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 "It's not what you think, Alex. I..."

"You are a true definition of a faker, an impostor and a pretender!  You are a gold digger. I actually thought you were real, not knowing you came for my money, with your fake body. 

You disgust me, Jessica. You are a disgrace to womanhood. I'm sure even your face is fake, because, once you get rid of that heavy makeup, and the wig on your head, you'd become someone else entirely." Alex said, irritated.

"Esh! Hold it there. That I came to your useless house doesn't give you the audacity to insult me. 

I had things doing before you told me to come, so that you can fuck. You think I'm like those cheap women you go about, sleeping with anytime you want, no, I'm not like them. 

I'm Jessica, a different lady. I don't do poor guys like you. No be say you even get the money sef, mtcheeeew!" Jessica retorted.

"Oh, you still have the mouth to talk, I'll show you pepper" 

Alex locked the door, pushed Jessica down and after much struggling and screaming from her, he was able to forcefully take off her clothes and remove the foams she had packaged into her bra and the one in her ass.
He left her fuming in anger.

"Do you still want to run your mouth like tap?" He asked mockingly.

"Give me back my..."

"Your what? Say it. Your fake breasts and nyash, so that you'd go and use them to continue deceiving men? 

Chai, how stupid I was to have fallen easily for a faker who packages her whole body with foam, guys don suffer, I swear" Alex laughed.

Jessica stood up, ashamed and embarrassed because both her front and back side were now as flat as a fried pancake.
She made to open the door

"Madam, please carry your wig o, it fell down while you were fighting WorldWar III" Alex said, pointing to the floor.

She hissed, carried her wig, placed it back on her head, and left.


Angela braced herself up and decided to go meet with this John that has made her mother and Richard to start doubting her.

He had texted her the direction on where to locate him, and had strongly warned her not to involve the police, else her sister would be killed.

She had called Richard that evening to tell him she'd be going to get her sister, all Richard could say was "Okay".

She was somehow angry with Richard for  easily believing such lies against her.

"If I'm guilty, let me not come back alive, but if I'm not, Lord bring me back, alive and prove to everyone that I'm innocent"  She said, crying.

"Angel, I believe you. I know you can't do such a thing, and I don't want you or Padah to be held hostage" Mrs Udeme said.

"Mom, I have to get Padah out of that place, she has suffered enough.    Whatever the so-called John wants to do to me, let him do, as long as Padah is out of there" Angela said.

"I'll come with you. When he sees my tears, the tears of a woman old enough to be his mother, perhaps, he'll change his mind and let both of you go.

I'll carry the seven hundred thousand naira that Richard gave me, maybe when he sees the money his heart will soften." Mrs Udeme said, cleaning the tears that was beginning to fall, with the back of her hand.

"Is she coming?" Jennifer asked Johnny, who was watching to see if Angela had arrived.

They were in a long abandoned uncompleted building, waiting for Angela. They had directed her on how to get there.

Jennifer was inside the building with Padah, while Johnny was outside, watching, with his gun in his hand.

Few minutes later, Johnny noticed some movements and hid himself on the grasses, his gun facing the direction of the movement.

Angela and her mother got to the building and looked round, it didn't look like anyone was there. 

Angela fiddled with her pocket to bring out her phone, but realized she had forgotten it in the house. 

So, her mother brought out hers and dialed Johnny's number.

"I've seen you guys" Johnny began,
"Tell Angela to walk into the building and climb upstairs, once she does that, Padah will come and meet you. Don't try anything funny, my gun is loaded" 
Johnny instructed.

Mrs Udeme told Angela what Johnny said.
Angela obeyed instantly. She walked into the building and slowly climbed up the stairs .

Mrs Udeme waited  for further instructions as she looked around, unable to move because of fear.

She was surprised to see Padah, running towards her, but she didn't know the exact direction she came out from.

Padah ran into her mother's arms and they hugged for a long time.

Johnny came out from where he was hiding. Mrs Udeme couldn't see his face because he wore a face mask.

"Now, run out of here, before I change my mind and kill the both of you" He ordered, pointing his gun at Mrs Udeme.

"My...my son, please forgive Angela for whatever she did to you. Why not take money and pardon her, please" Mrs Udeme begged with tears in her eyes.

"Did I tell you I need your money? I've gotten what I wanted, now get out of here before I lose my patience" He yelled.

Mrs Udeme took hold of Padah's hand and they ran out as fast as their legs could carry.


Alex went to check on Richard, as usual, but met him looking very dull and devastated.

He tried cheering him up by telling him his encounter with Jessica and Richard laughed, telling him he had always wondered if she was real.

"She's fake, really fake. So, how is Angela?" Alex finally asked.

"I don't know how she is, I'm not her boyfriend" Richard said, operating his system.

"Seriously? Why such a mean reply, did you guys quarreled or something?" Alex asked in surprise.

Richard narrated everything to Alex.

"So, she's a gold digger, just like others" Richard concluded.

"Richiy, I can't believe you actually let that John guy fool you. It is crystal clear that the whole thing is a set up. 

Angela is one of the most decent girls I've ever seen, even the church can testify. News has it that guys are always scared of approaching her because of her high self esteem.

Right from her childhood, she has never been seen mingling with guys. I would have said she's a lesbian if she had female friends, but she doesn't keep female friends as well. Her only friend is her mother and sister."

Alex was able to convince Richard.

"It was so stupid of me to believe those lies easily. I hope it's not too late already, cos she called me yesterday evening and told me she'd be going to rescue her sister today"

"So what did you tell her?"

"I just said okay, because I  was angry. Oh, Angela, I'm so sorry. Let me call her"

Richard called Angela so many times, but there was no answer. She had left her phone in the house.

"Maybe she's mad at me, that's why she doesn't wants to pick."

"Why don't we go check on her, I'm sure she hasn't left yet" Alex suggested.

They left for Angela's house, but found no one on getting there.

They were disappointed. When they were about leaving, they saw Mrs Udeme and Padah, walking into the compound.

Richard carried Padah up and hugged her tightly.

Mrs Udeme opened the door and they followed her inside, with Padah still clinging to him.

Mrs Udeme narrated everything that happened and started crying again.

Her voice was already cracking, and her nose was dripping.

Richard felt guilty, because he believed Angela wouldn't have been captured if he had gone with her.

He swore to bring back Angela, alive and arrest whoever is putting up the whole mess.

He dialed Angela's number again, but the phone rang in her room.
Padah ran inside and brought it.

"She left her phone" Mrs Udeme said.

Richard and Alex interrogated Padah on what she passed through and the people she met.

"That lady was kind to me the first day she took me in, but she later revealed her true color. 

She's very wicked. She once told me that it was because of my sister that I was there. She said sister Angela took what  belongs to her, and that she wants to get it back" Padah said.

"Did she tell you her name?" Richard asked.

"Yes, she said her name was Jenny, though I've heard the guy calling her Jennifer on several occasions.  The guy's name is Johnny"

"I thought they said his name was John? Can you describe them?" Alex asked.

"They call him Johnny, but when he called mom, he told her his name was John.  

Jenny is very beautiful. She's fair and tall. She has a big birth mark on her cheek"

"Wait, her right cheek?" Richard asked

"Yes, her right cheek. And the Johnny guy is  very dark. He has plenty beard and a set of rotten teeth that smelled each time he talked." Padah said.

"I hope what I'm thinking isn't true" Richard said.

"What are you thinking?"Alex asked.

"Jennifer! I think Jennifer is behind this" Richard stood up to demonstrate

"I think she found out I've been close to Angela and decided to get rid of her so that she can have me" He said.

"You aren't so sure yet, don't conclude." Alex said.

"That description Padah just gave describes Jennifer.

Number one, the name. Number two, the height. Number three, the complexion, and finally, the birth mark.  That birth mark justifies everything.

The Jennifer I know can go to any length to get what she wants. We have to act as fast as possible, before she harms Angela"  Richard said.

He brought out his phone and made some calls, after which he left with Alex, promising to check on Mrs Udeme and Padah later that evening.

Mercy could not stop laughing at Jessica. She tried to stop, but the thought of Jessica coming back without her packages kept flashing on her mind, making her to laugh the more.

"He's a useless man. Not that he even has money sef. He's not even handsome" Jessica protested.

"Hahaha. We know he's a useless man, but it's the same useless man that you wanted to collect money from.  

Me, I'm tied of preaching to you o, after all, you are a mature lady, so live your life, but be careful" Mercy said, trying to hold back the laughter that was bubbling on her throat.

"Mtcheeeew!" Jessica hissed angrily and said

"Anyways, I have a date with Kingsley this evening.  The guy I told you about"

"I can't recall" Mercy said.

"That guy that I told you I met at the supermarket na" Jessica said.

"Oh oh, I remember now. So what are you going to wear, now that your foams are at Alex's place?"

"I'll have to go without them. I just need money, and that guy looks like he has money" Jessica said.

"Jessica, you'll never change!"


"So you're the reason why Richard doesn't even want to look at me twice. You gold digger. 

I know you are after his money, but Richard doesn't know. Once I get rid of you, Richard will be mine.

In your next life, you'll learn not to overstep your boundaries." Jennifer said.

She had tied Angela to the chair in Johnny's room.

"I don't have anything to do with Richard, he's just a  kind friend, that's all" Angela explained.

"Shut your fucking mouth, you slut!" Jennifer  slapped, punched and kicked Angela, causing her to vomit blood.

"In fact, Johnny, come and do whatever pleases you to her, before we get rid of her"  She said, walking out.

Johnny came inside, smiling as he locked the door behind him.

"You're such a beautiful lady, I can't wait to f**k you" he said, licking his lips.

Angela remembered the dream she had and realized this was it, but the difference was that this was real life, while the other was a dream.

"Please, don't rape me. I'm sorry for whatever I did to you and Jennifer, please forgive me, I beg you in the name of God"

 Angela cried, as Johnny began to undo his belt.

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