Episode 10 - THE JOURNEY OF GINA | Stories by Ima Udott

Kelvin, still holding Gina's hand smiled and said "Hope my mum's treating you well? " 

"Sure she is. She is so sweet" Gina answered, smiling.

"You know my mum behaves like a baby at times. She needs someone to be around her all the time. I'm glad you came"

Gina got to know that Kelvin was such a hilarious guy. 
Kelvin became Gina's best friend from the very first day they met.

Though Kelvin rarely visited his mother, but he started developing the habit of stopping by, each day since Gina came. 

Soon, Kelvin was used to stopping  by Gina's office to pick her home after work.

"Looks like that guy is falling for you Gina" Beverly, Gina's friend in the office once told Gina.

"No, we're best of friends. He's just like a brother to me, nothing more " Gina said innocently.

"Gina stop pretending as if you don't like him! That guy is a celebrity. He's one of the richest and most handsome celebrities in town and you know how desperate ladies are to have him to themselves if they have the opportunity. 

But he doesn't even look at any lady the way he looks at you. Gina, you're such a lucky girl to be around Kelvin! You better shine your eyes before some other lady takes him away from you"  Beverly advised.

"I understand you Beverly, the thing is, I want to face my work for now. I don't want anything to distract me. Moreover,  I see Kelvin as my best friend and brother and that's all" Gina had said.

"Hello mum" Kelvin said through the phone to Mrs Diana on Thursday evening 

"Hello son, how're you today?" Mrs Diana answered 

I'm fine mum. Just wanna let you know that I'll be coming over to spend the weekend with you" Kelvin said.

"Alright son, we'll be expecting you " Mrs Diana said.

On Friday evening, Kelvin stopped by to pick Gina from the office. They got home really late because of the traffic.

"Son, welcome! Gina baby how was work today?" Mrs Diana asked when they got home.

"It was stressful as usual, mum"
Gina answered

"Sorry darling, you'll get used to it with time " Mrs Diana said.
She turned to Kelvin and added

"Son hope you had a good day?"

"Sure mum I  did" Kelvin answered and walked to his big room to change.

After dinner, Kelvin and Gina strolled to the garden where the swimming pool was and sat down very close to the water.

"So, do you swim?" Kelvin asked, observing Gina.

Kelvin loved paying attention to every word that came from Gina's mouth.

"Sure! I  love swimming. How about you?" Gina asked

"Of course! " Kelvin said.

Before he knew what was happening, Gina had pushed him inside the swimming pool.

"OMG! Gina, I'll deal with you"  Kelvin said jokingly inside the water.

"You cannot deal with me" Gina said, laughing at him.

"Please join me nah" he begged.
Gina joined him in the swimming pool. 

Kelvin was so amazed at the way Gina swam.

"Gina you swim like a fish" he said in admiration, swimming close to where Gina was and added "could you please teach me because I'm still a learner"

"Alright" Gina said, but when she was about diving into the water to teach him, she felt his arms around her.

"What's that?" Gina asked. A silly question to ask a man who was bent on doing what he's been holding back for some days.

Before Gina could say the next word, he was all over her. And it happened so quickly, Gina hadn't expected it, but it happened, right inside the water.

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