Episode 2 - THE JOURNEY OF GINA | Stories by Ima Udott

Gina still couldn't figure out why aunty Flora hated her so much. 

She was almost done washing the clothes when a fresh memory of the death of her parent and siblings ran through her mind.

She could remember that day though it happened eight years ago, she never thought she would ever forget the tragedy that led her into staying with her wicked aunty.

She was just 12 years old when the unforgettable incident took place.  

Gina's parent, late  Mr and Mrs Daniel used to be one of the richest parents back then.

They had four kids with Gina being the only female child. They enrolled Gina in one of the most expensive boarding schools in Lagos.

Her mother thought that by doing so, Gina would learn to work hard and be independent because she was the first child, and the only daughter. 

Gina at first couldn't cope in the hostel. She had to wake up earlier than she did when she was at home. 

She had to eat the kind of food she used to detest at home. Had to wash her clothes with her hands, unlike the washing machine she was used to, back  home. 

Indeed, she learnt a lot in school and it helped her because she was able to do so many things she wouldn't have done if she was at home.

Meanwhile, her three younger brothers lived in the house with their parents. 

Their mother took it upon herself to drop and pick them from school each day because their father was rarely at home, is a very busy businessman.

One Friday evening, Gina was supposed to visit home from the hostel  but she couldn't because of the heavy rain that fell that evening. She decided to postpone it to Saturday. 

That same Friday night, about 2:00am, Gina's matron woke her up from the hostel, telling her she got a call from one of her aunties, which happened to be aunty Flora.

Gina could not understand why they had to disturb her peaceful sleep with some useless calls, not until she saw the matron crying.

The noise of the matron's cries woke other hostelers. They asked her what the problem was, but she didn't know how to say it.

 Rather, she walked up to Gina who sat innocently on her bunk, sat beside her and hugged her for a long time.

Gina still didn't understand the whole drama until her matron finally managed to say

"Gina, I'm so sorry. Your parents and siblings are gone. They were burnt to death by a fire outbreak which took place in your house a few minutes ago."

She didn't finish her last sentence when Gina slumped back on her bunk and fainted.

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