"Why asking me if he is married, am I his sister or something? Go and ask him, he hasn't gone far." Benita replied carelessly as she entered the house.
"Babe, why such a harsh response?" Tosin went on "I can see that you still haven't gotten over Shalewa's wahala. That guy is handsome shaa, na all those kind guys dey change babes like pant because say dem fine. I wonder if..."
"Tosin, can you please change that topic because I'm already sick of it." Benita said.
"Fine! Awwwn, your house is very beautiful. I love the colour of the paint and the artworks."
"Shebi na now wey you see am, anyways, thanks. What should I offer you?"
"Anything o, even water is enough, but if you give me wine, who am I to say no?" Tosin said, causing Benita to laugh.

Benita and Tosin talked at length before Tosin finally motioned to leave.
Benita realized she was going to miss her and begged her to stay a little longer since the next day was Saturday, but Tosin told her she needed to see her mother before getting to her house, so she had to go.
After seeing Tosin off, Benita was on her way up the stairs when the same guy, her neighbor walked up with a lady that looked familiar.
Benita looked behind her to see Shalewa with her next door neighbor, her hands in his, but it seemed Shalewa didn't see her because they were talking and laughing while climbing, so she hurriedly entered her house and shut the door before they got up.
"Babe, are you sure of what you are saying?" Tosin asked during lunch break.
"Babe are you doubting me? I said I saw Shalewa with Desmond, that my neighbor that you said is handsome. She spent the weekend in his house. I saw when she went back, that was on Sunday evening." Benita said.
"Maybe they are related na."
"Related kor, related ni. I saw him kissing her downstairs before she left."
"Is she aware you are staying in the same compound with him?"
"No. I was careful enough not to let her see me."
"She's beautiful na and he is single, so they may make a good couple." Tosin said through the nose.
"I don't even have time for them." Benita said, more to herself.
"Are you sure?"
"Why? Do I look like I care?"
"The way you were sounding as if you had interest in the Desmond guy..."
"I was just surprised, that's all. I don't even talk to him, just hi hi and we go our ways." Benita said.
"Hmm, okay o. Did I tell you I saw Diana yesterday afternoon, she's heavily pregnant. I almost called her husband snatcher, but I had to hold myself for some reasons." Tosin said.
"I'm happy for her, let her enjoy. I've gotten over it." Benita said.
While they were still talking, an unknown number called Benita and she quickly picked.
"Benita what have I really done wrong to you, I wasn't the one that forced Dele to leave you and marry me o, so why are you threatening me with letters to leave Dele alone?
We are officially married and I'm even pregnant for him, so, I'm warning you, stop threatening me else I will deal with you in a way you won't like.
I know you still have feelings for him, but you have no choice but to accept the fact that he is lawfully and legally married to me.
I had always envied you even when I was your best friend because you had everything and I had nothing. When you told me you were getting married, I pretended to be happy for you, but deep down, I was very jealous, so when the opportunity presented itself, I made use of it immediately. After two to three affairs with Dele, he decided to leave you and marry me. So, leave my husband for me o.
For the last time, stop threatening me, because you won't like the other side of me. And let me tell you, if anything happens to my husband, I'd have you blamed for it, rubbish!" Diana ended the call without even letting Benita say a word.
Since the call was on loud speaker, Benita needed not explain things to Tosin because she heard everything.
"Benita, did you threaten her?" Tosin asked, surprised.
"Why would I do such a thing? Since the day they got married, I blocked every link connected to them. I unfriended and blocked them on Social Media, I even put their numbers on black list so that they can't reach me again. As if that was not enough, I left Maryland to where I'm staying now because I didn't want to bump into them since they're living there.
So tell me, how could I have sent her threatening messages? I was earnestly trying everything possible to forget about them, and now, this call? I don't understand what is going on." Benita said angrily.
"I think she's making a mistake. Lunch break is over, let's get back to the studio, we will talk about it later." Tosin said.
They stood up and went back to the office.
That evening, Benita was busy with her laptop when her door bell rang.
She opened it only to find a very beautiful lady, standing outside.
"Hello, good evening, please I'm looking for Desmond, do you know his flat?" The lady asked.
"Sure, just the next door." Benita pointed.
"Oh, thanks so much, I appreciate." The lady said before walking away.
"You're welcome".
Benita closed her door and went back to her system, she barely sat down when the door bell rang again.
"I'm coming." Benita said and rushed to the door.
On opening it Benita was shocked to see Dele standing before her.
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