"Wait, don't tell me that as beautiful as you are, you are still a virgin." Alfred said in surprise.

"Fredee, that one does not concern you. Let's talk about something else." Sonia said, smiling.

"Okay o. I'm sorry I asked sef before you beat me like you did that day we were playing outside, you know you are a boss lady. Enh, I still want us to remain best of friends." He said.

"Didn't you hear what your girlfriend said? You want her to break my head?" She asked.

"My dear, before Nora, I knew you, so I can't just let our friendship die like that, I'm sure it was God who made us meet again and He did that for a purpose. Nora has to understand that." He said.

"Hmm. I don't want problem o, I don't even have the strength for it. I am my mother's first and last hope, so I don't want to involve myself with anything that'd give her headache, of course you know that anything that affects me affects her badly. So, I'd advise we remain just friends, as Nora said." Sonia replied.

"You know, sometimes I feel like talking to someone, freely. I feel like expressing myself to someone and whenever I feel so, I remembered you. I was so close to you that I could confidently tell you things that I couldn't even tell my parents back then. 
Now that I've found you, I thought I could do same, because you are the only friend that I trusted and still trust." He said.

"Okay, fine, I accept. Let's still be best of friends because I have missed you too. You were the only guy that I trusted as well, the only friend that I had. Right from our childhood, I told myself I wouldn't have any other friend aside from you, even after we get married and make our different families, I still saw us as best of friends, but you packed out and I was left with no one to call my best friend. I had friends, but none were qualified to take your place as my best friend." She said.

"Come here!" He said and pulled her up and hugged her for a long time before they sat back.

"I didn't want to bother you with my relationship ish, but since we are besties, I think I should tell you. I don't know, I keep having these strange dreams, almost everyday about my girlfriend.
I saw her dragging me into a very big ocean. When I got drowned, she laughed and disappeared. In another dream, we were in a beach, playing, when all of a sudden, she pushed me inside the big ocean and again, I began to drown. 

When I struggled for breath inside the water, I saw her, laughing and again, she disappeared and left me. The last one I had, it was as if I was inside the water already. She and five other strange women were on top of me, making love to me. 

I was really enjoying the sex, not until they all turned to pythons on top of me and I screamed and woke up, only to realize that I was wet. My sperm had wet the bed. It was so real, but Nora was sound asleep. I'm confused." He said.

"This is serious. Have you talked to a pastor?" Sonia asked.

"I told Nora the dreams and she told me it was nothing. She forbade me from going to church and warned me never to bring a pastor to the house." He said.

"And you see nothing wrong with it? Fredee, when last did you pray?"

"My dear, to be sincere with you, I can't recall, because it's been years." He said.

"No, no, no! This can't be happening.  Remember when we were young, your parents never stayed away from church. They were even the ones that inspired my parents to start going to church, so if Nora has succeeded in making you stay away from church, then it's not normal. Something is wrong. I need to take you to my church. What time will you be free tomorrow?" She asked.

"By 3pm, I'd be free." He replied.

"Alright, I'll give you a call. Please make sure you come, it is very important. One more thing, please don't tell your girlfriend about this, she might stop you." Sonia said.

"Alright, I won't. This is why I wanted us to be close, now, my mind is at rest because I have confided in you. You must be really special." He said.
Alfred dropped Sonia off before heading home. He barely got inside when Nora came out to welcome him. She looked very beautiful.

She hugged him, got his bag and removed his suit.

"You stayed longer than usual, what happened?" She asked, after he had freshened up.

"I'm sorry I stayed long, I had an impromptu meeting to attend. How did your day go at the salon?" He asked.

"It was okay. I had so many customers today, I think today is one of my lucky days." She said.

"Of course, you are always lucky. I made sure I opened the cosmetic shop for you in a place where customers can easily locate you. And you are really hard working, if not, you won't have those thousands of people, working for you." Alfred said.

"Awwwn. All thanks to you, baby. I bless the day I met you." She said, and added, much to herself "No one can take you away from me, you are mine forever."

"What did you say?" Alfred asked.
"Oh, nothing. I prepared your favorite dish, let's go and eat."

After eating, Nora sat beside Alfred and started caressing his back.

"Baby, I'm sorry about the way I talked to your friend the other day. I was so rude to her and it wasn't right. I was just jealous. I want to apologise to her personally, can you please invite her over, tomorrow evening?" She asked.

Alfred was about to say yes when he remembered that he had an appointment with Sonia the next day.

"She might not be free tomorrow, but I'll talk to her about it. You are such a darling." He said.

"I'd really love it to be tomorrow evening, please try and convince her. You know I'd do anything to make you happy. I love you baby" She said, kissing him.

Nora always had ways of turning him on. There and then, they made love.

Early the next morning, Sonia did her usual morning exercise with her funny neighbor, Tega.

Tega was a very beautiful lady who lived in the house next to Sonia. She became friends with Sonia when she realized that she as well jogs every morning before going to work.

So, every morning, they jog together,   and sometimes leave for work together and they were both single.

Tega always had a way of making Sonia laugh, even in her moody state.

While they were jogging that morning, they passed some other people who were also exercising.

"Did you perceive that smell?" Tega asked Sonia, squeezing her nose.

"Nope, what smell?" Sonia asked.

"Thank God you didn't perceive it. That guy wey pass just now smell like dead body, this kind early morning. Some people's body odour can make you have catarrh forever! I can't date a guy that has bad body odour o, make bad smell no kill me before my time." Tega said. 

She spoke her pidgin so fast, Sonia always told her she was a born rapper.

"Haba, Tega! Maybe it's because of the exercise he's doing na. Don't make me laugh, abeg, before I get tired." Sonia said.

They were still jogging when they saw a very handsome guy, also jogging down. His ears were covered with ear phone and it was obvious that he was listening to music.

"Mehn! This one is handsome! Let me be serious o." Tega said, and became more serious with her exercise and she was obviously doing it to get noticed. And it worked, but not for her.

The guy stopped, greeted them and focused on Sonia.

"Hi, I'm Sly." He said to her. Tega just stood, staring at him while he talked to Sonia.

"I'm Sonia and this is my friend, Tega." She said.

"Good to meet you Sonia and Tega. I'd love to meet with you again, Sonia. Can I have your contact, please." He said.

Tega winked at Sonia, giving her a sign to give him her number.

Sonia reluctantly exchanged contacts with him and he thanked her and left, promising to call her.

When they got back to the house, Tega smiled and said "Abeg any gist wey commot, no forget to yan me o, you understand na."

It was some minutes past 3pm, Sonia called Alfred, but his line didn't go through.

 She was surprised  because he had called her earlier that day and assured her he was going to meet with her few minutes later.

"Could it be that he had told Nora about it?" She thought. 

He was supposed to meet with her in her office and then they'd go to church together, but now, his number was switched off.

Sonia decided to go to his house and check, at least to be sure he was alright.
When she got to his place, she felt very uncomfortable all of a sudden.

"I told you to switch off your phone that she'd be here, you see? Now she's here. Now I can apologise to her." Nora said to Alfred, after she peeped through the curtain and saw Sonia approaching.

Sonia barely rang the doorbell when Nora opened it.

Sonia's heart started beating very fast. She wondered why she was feeling so uncomfortable, perhaps, her spirit was trying to tell her something.

"Welcome dear Sonia. I'm truly sorry for the way I spoke to you the other day, please forgive me." Nora said, as soon as Sonia stepped in.

"Yeah, she's very sorry. She has been longing to see you so that she could apologise." Alfred said.

"Wait, were you guys expecting me?" Sonia asked.

"Yes darling, we were expecting you. I'm sorry, I made Alfred turn off his phone. I knew you'd be worried about why he never showed up and as a good friend that you are, you'd want to come and know what's wrong. I planned this because I really wanted to see you so that I could apologise. And I also want you to know that I've approved for you guys to continue to be best of friends because I thought about it. I put myself in your shoes and realized I wouldn't be happy if my childhood best friend stops being my friend because of one lady. After all, before me, you were. As a matter of fact I want to be your friend as well. Alfred told me how good a friend you are." Nora said, smiling.

"Wow. That's good to hear. Of course, you can be my friend. I have never thought of being the reason for a misunderstanding in anyone's relationship, so, I promise you that my friendship with Alfred is nothing but plain." Sonia said.

"That's my bestie, talking! And she keeps to her words enh." Alfred said and they all laughed.

"Alfred told me your favorite delicacy is coconut rice and friend chicken, so I personally prepared it for you. Please come dine with us." Nora said, smiling.
"Oh, I'm fine, thanks." Sonia said.

"Bestie, how can you come to my house and not eat, I thought you've stopped this your shakara. Abeg come and eat joor." Alfred said, jokingly.
"Fine, I'll eat."

Stay tuned for episode three.

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