Episode 1 - THE JOURNEY OF GINA | Stories by Ima Udott

Gina got to her office earlier than usual. She still couldn't stop thanking God for the promotion she got from a mere worker to the assistant manager. 

She was shown into a new office, much more sophisticated and larger than her previous. It was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

She got inside the office,  sank on the chair and smiled to herself. Even when the weather was cold, the air conditioner was on and she loved it. 

She stood up, walked about the office majestically, opened the freezer which was stocked with different kinds of drinks and began to smile again.

She brought out a pineapple juice, carried a glass from the small cupboard beside the fridge and went back to her seat.

Gina poured herself a glass of the juice, crossed her legs and began to drink.

She was still observing her new office and nodding her head in satisfaction when suddenly a heavy kick on her stomach brought her back to reality.

"Com'on wake up! You useless girl! " A voice roared, kicking her stomach again

"Ouch! Aunty, please! " Gina said in pains, holding her stomach and fully awake now. 
"Please what? Aren't you supposed to be washing the dirty clothes outside? I feed you, shelter you, do everything for you! Yet here you are, sleeping like a pregnant woman! "
Aunty Flora said, ready to kick Gina again, the third time.

Gina quickly got up from her torn mat and ran outside, still holding her stomach.

It was just 4:00 in the morning and still very dark.  Gina couldn't see clearly. She had to use the flashlight to pack the heap of clothes from the laundry to the balcony and wash with her hands since her aunty had banned her from using the washing machine, even though it wasn't in any way faulty.

Gina couldn't help crying because of the sharp pain she got from her stomach after being kicked by her aunty.

She knew it wasn't just the kick that caused it, but also because she slept without eating the previous night.

Aunty Flora went back to bed shortly after waking Gina up with her violent kicks.

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