When Jennifer finally woke up and found herself in the police custody, she was shocked.

She denied knowing anything about Angela's disappearance, despite the fact that she was being drilled by the police.

After Richard  played the recorder, she couldn't deny again, she started pleading and shedding tears that irritated Richard the more.

"I didn't kill her o, I only wanted to punish her and let her go." She said, after her fine body was designed with a hot iron by the police.

Richard felt like strangling her to death. He gave her a sounding slap when she begged him to talk to the police on her behalf.

"You demon, you deserve more than this. You didn't kill her, but you got her raped to death and threw her into the river, what do you call that, huh? 

If I can't find Angela alive, I swear I will make life miserable for you, rubbish!" He said.

"If you didn't kill her, then who did?" One of the officers asked.

"Johnny did. He was the one who raped her. Ewo, my body is on fire o" She cried.

"Where is Johnny?"

"He stays at Number 2, Olaiton Street, Alapere."

Some police officers went with Richard to Johnny's house, but found nobody. 

Unknown to them, Johnny had eloped on hearing that Jennifer was arrested.


Alex took care of Mercy like a new born baby. When he told Richard how Jessica threw Mercy out of her house for no reason, Richard frowned at it. 

Coupled with the fact that Richard was already angry and devastated about Angela's disappearance, he took it out on Jessica by making her to get sacked, afterall she wasn't of much help to him, rather, she had been a disgrace to the Company by faking everything about herself, most of the workers were aware of this.

Jessica was bored, staying at home without a job.

Very soon her house rent would expire and she didn't have money to pay the annoying Land Lord who was eagerly waiting for the month to come to an end, so he can get his money.

Jessica decided to go back to Kingsley, but she was surprised when she knocked at his door and met him with a lady by his side. Embarrassed, she left.

Frustrated, she went back home, sat down and reminiscence about what Mercy used to tell her back then, while they were still together.

Jessica regretted everything she had done, ranging from her lifestyle to her behavior toward men that genuinely loved her.
She realized Mercy was right after all. She had used her own hands and build her own problems.

She then decided there and then to be a changed person.

First, she called Mercy and apologized. Then, she stopped faking her body. She as well stopped making up. 

Her neighbors were surprised to see her going out without makeup, because they were used to seeing her on heavy makeup everyday. 

One fat woman once complained that she didn't know her real face
"I have never seen her without makeup since she packed into this compound. I don't know if she doesn't get tired of fixing her eye lashes and looking like oyibo toy, tufia! Only God knows what her real face looks like".

She was still the same person that complained when Jessica stopped making up.

"Ha! Wetin do madam makeup these  days? It's like her make up has finished, this one she has stopped applying them. 

Enh, now I can see her real face. She even looks more beautiful naturally than when occupying her face with those heavy makeup. But she should have rubbed power at least, her face is looking pale."

Jessica decided she'd go back to the village, since there was nothing left for her in the city again. 

She knew her mother was going to be disappointed, but did she have a choice?


"I'm fine now, the pain has subsided. Thank you so much for saving my life, God will bless you"

"It's alright dear. What I don't understand is why any reasonable person would hate her fellow human being to the extent of throwing her into the river, what if you had died? 

What if my daughter didn't come to the stream to fetch water that evening? Humans are so terrible!"  Mrs Tope said, rubbing Angela's ankle.

Angela was already used to the smell of drugs in the hospital, because she has been there for many days.

According to Mrs Tope, she had been unconscious for three days after she was rescued from the river.

Mrs Tope was a middle aged woman who lived at the riverine area with her family. Her husband was a fisherman, while she was a petty trader.

On the evening of the day Angela was thrown into the river, she got back late from market and needed to take her evening bath. 

But when she got to the bathroom, there was no water, so she sent Funmi, her daughter to go and fetch her a bucket of water in the river.

On getting to the river, Funmi was about to fetch the water when she saw Jennifer and Johnny carrying Angela towards the river. 

Funmi quickly hid herself in one of the palm trees and watched.

Immediately after they had thrown Angela inside the river, she raced home and broke the news to her parents who ran to the scene as fast as they could.

With the help of Funmi's father and some other fishermen who went with them, they were able to get Angela out of the water.

Mrs Tope immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital, and she was admitted, instantly.

Though her husband had warned her that there was no money to pay for Angela's hospital bill, she believed there was going to be a way out. 
All she wanted was for Angela to be well again.

"You won't go home so soon, you'll have to come stay with us until I get to the root of your problems, because those bad people may be somewhere, watching.

So, you'll tell me everything I need to know, how it all started and how it got to this stage, okay?" Mrs Tope asked.

"Okay ma, I will tell you all you need to know, but first of all, I need to speak with my mother, please. I want to hear her voice, I'm dead missing her"

"You will speak with her, but not now. Don't be in a haste, I  have plans for you"


The accident left everyone baffled, because it was just one person that died, and the death was indeed a miserable one, it seemed the victim had greatly annoyed the gods.

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