The road was very busy, one of the reasons why Benita got so late to her destination. But if she had left on time, she thought, she would have gotten to Ikeja before noon. That wasn't even her problem, the problem was how to set up the new house she just rented.

If there was something Benita hated doing so much, it was setting up a house. She was lucky to find a flat upstairs, because the noisy area wouldn't really affect her as it would if she was downstairs though the house was costlier than the ones down, but she didn't mind, she just wanted a place that she would have a peace of mind and a clean ventilation.

She realized that this place was even more closer to the radio station that she worked with more than her former house. At least, if she wakes up on time, she'd be able to beat the traffic and get to the office earlier than before. She struggled with her last luggage up the narrow stairs till she got to her door where she had already dropped other bags.

She wondered when she would get used to this high stairs because her laps were already aching and her feet were burning. She took off her sneakers after opening the door to find a very big and empty house. The cold tile awoken her dead burning feet and she loved it.
As soon as she opened the window, the eager breeze blew enthusiastically into the room, and she nodded because this was the main reason why she wanted to stay upstairs; natural air conditioner, was what she called it.
She loved the creamy paint on the wall, designed with pink bricks, at least her money wasn't a waste.
She had a whole lot of things to put in place.
The kitchen, the parlor and the room needed to be set.
She decided to start with the room, at least to set her bed in case she gets tired while arranging so she'd have where to crash.
The room was pretty big.
She had bought some fine artworks to design a the room and some beautiful drawings for the wall.
She'd paste them the next day, as for today, she thought, she'd just do the little arrangement she can, get herself a dinner and rest.
She finished arranging the room faster than she thought and went to the kitchen to do some touching before going out to get what she'd take for dinner.
It wasn't even up to a month and Benita was already used to her new environment.
She had introduced herself to her co tenants one Saturday morning, when the landlord had come for a meeting with his tenants.
She found out that there were about ten tenants in the compound, some with their families, while some were single, like her.
Benita decided she wouldn't mingle with anybody in and even outside her area, she just wanted to mind her business.
She was okay with her funny friend, Tosin in the office.
Tosin was very plump and short with an oval face and a very soft voice which people loved to hear so much whenever she talked in the studio.
She could talk from morning to night without getting tired and Benita would just be laughing.
When Dele broke up with Benita, Tosin was very angry.
She poured Dele all manners of insult and even did a radio program about it, but not directly referring to him.
Benita's rival, Shalewa was very happy when she heard about the break up.
She purposely said things that provoked Benita.
Presently, if not for Tosin, Shalewa and Benita would have fought in the office.
"Olodo! Since your engagement, you wouldn't let me hear something again in this office! Everyday, Dele this or Dele that. You were carrying that stupid finger up and down as if the ring in there was made directly from heaven, now the real woman with capacity has taken your so called fiancé, hahahaha.
Where is the ring now? Abi you don marry the ring? Otondo!" Shalewa said.
Benita was able to stone Shalewa with one leg of her heels because she was held by Tosin so that she could not pounce on Shalewa.
"You don't have to react to everything Shalewa says, you are more than this, Benita." Tosin said when she successfully dragged Benita inside the office.
"What have I really done wrong to Shalewa? Why is she always attacking me?" Benita asked.
"I've told you, you don't have to do anything to people before they hate you. But trust me, you have something that Shalewa will never have in thousand years to come." Tosin said.
"And what is that?"
"Everything about you. You are very intelligent, hard working and most of all, extremely beautiful.
I'm not saying this to flatter you, I'm telling you nothing but the truth. Of course you can attest to it. You were promoted because of your intelligence.
Any guy that visits the studio would be attracted to you even before looking at Shalewa or any other lady. We have a lot of people following LEGIT FM because of you.
So, just your personality is a threat to Shalewa's existence in this office." Tosin always have ways of pulling Benita together and brightening her up.
"Thanks so much, you are a darling". Benita smiled.
"Bia, you still haven't taken me to your new house o. When will you invite me, enh, or do I have to write a letter first?" Tosin asked.
"Oh, I'm so sorry, it escaped my mind. After work, come with me today na, since it's weekend already." Benita said.
"Enh, so you were waiting for me to say it first before you invite me, I'm not coming."
"You sef, you too like shakara, if I have to carry you on my head to my house today, I will."
"How many more steps do we have to climb before getting to your flat, because this your stairs are like molded mini mountains. My laps are melting" Tosin said, slowly following Benita behind as they climb up.
"Shebi if I tell you to be going for morning exercise, you will say I want to kill you. We've gotten to my flat jare" Benita said, smiling.
When Benita was about opening the door, her neighbor next door, a very handsome guy came out smelling so nice as he greeted them and passed.
"God! Benita, that guy is so handsome. Is he married?"
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