes of fiddling with his system, he lifted his face and said

"Do you know anything about that maid of hers?"

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