Richard and Jennifer had been very good friends since their University days.

 Unlike Richard who never liked mingling with girls, he had picked interest in Jennifer because she was different from other girls back then. 

Jennifer was a very disciplined girl who never showed any interest in guys. 

She was very intelligent, smart and beautiful. She never had friends, therefore, she was always alone, minding her business.

Richard too was very intelligent and he as well never had friends. 

He started admiring Jennifer the day she stood up in the class and answered a question nobody was able to answer.

After the class, he approached her and that was how they become best of friends.

Jennifer and Richard kept in contact, but not until they graduated and went separate ways. 

Jennifer had left the country to further her education. 

They had lost contacts of each other and that was how the two friends separated.

"Look at you! You look so different. You're now a big woman o" Richard teased

"Hahaha. Even you. You look so handsome, I barely recognized you" Jennifer said.

"I'd really love us to sit and talk"

"That'd be great"

"Will you be engaged tomorrow evening?"

"Humm. Tomorrow is Sunday. I'd be going to Church. Okay, I'd be free in the evening" Jennifer said, smiling.

"Alright then. Good night"

Richard hastened up into his car and drove off.


It was a busy Sunday indeed. Angela took hold of her younger sister, Padah and hastily rushed to Church. 

She was going to lead  the choir today, therefore, she had to be in Church on time.

Today, being the first Sunday of the month, the congregation was filled up with both members and non-members.

All eyes was on Angela as she took the microphone and closed her eyes. 

Her mother and sister were in the front seat, watching her happily.

Her mother gave her an encouraging smile.

"You Lord, you are worthy, and no one can worship you for me..."

Angela started off with the keyboard. She performed so well that people fell under anointing.

Angela had a very beautiful and angelic voice that could captivate any stubborn person.

She had the sweetest voice in the Church. People say she got her voice directly from God, because each time she performed,  people were always touched, and some willingly gave their lives to Christ.

An invitee once gave a testimony that he and  his family would be full members of the Church because they were touched and inspired by Angela's voice.

Richard who was not really a Church person was invited by Alex, his friend to the Church. 

It took Alex so much before he was able to convince Richard to come, because Richard felt that of all the places in the world, the Church was the most corrupt place. 

"I call church a Business Organization because now a days, pastors use it to make money. 

They are careful enough not to preach what is in the Bible, they only preach what pleases the congregation. They don't criticize those stupid dressings that those sluts wear to come and cause commotion. 

It's a place where you'll see ushers ushering the rich to the front, while treating the poor like rags and ordering them to sit at the back. 

Where is it written in the Bible that such should be done? I'm not even talking of the charms that the so-called pastors use in the name of miracle. 

So spare me from all the church talk. Shebi the Bible says that God is everywhere? So, I'd rather stay in my house and read my Bible". He had said.

When Ama and Eze saw Richard leave for Church that morning, they were both surprised

"Oga don change o." Ama had said that morning when he left.

Richard was already bored in the Church, but not until Angela started singing. 
His spirit was rekindled. 
He was captivated by Angela's pure voice.

Richard felt different. He was touched. He couldn't help waving his hands in the air and singing along, sincerely, unlike him that was always sitting down and pressing his phone while praise and worship was going on in the other churches he had been to.


After the Church service, Richard couldn't help inquiring about Angela from Alex.

"She has the most amazing voice I've ever heard. Who is she"

"She's the daughter of Mrs. Udeme, a widow whose husband died in a car accident some years back.

 I'm sure you saw the women today. She's the one that sat beside that fat woman you complained would burst if she shakes her body too much while dancing." Alex said, while they were strolling out of the Church.

"Oh, that beautiful slim woman that danced so well that I couldn't help staring at her. Is she the one?" Richard asked

"You got it! She can dance so well, while her daughter can sing. I wish her husband was still alive. She's too young and beautiful to be a widow"

While they were still talking, Angela walked past them and Richard immediately went after her.

"Look at him" Alex said, laughing and shaking his head.

"Hello Angela. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Richard" he said in his best manner.

"Good morning, Richard. How did you know my name?" Angela asked.

"Have you forgotten that you were one of those who testified, and that the minister called all the testifiers by their names?" Richard asked, smiling.

"Oh, that's true." Angela said, blushing.

"You have the most beautiful voice on Earth"

"Oh please. I'm flattered"

"No, it's the truth. I've heard voices, but this particular one is breathtaking"

"Thanks, Richard. I have to go now. My mom is waiting for me"

"Okay. Can I have your digits, please?"

"I don't have a phone"

"So how do I see you again?"

"Come to Church during mid-week and Bible exploring services, that's every Wednesdays and Fridays, by 5:00 PM and normal Church service on Sundays. You'll see me" Angela said.

Richard knew he wasn't going to go, so he simply told her "How about we sit out this evening?"

Angela was about to reply when his phone rang. It was Jennifer.

"Please excuse me" He said, walking out.

Jennifer called to remind him of their date that evening.

After the call, Richard turned, but couldn't find Angela again.

"She's gone. She said I should tell you that her mom was going to be angry with her if she had delayed again, that was why she left" Alex explained.

"I don't even know how to get in touch with her again". Richard said, painfully.

"I think you now have a reason to come to Church every Sunday, hahaha" Alex laughed.

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