Episode 1 - SHE IS THE ONE | Stories by Ima Udott

Sonia quickly turned to see who touched her. A stranger. Yeah, the guy was very tall, dark and handsome, but that shouldn't give him the right to touch her like that. To

All these guys that think they can get any lady they want, simply because they are handsome, Sonia thought.

"Hi, do I know you?" She asked in a mean way.

"Are you serious, you can't recognize me?" The guy asked, giggling.

"Even if I was to recognize you, would your glasses let me? How can you cover almost your entire face with eyeglasses and expect me to recognize you?" She asked.

He laughed and pulled off his glasses.

"Can you recognize me now?" He asked.

Sonia was still contemplating where she met him. He looked very familiar, but she couldn't recall where they had met.

"No, I still don't recognize you, though you look familiar. Can you please help me out?"

"Okay, before I introduce myself, let me first introduce you. Your name is Sonia, but your mom calls you Adanne. And up till now, I still miss that your toy dinosaur, each time I remember the beatings you gave me because I was throwing it up." He said, winking at her.

"Oh my goodness! Alfred! Jesus Christ! Alfred is this you?" Sonia screamed such that the other people who were also shopping had to pause and stare at them.

"Yea baby girl, it's me. Come here joor!"

They hugged for some minutes before disentangling.

"Ever since you guys packed out of Ikorodu, I never saw you again. Twenty good years! I kept asking my parents about you, they told me they lose contact with you guys.

When I had a phone, I searched your name on Facebook, hoping to see you and connect with you, but I didn't see you. There was nothing I could do. I missed you so much." Sonia said.
"I missed you too, baby girl.

We moved to Abuja where I completed my high school, afterward, dad sent me to Canada to study, after which I came back to Nigeria to run my company.

I looked for you too, but it seemed you disappeared. I even went as far as going to your place with my dad when I came back from abroad, but it was new faces that smiled at us. I really missed you so much." Alfred said, looking at her.

"You've turned into a very handsome guy o. I'm sure you are married by now." Sonia said.

"Actually, I'm not married yet but I'm in a relationship. You, you have grown into an epitome of beauty. Look at you! Tall, fair, slim and...and...OMG! The you I knew back then never had hope of having a big ass, but look at you with a big ass and boobs with flat stomach, damn, you've got a full figure 8. Your man must be very lucky." Alfred said.
"Stop flattering me joor." Sonia said.

"We need to sit down and talk, I really missed you. Let's sit out tomorrow evening. Please type your phone number and house address, I'll pick you up." He said, handing his phone to her.

The first thing Sonia saw on his screen was a very beautiful picture of a lady as his wallpaper. She was almost forced to ask if the lady in the picture was his girlfriend, but she waved it away and typed her phone number and house address and handed the phone back to him.

Sonia started sneezing, she was obviously cold and the air conditioner in the SHOP RITE, coupled with the cold weather helped made it worse.

Alfred took off his warm jacket and made her wear it. He was about walking her to the cashier when a lady blocked them.

"Baby, I've been searching for you. What's going on?" Nora asked, rolling her eyes around Sonia.

Sonia recognized her instantly, she was the lady on his wallpaper, so her intuition was right after all .

"Pardon my manners. Baby, meet Sonia, my childhood best friend. Sonia, meet my girlfriend, Nora." Alfred said.

"Wow, it's nice to meet you, my boyfriend's childhood best friend. But I hope you know I won't accept that bestie shit, so, as long as I remain in the picture, you are his friend and not best friend." Nora said, smiling sarcastically at Sonia.

Sonia did not respond, she just studied her for a while before she said "It's nice to meet you too. Alfred, thanks for your jacket, you can take it back, I'm feeling better now. The rain isn't heavy again, so I'll just take my leave."

With that, she rolled the cart to the cashier, paid, got her things packaged and left as fast as she could.
It was midnight and Nora had to go for her weekly meeting in the ocean.

As usual, she stood up, looked at Alfred who was dead asleep and rubbed his face with her two hands, muttering some words.

"Oh ye power of sleep, I call thee to take thy place. Make him sleep till I come back, I thank thee!"

After that, she stood up, from the bed, lay on the floor and moved her body like a snake. The next minute, Nora turned into a very big python, crawled to the wall and vanished.

She appeared inside the ocean, where the Queen mother with other maidens on white wrapper were gathering.

She herself had on the white wrapper. Their faces were designed with white chalk and each of them had a star mark on their forehead.

"Nora, your presence here today is very important, if you must become the sea Princess, Queen Shania's favorite and most powerful." Queen Shania said when Nora arrived.

"My Queen, I'm always ready for any task. I'd be most honoured if you make me your sea Princess." Nora said.

"Queen Shania is thirsty for blood, she needs the blood of a virgin and she has chosen you for the task.
You have the whole of this week to get the virgin. Make sure she's a virgin and present her in our next meeting, then you will be crowned the sea Princess."

Queen Shania said, then all the maidens laughed in such a melodic and scary manner.

Nora danced like a snake round the water, before she disappeared and appeared back in the room.

She found Alfred still soundly asleep, so she climbed the bed, cuddled herself around him and slept off.

Alfred felt very happy that evening, sitting out with Sonia. He had truly missed her and they had so much to talk about.

"Is your favorite food still coconut rice and friend chicken?" He asked.

"Yeah, sure, you still remember, wow." Sonia said.

"Why not! I remember virtually everything about you. Your favorite colour is purple and silver, your best TV station back then was Disney Jnr. How much do you still remember about me?" He asked.

"Your favorite food was Melon soup, I remember the day you soiled your cloth with melon soup and came out to play with me, then your mom shouted at you to go and put the cloth in the washing machine.
You were so funny because you were lazy to go upstairs. Your favorite TV station was WWE, and you'd always want to practice how to fight like those guys on TV, then you'd end up injuring yourself. Your favorite colour of course was blue and black. So, I still remember things about you." Sonia said, and they both smiled.

"How about your parents?" Alfred asked.

"My dad is late, while my mom stays in her estate at Gbagada. How about yours?" She asked.

"My mom died some years back in a car accident, while dad bases in Abuja. I'm sorry about your dad, I wish I got to meet him again." He said.

"I'm sorry about yours too, I missed your parents just as I missed you." Sonia said, earnestly.

There was a silence for some minutes.
"I'm sorry about what my girlfriend, Nora said to you yesterday. Please don't see her as a bad person, she was just jealous." He said.

"It's okay, I understand. She was only trying to protect what is hers. She must really love you." She said, observing him.
"Yeah, and I love her too. How about your boyfriend, or aren't you in a relationship?" He asked.

"Actually, I am not. I've been way too busy for that. If I have to be in a relationship, it should be the type that would lead to marriage." She said, smiling.

"Wait, don't tell me that as beautiful as you are, you are still a virgin."

Stay tuned for episode two.

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