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Richard got home, very exhausted. Everything irritated him, therefore, Ama and Eze tried as much as possible to stay off his way.

Ama was happy about Jennifer's arrest. Though she didn't really understand the reason for her arrest, but she was happy because she didn't like Jennifer a bit.

The little time Jennifer had stayed with them was hell for her and Eze.

She had restricted her and Eze from eating anytime they wanted to eating twice a day.

She had called them, especially Ama all the provoking names on Earth, some of which Ama didn't know what they meant, but knew they certainly were not good names. 

Before she was arrested, she stopped calling Ama by her name and started calling her Otondo.

When Ama asked Eze what the name meant, he laughed and told her she was calling her a moron.

Ama fumed in anger and reported Jennifer to Richard. Richard warned her not to call her names again, but she wouldn't stop. 

Despite the fact that Richard was a very wealthy young man, he had never looked down on anyone before, talk more of calling them names.

He was a kind of person that talked less and observed more. This was what made his house help and gate man to love and respect him.

After Ama had reported Jennifer to him, he wondered how he would've cope if he had married Jennifer, because he hated it whenever he sees someone looking down on another fellow. 

He then concluded that Jennifer was the worst woman on Earth. A beast.

"Ama!" Richard yelled from his room when he got back from the police station that evening.

Ama knew she was in trouble, before Richard screamed her name like that. 

She ran upstairs immediately and knocked on Richard's door.

"Why is this room looking so unkempt?" Richard thundered when he opened the door.

"Oga, sorry sir, I been dey wash..."

"Will you use English before I disfigure that your tongue for you!" Richard yelled.

"I'm sorry oga, I..I was wash all the clothes, I forget say...sorry, I forgotted to arrange the bed. Oga, please give me one second, I will be finish with the room".

Richard looked at her sternly before going downstairs. 

Immediately, Ama brought the brush and swept the room, after which she arranged the magnificent bed and mopped the floor, before leaving the room.

"Sorry I shouted at you, but don't get me pissed off again." Richard said when she got downstairs with the brush and bucket and announced that she was done.

Ama's heart melted when Richard apologized. She felt like she was in the cloud, flying.

"Oga, na me suppose tell you sorry..." She quickly clasped her two hands to her mouth.

"Eish, this pidgin English go put me for trouble" She said, causing Richard to laugh. 

She didn't know what to do, so she followed and laughed.

Eze came in and greeted Richard. Richard told him to sit, so Ama left.

After he had inquired about how his day went, Eze went to the point.

He told Richard he'd love to start up his own business. Richard was glad that he aspired to engage himself in something. 

He knew Eze to be a very hard working man and decided he was going to help him start up whatever business he had in mind.

"I was thinking of starting up a cement factory. I have an idea on how to run it" Eze said, happily.

"It's a good idea. So, how much do you need to start it?" Richard asked.

Eze named an amount of which Richard gave him more than he mentioned.

Eze blessed him before going back. He promised to get a trust worthy person to take his place as a gate man.


Mrs Udeme was done selecting the beans Richard bought for her. 

She was about taking it to the kitchen to prepare when her phone rang. It was an unknown number.

She picked it, but was sad because her phone went off.

"Na wa o. Padah has used this phone again to play that useless snake game, now my battery is low and this phone has gone off again. 

For days now, no light, NEPA you people should pity us that don't have generator and bring light na, nsuto mkpo idom? I don't even know who called, ew". She said, as she carried the tray of beans into the kitchen.


"Her number is no longer reachable"  Angela said, handing Mrs Tope's phone back to her.

"How do we now pay your bill, because I thought we could get through to her, maybe she could help. 

I'm sorry my plans failed. I thought I could make enough money before your full recovery, but you know my situation, I'm a petty trader, and I can't really sell much because of the constant rain, that's why I detest this rainy season a lot. 

My husband can't even go fishing again, the weather is so unfavorable this season."  Mrs Tope lamented.

Angela had told Mrs Tope everything that had happened with her. So, the names she used weren't strange to her.

"Why don't I call Richard?" Angela asked.

"I didn't want any of them to know your whereabout yet. My plan was to pay your bill, then set off to find out about your rivals, and get rid of them, before letting you go. 

They could be anywhere, watching, that is my fear". It was obvious, Mrs Tope was worried.

"You've helped me a lot. I never believed in angels, but I think I've seen one now, and that's you, Mrs Tope. God bless you."

"Bless you too, my daughter. You know when they brought you out of that water, my spirit loved you instantly. 

I was so troubled all those days of your unconsciousness. I'm glad you are alive again, Oluwa eshe  oo"  Mrs Tope said, waving her two hands up. 

She smiled at Angela, making her tribal marks which ran from her two cheeks to her eyes to widen.


Richard stopped by to see how Mrs Udeme was faring. She was now used to his constant visit that she knew the sound of his car horn.

As soon as Richard stepped into the house, Padah shouted from the room 

"Up NEPA".

"You are indeed a child of light" Mrs Udeme said, as she plugged her charger to the adapter.

"Surely, I am" Richard said, and sat down. He needn't be told to sit anymore, because he was now like a member of the house.

Padah ran out of the room and welcomed him.

"Thank you, Uncle Richard for the novels you bought me, they're so interesting. 

How did you know those were the books recommended for our class?"  Padah asked.

"Because you once told mom, and I overheard" Richard answered, smiling. 

He loved spending time with Padah, because she was so inquisitive and fun to be with. But no one could be compared to Angela.

He was badly missing her, and being around Mrs Udeme and Padah reassured him that she'd certainly come back, someday.

"Oh, thank you."  Padah said.

"You'll explain those novels to me the next time I come" Richard said, studying her.

"I sure will".

Mrs Udeme switched her phone on and was glad two percent had already entered.

"I pray they don't take this their light so soon, it's been a while since I listened to news."  She turned to Richard.

"En, my son, how is the investigation going?"

"Mama, nothing yet o. That witch kept screaming that her private part was on fire. We thought she was pretending, until her private part started swelling. 

When we asked how it came about, she confessed that the native doctor she got her charm from told her that if she rubbed the charm on her private part without sleeping with a man after three days, she would swell up and die.

Now, she is swelling like a dead pig in the cell. She is even smelling.

I brought a doctor, but he couldn't treat her, he said her problem was spiritual" Richard said.

"Na wa o, the evil that men do live after them"

While they were still conversing, Mrs Udeme's phone rang, it was the same number that called her earlier.

"Hello" Mrs Udeme picked up, immediately.

"Hello, mom, it's me, Angela, I'm alive..."

Before Angela could tell her mother not to let anyone know she was alive, Mrs Udeme had already screamed her name, so Richard knew she was talking to Angela.

Angela disclosed the name of the hospital that she was to her mother, telling her to come with money to pay her bill.

Mrs Udeme was too excited, she didn't have appetite to eat the beans she had cooked.

Richard on his part was too happy for words, so he just said

"I know the hospital, I'll take you there. Leave the bill for me to handle".

Before he could finish talking, Mrs Udeme and Padah ran inside the room to dress up.

Few minutes later, they set off for the hospital.


On their way to the hospital, Richard had to slow down when he saw people gathering around the road. 

When he drove closer, he saw that it was an accident.

The accident left everyone baffled, because it was just one person that died. It seemed the victim offended the gods, because his hands and legs were chopped off, leaving just his head and his body together.

Richard has never seen such an accident as horrible as this.

"Uncle Richard, please stop the car, the victim looks familiar" Padah who had been watching in bewilderment said.

Richard found a good place and packed. They all came out to the scene and watched as people who didn't even know the victim cried in pity.

"He's the one. It's Johnny, the guy that kidnapped me" Padah whispered into Richard's ear.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm hundred percent sure, he's the one."

For seconds, Richard and Mrs Udeme didn't know what to do.

Finally, Richard found his voice.
"Let's go, our journey is still very far. St. Charles Hospital is in a very interior village, close to the river Angela was thrown into,  it's really far". So they went back to the car.

He drove quietly till he approached the village.

"I know it's not right to jubilate over someone's death, but I think I'm happy." Padah said, breaking the silence.


When Mercy looked round and saw that Alex was out of sight, she did what she had always been doing for a living.

She ransacked his room and packed huge amount of money to her real boyfriend, Tony, who had come to see her.

Mercy had dated Tony for many years before she met Alex. She had lied to Jessica that she was no longer in a relationship with Tony. 

Meanwhile, she would hide and go to his house with stolen money.

Today, Alex was out of town, so she had invited him over as usual and they made love several times before she went into Alex's room to search for money.

Her plan was to kill Alex and take over his possessions, once she becomes his lawfully wedded wife.

She had pleaded with Tony to be patient with her, that after she must have married Alex, she'd kill him and marry Tony, her real lover, then they'd live happily ever after.

Alex had noticed that since he started dating Mercy, his money had missed on several occasions, but he never took it seriously.

After relating his problem to Richard, Richard had suggested he should pretend to travel, then monitor Mercy's movement, and that was what he did.

Mercy brought the money to the sitting room and dropped it on the chair. 

She then grabbed Tony and they started kissing, then slowly, the door opened.

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