Episode 11- FIND ME A PERFECT WOMAN | Stories by Ima Udott

Ama took Eze's food to him and was about going back inside when Eze asked

"Ama my love, will you marry me?"

Ama turned and started laughing.

"Oh, you think say I be your class abi? Shaa, I no blame you, na because say you dey see me for this house everyday, na him make you dey vomit that nonsense for mouth."

She examined herself  

"Take a good look at me, as I fine like this, I resemble person wey you fit marry like that? Can't you see you are too poor for a beauriful girl like me? 
Na person like oga wey I dey find, no be poor man like you"

"Ama, when will you stop deceiving yourself? Oga doesn't even have time for you. He doesn't even look at you. The last time you were doing busy-body for him,  shea you can still remember the embarrassment he gave you? 

Ama, stop dreaming, I'm the rightful man for you. I won't be here for ever. I'm saving up some money, once I have enough of it, I'll start up a business and I'll be rich, and if you agree to marry me, I will spoil you with money. I will design your destiny with money" Eze said, confidently.

"Dreamer, continue dreaming. Keep that money  wey you wan use  design my destiny, when I finally marry oga, we go employ you, make you come design our toilet. Hahahaha, Eze the designer". She laughed loudly and walked inside.

Eze shook his head and opened the food she brought for him.


Jessica came back angrily. When Mercy asked her what the problem was, she told her Kingsley, the guy she went to meet  wanted her to date him.

"Enh, is that why you are angry?" Mercy asked.

"He doesn't have money" Jessica angrily replied.

"And how did you know that?"

"Because I asked him for it and he started telling me stories that didn't touch my heart"

"Jesus Christ! Jessica, you asked a guy for money on your first date? That's so uncalled for!

You should at least have gotten to know him more before you start asking for anything. Now that guy will be seeing you differently. 

Even if he has the money, he won't give you, because he knows already that you are after his money"

"Okay, I'm done with this whole thing! Guys can go to hell!  Raymond, Kayode, Alex, Kingsley, you all should go to hell! I'm so done with guys!"

"Hmm, but if you take a closer look at it, you'd realize that you are the one at fault. Anyways, the Alex you called a useless man is asking me out"  Mercy said, sweetly.

"Fuck him! He's a coward. He's very stingy. You aren't going to accept his proposal, are you?"  It was obvious Jessica was jealous.

"Why not. He hasn't offended me in anyway, he's a really nice guy, if you are real with him. Got to go, catch ya" Mercy said, walking out.


Johnny was done undressing. He pushed Angela to the bed,  with her hands still tied with some strong rope, while her legs were freed.

He took off her clothes, enjoying the tears that were flowing from her eyes.

Angela tried struggling, but his punches made her fall helplessly on the bed.
She begged, all to no avail.

After taking off her pant, he climbed on top of her and forcefully plunged into her.

Angela screamed in pain, but there was no one to help her.
Johnny rocked her up and down until he was satisfied.

It was after raping her that he realized she was a virgin, because of the blood stain on the bed. 

He somehow felt guilty, but didn't show it. He entered the bathroom and washed himself.

When he came back to tie her back on the chair, he realized she was no longer moving. He tapped her, but there was no answer.

He ran outside and called Jennifer, who rushed in immediately.

"What happened to her?" She asked when she realized Angela wasn't moving.

"I...I just did the normal thing, you know...and then I went to take my bath, when I came back, I met her like this" Johnny explained.

Jennifer shook Angela, but she didn't move. She examined her, touching her chest for some minutes.

"Is she still alive?" Johnny asked.
"I think she's dead. We have to dispose of her as soon as possible" Jennifer said.

Since it was already evening, and everywhere was gradually getting dark, Jennifer and Johnny carried  Angela to the car and threw her inside the boot.
Johnny drove  as fast as he could.

"Where are we going to?" Jennifer asked, already scared.

"To the river. We'll throw her into the river" Johnny said.

They got to the river, looked round, and when they saw that there was no one there, they brought Angela out and threw her into the river.

They drove back to the house, quietly.
Jennifer was happy. She went in and came out with a bottle of Champagne. 

They played wild music, danced, drank and smoked to celebrate her success.


Jennifer was surprised and happy to see Richard's call, because he had stopped calling her when he met Angela.

"Hey there, what makes you remember me today?" She asked, pressing the phone to her ear.

"Jennifer, how are you doing?" Richard asked.

"I'm fine. Was even thinking of paying you a surprise visit this evening"

"Not a bad idea. You can still visit me, cos I missed you so much" Richard tried to keep his voice normal.

"Seriously? I'll be right there cos I missed you too"  She said sweetly.

She was glad she'd get Richard all to herself now, without any one standing on the way.  

"I knew it. I knew that once I get rid of that idiot,  my Richie will get back to his senses and acknowledge me again"  She soliloquized, after the call.

That evening, she took some of her sexy clothes and left for Richard's house.


Richard welcomed Jennifer and told Ama to get her luggage  into the guest room. Ama gave Jennifer a mean look, before taking her bag inside.

After freshening up, Jennifer entered the kitchen and met Ama preparing dinner.

"Jeez! Did you have your shower today?" She asked, holding her nose in disgust.

"Yes ma, I did" Ama replied.

"Then why are you smelling like a long forgotten  dead rat? And you are expecting me to eat that food you are preparing. Get out of here and take your bath before you make me throw up" She yelled.

Ama  murmured some words before leaving the kitchen in anger.

Jennifer dished out Richard's share of the food. She quickly brought out a paper from her breast and  was about to drop the content, a whitish substance into his food when Eze came inside the kitchen.

"Madam please where is Ama?" Eze asked.

She realized he didn't see what she was about doings. 

"She is in her room. What do you need her for?" She asked.

"I came to give her the plate I ate this afternoon, so that she can dish my food for the night".

When Eze left, Jennifer sighed.
She immediately folded the paper and put it back on her breast when she heard footsteps from the staircase. 

She couldn't put the love charm inside  the food, because Richard came in to check on her.

But she certainly wasn't going to give up. Once she's able to put the charm for him, he'd love and obey every word that comes out of her mouth, and they'd live the perfect life she had been anticipating.

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