Jessica couldn't hide her jealousy towards Mercy. She knew she had no right to be angry because she didn't have anything doing with Alex anymore, but she just couldn't help getting jealous each time Mercy and Alex were together.

She was in the kitchen, cooking one evening when Mercy came back screaming happily.

"What is it?" Jessica asked, irritated.

"Alex asked me to marry him!" Mercy said.


"I accepted! Take a look at this"

Mercy flaunted the shiny ring on her finger.

Jessica fumed in anger on seeing the engagement ring on Mercy's finger.

She regretted why she messed up while she was with Alex. She  had gotten to know that Alex was far richer than she thought, but she couldn't go back again, because he already knew she was a gold digger.

There was no way she'd let Mercy humiliate her and get away with it.

She smiled, as she remembered that the very house in which they're staying in is hers. She had accommodated Mercy because Mercy was her good friend. 

But since she had decided to pay her back this way, by humiliating her, she was going to teach her a lesson.

"Pack your things and get out of my house this minute" She said, walking out of the kitchen, with Mercy following her in shock.

"Jessica, have I offended you in anyway? If I have, please forgive me. You know I am an orphan, I don't have anyone and anywhere to go to from here, please bear with me to the end of this month, once I get my salary, I'll go look for a place to stay. 

Please, I'm sorry for whatever I have done to you, forgive me" Mercy begged, almost in tears.

"I'm sure you want to be embarrassed, because once I leave this place, I'm going straight to the room to throw your things outside. 

So, if you want to avoid embarrassment, jejely go and pack your things and leave my house" Jessica said, enjoying the tears that started running from Mercy's eyes.

Mercy entered the room and started packing her belongings.
While she was still packing, Alex's call came in. 

She quickly picked and told him what happened. Alex told her not to cry.

Few minutes after Mercy was done packing, Alex drove in.

Since Mercy had carried her luggage to the veranda before he arrived, he needed not go inside again,  he just picked the luggage and put them in the boot.

Alex opened the car for Mercy and she entered. When he was about entering, he saw Jessica looking at them through the window , he smiled and winked at her in a way that annoyed her before he entered the car and drove away.

"Mtcheeeew! Fuck the both of you, idiots"  Jessica cursed before going back to the kitchen to check the food she was cooking.


Mrs Udeme couldn't sleep all through the night. She kept having different dreams about Angela.

On one occasion, she had seen Angela being pushed by a stranger into the stream. She had ran in to help her. She stretched out her hand for Angela to hold and come up, but a strong breeze blew her backward, causing Angela to drown.

On another occasion, she had seen Angela on a white garment being carried away in a boat by a stranger. When she called out to her, Angela smiled and waved her goodbye.

She screamed her name and woke up, earnestly crying and sweating profusely.

Mrs Udeme wondered why she kept seeing Angela inside the water.

Her last dream got her worried.

"She was waving at me, does it mean she's dead?" She cried out, not knowing who she was asking in particular.

She told her dream to Richard that evening when he stopped by to check on her.

"Mama, Angela is not dead, she is alive. You are just worried, that is why you keep seeing her each time you close your eyes"  Richard couldn't tell Mrs Udeme that he as well had had series of dreams about Angela.

"I'll soon get to the root of this. I came to tell you that I've taken Jennifer, the lady I'm suspecting into my house" He blurted out.

"Why?" Mrs Udeme was angry.

"Because I want to get  information from her"

"And you think she'll tell you, just like that?"

"Trust me mama, I know just how to get information from her. She is a lover of  alcoholic drinks, once I get her drunk, I won't even need to ask her before she starts telling me what I need to know"

"Hmm, my son, please be very careful. Make sure she doesn't have access to your food, room, phone, in fact, everything that concerns you"  Mrs Udeme warned.

"Ha, before I forget, Eze, my gate man told me he caught her trying to put some substance into my food, but he pretended as if he didn't see her"

"You see? She's evil, just be careful, okay?"

"Okay Mama. Where is Padah?"

"She went to see Adeswa, her friend. She has been crying all day, because of Angela's disappearance, coupled with the fact that that John's number stopped going through since the day we came back. 

So, I had to let her go spend time with her friend, at least, she'll feel better, though for a while".

"Mama, it's well. Everything will be fine. Give this to Padah when she comes back and tell her I'll come see her tomorrow. Let me be on my way. 

Take care of yourself and don't cry again, okay?" Richard said, handing a package to Mrs Udeme before standing up to go.


Jennifer was seeing a movie when Richard got home. 

She opened the door and made to kiss him, but he deliberately, but politely pushed her aside.

"Jenny, I'm so tired, please not now"

"Since I came to your house, you haven't even given me a peck, talk more of kiss, what is wrong with you? 
Am I not welcomed?" She asked, feigning tears.

"Jenny, it's not like that na. I've been so busy with this project in the office, and I'm glad to announce to you that I have accomplished it. 

Now, the Company is going to be so popular all over the Country, this calls for  celebration. I bought your favorite drink" Richard said. He smiled and added

"After drinking, I'm going to carry you upstairs and make the hottest love to you"

Jennifer was very happy because since she came, Richard hadn't allowed her into his room, he never touched her, no matter how sexy she dressed.

Today, he was going to be hers and hers alone, because the instruction from the native doctor she had met before coming was that, if she couldn't get the charm into his food, she should rub a particular cream he had given her on her vagina, then try making love with him. 
With that, he'd love and obey everything she tells him.

So, she excused herself from Richard and ran to her room. She packed a half of the charmed cream and rubbed on her vagina, before coming back to meet him.

Richard had already poured her a glass of the alcoholic drink.

She started drinking, without noticing that Richard wasn't drinking his own, he was sipping.

She finished the first glass. Richard poured her another glass and another and another, untill she got drunk, just as he wanted.

When Richard was sure she was really drunk, he put on his recorder and began to interrogate her.

"So, how did you know Angela and I were friends?" He began.

"Hahaha... Simple. I told Johnny my boy to find out who you were dating, since you didn't have interest in me again. 

Hahaha... Angela thought she could take what rightfully belongs to me and get away with it... hahaha... I swear Johnny did a great job" She belched loudly.

"What did he do?" Richard asked.

"Johnny? I told him to f**k her... He f***ed and f***ed and f***ed her till she died... Hahaha...I dunno why virgins are always dying after small f**k,  hahaha...
Anyway, we threw the idiot into the river" She belched again.

Richard was shocked.

"Which river?" He asked.
"That one na..." She pointed to the wall and started laughing.

"Tell me na" Richard sounded calm.

"Okay, I'll tell you, but don't tell anybody o, hahaha"

Jennifer disclosed the river in which Angela was thrown into to Richard.

"So what of Johnny?" Richard asked.

"How am I supposed to know where he is, am I him? Hahahaha. My concern is not Johnny, my concern right now is you. 

Baby f**k me so that you will be mine. Hahaha, I can't risk my life to that scary forest and get a charm to rub on my p***y, so that when you f**k me, you'll love and obey whatever I say, and you are here just staring at me and asking me silly questions, please f**k me"

Jennifer made to hold Richard, but staggered and fell on the couch and slept instantly. She snored so loudly, it irritated Richard.

Richard made some calls, few minutes later, a police van drove into the compound.

Jennifer was arrested while she was still asleep.

When Richard was sure she was in the police custody, he went with Alex and two other detectives to the river which Jennifer described.

They asked  the people living around that area if they knew about anyone that had died inside the water, recently, but they didn't get any positive answer. 

After interrogating the people all day without any hope of finding Angela, they left, disappointed.


Jessica opened the envelope that was given to her by her manager, only to see a sack letter, smiling at her.

"No! This can't happen! It's a nightmare right?"

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